Law of Attraction


By Bentinho Massaro on December 21, 2015

"What is the Law of Attraction? How does the Law of Attraction actually work?"

The Law of Attraction, often abbreviated as LOA, points to a universal mechanism that cannot be escaped by any of us--hence the word 'Law.'

The Law of Attraction is inescapable in the sense that as long as we exist we will be affecting the reality that we perceive. The perceiver and the perceived are more one and the same than we often realize. We cannot cease to attract to us the experiences that reflect what we are vibrating (thinking, feeling, believing, being) in each moment.

In short: What you send out is what you get back. Your frequency determines the reality you will experience. Your vibration of being activates the law of attraction in a specific way, making the things in your life appear a certain way, as a reflection of what you 'send out.'

Hence, physical life--circumstances--are like a mirror, reflecting you. You cannot change the reflection in the mirror without changing yourself. This is the key to really understand before you can use the Law of Attraction positively and deliberately. 

Understanding that Everything is Energy, and how it affects the Law of Attraction.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy.

I'm sure you've heard this term somewhere in recent years, whether suggested to you by a spiritual teacher, a long-deceased genius, a New Age affirmation card, or a modern quantum scientist. 

In the rest of this article--after this section--I am going to assume you are already a believer of the statement "everything is energy" enough to where we can move on from the debate whether or not this physical universe is truly physical, separate and governed by randomly generated physical laws, or whether physicality is an illusion of consciousness held up by complex electromagnetic fields and equations and beyond that by the subtlest reality of quantum configurations/fluctuations.

If everything is energy, this also means that everything is connected, and this is where the concept of energy starts to play into how the Law of Attraction actually works in our daily lives.

Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.
— Niels Bohr

In energy, true separation is not possible in the way that it seems to be possible in the illusion of the physical world. Where in the physical illusion you can take one object, separate it into two parts, and move part A to China and part B to America and perceive their physical distance from one another and call that 'separation'; at a quantum-energetic level, communication continues to exist between 'particles' regardless of time and space, distance, and physical separation. 

This is often referred to as 'quantum entanglement' and it is a proven and well-documented phenomenon. If you are still skeptical of the statement "everything is energy" and "everything is connected" and "you attract what you think of," you can look up quantum entanglement.

In today's world, the interconnectedness of all energy that makes up matter is as much real scientific knowledge as it is intuitively known by every creature in existence. Trust this instinct that knows that everything is somehow connected to everything else, and that what we perceive physically is nothing but energy in communication with itself at different frequencies, and you're set to start using the Law of Attraction deliberately in your life.

How does frequency and vibration play into the Law of Attraction, and how can you make conscious use of the Law of Attraction?

If you understand that everything is energy, you can also understand that everything you think, believe and feel consists of energy. Your attitude--or focus--vibrates, and those vibrations affect the quantum fields that underly, constitute and determine the outcome of physical matter, hence: your focus has the power to alter the appearance of your physical circumstances.

This is the Law of Attraction in its simplest definition: What you focus on, you will attract more of into your experience.

Now, let's break this down into a few more steps to gain a deeper understanding:

What you focus on--and from what point of view, belief-system, or assumption you focus on it--will determine how your focus makes you feel.
When you feel good, it means that your vibratory field is aligning itself--synthesizing, harmonizing--with the deeper vibrational fields (truths/laws) of existence itself. Your vibrations start to match that of higher levels of reality/consciousness.

In other words, when you focus on things--and focus on them in a way--that makes your being feel truly good and expanded, those good feeling states are the body's translation of how in sync you are with the totality of the universe. The better you feel, the more truthful and in alignment with the totality of life you literally are.

This is why we feel good when we focus on something that makes us feel like we can do anything we truly desire (I'm not talking about your perceived neediness, but rather your true heart's desires), and we feel bad when we focus on a thought that makes us think we cannot achieve anything we truly want because we are lacking skill, worthiness or resources for example.

In the first example--where we focus on abundance and feel good--we feel good because we are focused along the vibrational lines of believing in endlessness, vastness, innate worthiness, limitless possibility, and abundance. We feel good because we are getting in tune with universal truths. These are true vibrations that are able to harmonize with and include--instead of oppose--all of existence.

