Hidden Truth

Unfortunately, our world is not always the way it seems to be. In a lot of areas the truth is hidden from the public for diverse reasons. Most often the reasons can be traced back to wealth and power. On our planet exists a small elite of extremely wealthy people, who control almost everything in the world from behind the scenes. And they do this in a mostly rather ruthless manner, often hidden out in the open. The reason, why humanity was not aware about this situation for a very long time, is because we have been programmed by this elite from the very first day of our lives through the educational systems and through corporate media which has been feeding us with propaganda that suited their interest all along our lives. Those lies spread through a lot of areas in our life and all those areas are interconnected.

The UFO Cover Up
UFO's have been an issue for decades now. There have been countless sightings all over the world and going on as we speak. Ok, there are certainly quite some hoaxes on the internet. But the dazzling number of sightings and witness reports from civilians but also military personnel let believe that this cannot be all invented. There are countless sites where you can find sightings, here just a few examples:

Where is the interest to cover up the existence of UFO's? When you admit that UFO's exist, then you would have to consider them coming from far distant planets or star systems travelling tremendous distances in a short time. This would then lead to the understanding that there exist technologies far advanced of what we know existing on earth. Propulsion and antigravity systems that allow those ships to travel long distances without refueling. Those most certainly do not run on rocket fuel or even nuclear power. So this leads us to the revelation of the existence of Free Energy. But before we come to the subject of Free Energy we would like to discuss a related subject to the UFO's which are the Crop Circles.

Crop Circles
Those have been occurring for decades now and are made in a degree of perfection that let us conclude with certainty that most of them are not manmade but of extraterrestrial origin. They appear often over night and the particularity is the fact that the crops are not broken but only energetically bended. This is also seen in a much larger energetic signature of the ground even when the crops are long gone.

Find information about Crop Circles here:

Crop circles are brought to us as messages from outer space in order to show us that we are not alone. The images almost always contain coded information that has been decoded in a lot of cases. Find stunning evidence about the creation and authenticity of Crop Circles in the following video:

Free Energy
Nikola Tesla
The environmental destruction due to the burning of fossil fuels and the mining of natural resources is a tragic fact. But it is all the more tragic when you understand, that it is completely useless. Useless because clean and environmental friendly alternatives do exist and have existed for over one century.
Already Nikola Tesla has done some pioneering inventions more than 100 years in the past. But the really revolutionary ones have been suppressed until the present day. For example the generation of Free and Clean Energy. And I am not talking about Water- Wind- or Solar Power. I am talking about Free Energy generated by Generators that collect the energy out of the air or generated by Plasma Technology. There have been numerous inventors that have been working on such systems but never managed to go public. Why? Because those inventions threatened the interests of the powerful elite. Free Energy threatened the Gigantic Profits of the Oil and Gas Industry. Free Energy as it is said in the word itself is free and cannot be charged. So the wealthy elite assured for over 100 years now that all those inventions never saw the light of day by either buying the patents and putting them away up by discrediting or even threatening the inventors with death.

The Movie Thrive - A comprehensive and in depth overview about the Hidden Truths
As mentioned under About my first encounter with the vast depths of the often not very nice truths was when I watched the movie Thrive back in the Year 2012. This movie is a documentary of a lot of new areas of information which are normally not presented in the mainstream media. Along with the movie comes the detailed website thrivemovement.com that contains a vast database of researched information that gives proof and references around all the subjects.

When I first watched this movie I was quite shocked about some of the subjects such as the Global Corporate Control of the Hidden Elite. But until today I have dug deeply into the different subjects and read countless books and other documents that have convinced me about the Truth that is given in this movie.

See the introduction by Foster Gamble, founder of the Thrivemovement:

The movie Thrive itself can be watched for free in English below or in a lot of other languages here.

The Truth by Buddha