A Pleiadian tells his story

Source: Project Stanmer - https://www.stanmer.eu

One of the project team, an incarnated Pleiadian, has memories and is ready to share them here. Above all, so that the readers get a concrete and better idea of the 5D world of the Pleiades.



I've been carrying such specific memories with me for decades. Before the turn of the millennium, I couldn't talk about it at all because in the best case scenario it would not have been believed, in the worst case I would have been seen as a weirdo and thought to be crazy. I have only been able to tell it in familiar circles for maybe ten years, and for about five years it has been possible, so to speak, to cautiously mention it in public. Much is written and shown by the Pleiades and about those who came here from there.

What the Pleiadians are doing here

Very many Pleiadians have been in the vicinity of the earth for a long time - with many spaceships of all kinds. They have taken on a task, a mission such as has not existed in the local universe for a long time. Making this mission a success is a great collective task of many peoples within this local universe.

All contribute with their unique skills and opportunities. Most of these races exist in the higher frequency ranges of the world ether and therefore cannot easily land and walk around here on planet EARTH. I may explain why this is so in a separate chapter. The fact is that this mission - to assist in the liberation of humanity from captivity by the so-called dark faction - is a very difficult task. It is about clearing the way for as many people as possible to switch to the next higher frequency level in a very complicated manoeuvre, including their third density body. That is why, measured in earth years, they have been preparing this plan for many millennia and now also to assist. The tasks for this are very different and complex. A very special challenge is to leave the safe 5D zone out there and to incarnate here in a human body.

According to astronomical calculations, the Pleiades are about 400 light years from our sun. They are grouped as a cluster and the area extends for perhaps 800 to 1000 light years within the Orion arm of the galaxy. The entire galaxy is about 100,000 light years in diameter. Our sun and its planets can therefore be described as belonging to the Pleiades system. After all, some of humanity is of Pleiadian descent, it is said, because the Pleiadians, like other star races on Earth, had colonisation projects a very long time ago, which, however, had been interrupted several times by large planetary cataclysms.

Just for comparison and orientation. The closest galaxy, Andromeda, is 2.5 million light years away. That is 25 times the galaxy's diameter.

Isar`ja - my home planet

ISAR`JA is located in the ALCYONE system, the main star of the Pleiades. This is written like this (Is`arja) because it corresponds most closely to the linguistic emphasis. In the picture on the left near the main star ALCYONE, somewhere in the circle there is the planet, together with a whole number of other inhabited planets. In the current situation, as a person with my considerably blocked access, I can only remember relatively little of my homeland. However, I know pretty well that it is a planet in the ALCYONE system. Like most of the other inhabited planets in the Pleiades Cluster, this planet is more barren than lush in terms of vegetation and wildlife. The Is`arians are inevitably very careful with everything that grows and flourishes. Every little herb and animal is respected and valued. One would never tear something out there, mow it down, pick it or even kill it - no, that is beyond any imagination.

Even if the planet rotates slowly and not only one sun shines in the distance, there is no change between day and night as here on EARTH. This is due to the fact that in the 5D worlds, mainly due to the higher natural frequency and the high photon density, all things and all beings have a strong self-luminosity. That is why there is no shadow as we know it here. We are talking about photonic light that shines from everywhere and penetrates everything. The colors are also completely different and the visual perception with the eyes cannot be compared with what we know here in the 3D world. The night and the dark are not known there at all.


Speaking and language, singing and music - all of that is also available here in the 3D world. However, some things are completely different. Because of the different composition and density of the atmosphere, tones sound very different. Different frequencies, different bandwidths, different volumes, speech.

Language, speaking and hearing
Inevitably, the required organs such as the mouth, vocal cords, ears and cochlea in the inner ear are built somewhat differently. Since the Plejadiens in the higher spheres live and think more in the here and now than in the future and past, the language is much simpler. If you think away all our language constructs that have to do with the future and the past, including those that have to do with lies, deception, robbery, illness, lack, money, etc., then a lot would be easier in our language as well.

