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Commander in Chief - Galactic Federation of Light

Ashtar tells us the true story of Jesus' Life.

Greetings, Beloved Family.  It is my pleasure to take this moment in your time to inform you of a long overdue message about our beloved brother, Master Jesus/Jeshu/Sananda's life story. There have been many stories written and told about our brother, but they have not all been correct, nor complete, nor have they done justice to the loving example He lived to show all how to prepare for their Ascension.

Nada Crop 2
Divine Complement to Sananda

We learn much about the current activities and responsibilities of Lady Master Nada in excerpts from the messages below, as well as in Ashtar's account of Sananda's life 2,000 years ago as Jesus in which she, as Mary Magdalene, joined Jesus in the final initiation at the Retreat in Luxor, Egypt.

A summary of these varied titles and responsibilities is compiled at the link above.

Ashtar3 with hand star
Supreme Commander -  The Ashtar Command

"The day will come when the men of Earth will rise up and call him (Ashtar) blessed who has served as leader of this volunteer force, guided their coordination, broadcast their messages to Earth in a multitude of ways, to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God on Earth. We salute the Ashtar Command and all that it embodies, as well as all that it has accomplished and shall accomplish for the fulfillment of the Will of God. Receive ye this great Man, with our blessings and our benediction. I AM Archangel Michael, of the Lord's Hosts." ~ I AM Archangel Michael, of the Lord's Hosts."  

Pallas Athena
Goddess of Truth, Twin Flame to Lord Ashtar

In Greek myths, Athena's symbols have been a spear, an owl, and the olive branch. The "Spear of Truth" symbol of Athena was used by a secret society of seekers of Truth in England, of which Francis Bacon was a member. Bacon, the final embodiment of beloved Saint Germain, used the name "Shake - spear" as a pseudonym when writing the Shakespearean plays, indicating that he was "shaking" the "Spear of Truth" at human ignorance.

KRYON of Magnetic Service
The creator of the magnetic grid system of Earth

I am KRYON of "magnetic service". I have created the magnetic grid system of your planet. This took eons of Earth time. It was balanced and re-balanced to match the physical vibrations of your evolving planet.   Earth polarity was altered many times. Your science can prove this; look for soil strata that will show multiple "flips" of north and south polarity of the Earth during its development. (The Earth did not flip; only the polarity).