Hence, when we think along these lines (or: wavelengths), we will start to feel better and better because we are literally tuning our individual frequencies to align with with the most fundamental vibratory wavelengths of the totality of existence itself. Yep.

In this way, we are powerful co-creators; we are magnificent Free Agents of Infinite Consciousness with a near infinite ability to generate our experience of life. We have the ability to focus our vibration in alignment with the innate love, light, power and endlessness of this Infinite Existence which contains infinite possibilities.

We can literally--through deliberate training of our focus--tap into limitless possibilities and channel that into physical manifestation. I've seen some weird stuff happen. But most of all I've seen some amazing things happen that benefitted many, many beings, and found solutions to impossible problems, all as a result of deliberately using the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is Universal, and every person is affected by it. And it is always true that what I think and what I feel and what I get are always a match, and there is not a person on the planet that did not know that when they were born, and there is not a person on the planet that would not benefit by knowing it.
— Abraham Hicks

We also feel less and less separate when we align with perspectives that are rooted in limitless possibilities, infinite abundance and unconditional acceptance or love. We feel less separate because we are literally aligning our frequencies with the frequency of "everythingness" or "oneness."

Through this practice--of focusing our vibration into abundance instead of lack--we are becoming more like the universe itself, and so naturally we feel less abandoned and separate. Instead we start to experience ourselves as an intricate, inseparable and valued part of the whole that is unconditionally supported in its desire to express infinity in a unique way. We feel purpose and inspiration return to our bloodstreams; we feel alive and powerful again, in a humbled and non-egoic way. We feel at One with Creation.

This is the state to aim for, as it contains the manifestations that all our shared hearts truly desire, and infinitely more.

How are we calling upon the Law of Attraction when we feel bad?

In the second example--where we focus on a lack of worthiness or a lack of having the resources to achieve what we truly desire as an example--we feel bad, depressed and separate from the magnificence of All-That-Is. Why?

It is because we are actively focusing our vibrations into a wavelength that is very sharp, dispersed and out of sync with the underlying wavelengths of creation itself. We are playing out of tune and as such cut ourselves off from being able to experience the support and fullness that is--in essence--always available to us.

When we focus on a lack of love, resources, worthiness, ability, time, opportunity--or any other type of lack--we are actively separating ourselves from being in harmony with the universe because the only thing that does not truly exist within this Infinite creation is lack.

So when we focus down the tunnel-vision of a thought that believes the only thing that this infinite existence does not compute with as being "real," of course the body will translate this into a bad feeling state such as: a feeling of separation, isolation, demotivation, sadness or depression.

Focusing on lack of ANYTHING will misalign you and create suffering, which in turn will attract reflections from your circumstances and your physical world that match that vibration. Law of Attraction will always have to match your vibration in the things that is brings to you. Remember: your physical life mirrors you, and only you.

Also remember, this is not mysterious or vague; it is because you are actively affecting the quantum fields underlying the physical illusion of matter. So when you feel bad by focusing on or from the belief in lack--the only thing that does not exist in all of existence--you are literally sending out an "off" vibration into these quantum equations that will then start to organize your perceived physical universe in a representing manner: chaos, a blocked flow and disruption.

Mind your Frequency--How to use The Law of Attraction Deliberately

In Trinfinity Academy I teach step by step how to become aware of yourself as Consciousness, and how to deliberately use this to empower your life to no end and become one in your realizations with the Universe itself. I recommend you check that out if you are interested in going in depth. However, here is the short version so you can start practicing this principle and start seeing real benefits in you and others' lives.

The most important thing to understand well when deliberately using the Law of Attraction, is that it's more important to feel good, than to have what you want. Here's why:

When you focus on things--and focus from perspectives/beliefs--that make you feel good, remember: you are harmonizing yourself with infinite potentiality. Everything becomes possible for you.

Now, when you focus specifically on what you want, this might raise your frequency, harmonize your individual vibration with that of the Universe's underlying truths and thus make you feel good, however, when you focus on (needing to be) HAVING what you want, oftentimes you inevitably focus on the apparent lack of what it being in your life right now.

So for many people, focusing on what they want to HAVE, is actually detrimental to their harmonization process because they will feel bad by thinking that they are presently LACKING the HAVING of what they want. And thinking more about what they want, can sometimes shift their vibration into excitement as long as they can feel the probability of it entering their life not too far down the line, but oftentimes simply reminds them of their perceived fact that "it's not here yet." 

This negative-feedback loop is very important to understand before you continue to "visualize your desired realities."

Focus on Abundance, Forget about Lack

Got it? You have to focus on abundance--any kind of abundance--in order to harmonize with the Infinite potential and positively utilize the Law of Attraction.

Thinking about what you want can either feel great, or terrible, depending on whether you focus on it from the perspective of the abundance of it and the possibility and probability of it streaming into your live, and the peace you experience right now in simply enjoying the fullness of the feeling of what you are visualizing and desiring, or whether you are thinking about what you desire from the point of view of believing it is lacking, hard or impossible to achieve, etc. 

Thus, when an untrained or unseasoned practitioner of the Law of Attraction focused on what they desire, it can often make them feel worse and hinder their deliberate use of the Law of Attraction by focusing through the belief that what they want is not theirs yet.

For those who have gone through my Trinfinity Academy or many videos on youtube, you will know and may have mastered to some degree the ability to see that even when things are not physically present, that does not mean they are lacking from your life, and so for those adepts, they will be able to focus upon what they desire even while they don't have any physical evidence of it yet in their present circumstances, but continue to harmonize into higher and higher frequencies because they are still perceiving the abundance of what they desire. They perceive no lack, they think no lack, they feel no lack. 

However, for those of you new to the science of the Law of Attraction, or to my overall teachings in general, it will be harder to think of all the wondrous and epic realities you desire in your future while not feeling the sour note of perceiving the lack of it now.

So for you, until you get the chance to study in greater depth and discover how nothing is ever lacking from existence and learn to truly enjoy the vibration of things that are not yet physically manifest, I recommend you focus less on visualizing or thinking of the specific things that you want, and first practice more to focus on abundance and goodness and support and love in general, so that you will start to experience what it's like to vibrate and harmonize at higher and higher frequencies.

When you are resonating at/with higher frequencies, you will start to get insights and thoughts and impulses that are representative of those higher frequencies that you did not have access to before. Just like you will hear the songs playing through your radio depending on what frequency you are tuned to, so too you will never have access to brilliance if you are de-harmonized with the foundational truths of Creation.

So first things first: learn to focus predominantly on anything--ANYTHING--that makes you feel holistically good, abundant, free, powerful, peaceful and loving.

Also, learn to focus on anything that you seemingly have to focus on (even when you don't want to focus on it), IN A WAY that feels best to you when you focus on it.

For example, you might have to focus on doing the laundry, and this might not be your most exciting focal point, but you can always change the WAY you focus on something so that it starts to include more and more perspectives that recognize the abundance and goodness of a particular reality, to the point where you lose touch with perceiving a lack of excitement, goodness or abundance altogether, even while you are doing things that previously you would have perceived as causing you lack, and therefore deharmonized you with the Universe.

Bottomline: Harmonize! Feel amazing. Master your focus and the way you look at things. Then, you will start to see amazing results pop up, because you are LITERALLY affecting the quantum configurations that determine the reality you will perceive/receive.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer
Summary of How the LAO works:

Question: "How does the Law of Attraction truly work?"

Answer: It works by reflecting to you what you are/have focused upon, AND the way you are/have focused upon the things you are focused upon, and whether that focus or way of focusing is/has been in alignment with the underlying truths of the Universe or not.

If you learn to harmonize your frequency with that of the universe--and you will know this is happening by how increasingly amazing you feel--the Law of Attraction will start to work for you (even though it always already has, but it HAS to reflect you, for better or for worse, it is LAW), and through your increased frequency and inspiration, you will be able to naturally channel this Law of Attraction to operate for the highest benefit of all, including yourself.

It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s the promise of Law of Attraction.
— Abraham Hicks

Now that you understand the basic premise of frequency and Law of Attraction, watch the following video to take your acceleration to the next level:

All that you desire is achievable. "Everything is Possible."

With love,
Bentinho Massaro