Singing and music
Like creativity and art in general, singing and music are valued. The compositions for musical works are not as strictly structured as, for example, in our culture in terms of timing and harmony. There are musical instruments like here, but they are more diverse and not so strictly differentiated into wind instruments, string instruments, etc. The instruments are created as required and often "etherialfielded" (my creation of the word for dematerialised). Logically, you don't have any ancient instruments to venerate like a stradivari-violin for example.

Telepathic Communication
This form of exchanging information and feeling is much more developed than here. Every Pleiadian has mastered this from the beginning and it is a very important part of communication. Therefore is not as much spoken as here on earth. For this reason, the language with its constructs is not as complex as it is here in the 3D world.

Everyday life

Of course there are women and men and they love each other on all levels of feelings and sensuality. The sexual touch and union is something special and important, but not connected with pregnancy, offspring and also not with lifelong partnership. I will tell more about the way of being born and dying elsewhere.

Food and energy
Eating is limited to fruits that grow on plants and that are intended by creation for exactly this purpose. Eating only is an occasional pleasure of the wonderful taste of the fruits. The energy required for life is absorbed directly from the ether of the light-filled environment into the body by resonance. As a result, there is no need to prepare or cook food. Imagine all the things that would disappear here on earth if we no longer had to cook, roast and fry. We would also have no supply lines for food, including its production, transport and infrastructure. No kitchens, no dishes, no shops, no restaurants.

The basic interests of the Pleiadians where I believe my homeland are mainly in the area of community life, art, creativity, music and humour. People there are in full joy of life and they enjoy many things as beautiful nature, traveling, fantastic architecture.

Interest in technology and science is not very widespread. It is more some kind of a necessity and is intensively applied by a minority. Work and service for the general public is necessary and desired, but not mandatory. In comparison to the time course here on earth, one working day a week somewhere on the planet is enough. Tasks for work  that brings joy are offered planetwide. There is no tiresome, strenuous work to be done. Traveling from home to work is a trifle with the available means of transport, even around half the planet.

To be born and to die

The 3D world is one of the densest forms of life with particularly complex constructs, so that a living, repeatable vehicle can arise at all. I know that is said in a very simple way and in reality it can hardly be described in our words.

In order to be developed for a 3D-dense vehicle in this world, it has to grow from a nucleus of matter to then slowly develop the organs and functions that are needed for the vehicle. Take a closer look at the very different variants that have been developed here on earth: Always the germ, the egg first. Then a preform, then grow, then mutate, then be born, then grow up. Insects are completely different because they have a shell as a framework, reptiles and mammals have a support structure inside, therefore they are completely different. Take your time and look through the entire living world, how it works - the "coming into the world" - this are true miracles how it is and that it works.

In the higher realms of lower density of materiality this detour effort is not necessary in this absoluteness. Many variants exist there, but it always is much faster, more directly and fewer intermediate steps are necessary.

In the Pleiadies world of my home  - for which I only can speak -  it is very simple and easy. The body matrix is predefined (size, shape, function, general appearance). A soul, if it decides to want to live there, takes this matrix as a template for a blueprint, modifies it a little according to individual wishes, condenses it then in a very short process which is being announced in the target world and appears, so to speak, from “almost nothing”. The body is then immediately fully developed and can start a 5D life.

The other  aspects of life are similar to that what we have on our 3D-earth. Learning to find your way around, getting to know and accept the rules, gain experience. That is the task and thing of the now 5D incarnated soul. She now has a period of around 1000 earth years to do all sorts of projects one after the other - and that's why you can start from the beginning several times and act out something until the “end of pleasure”.

So there are children like here, but they  instantly have an adults body. There is a possibility of repetition what we call rebirth but this is not the rule. A Pleiadian body lasts a very long time, there is no physical disease, but sometimes mental illness. In this meaning people ca be old, wise and experienced, but of course you hardly can see it on the exterior appearance. So you may see a Pleiadian woman, pretty and likeable, ancient and wise  and there may be another one standing next to her, just as pretty and desirable but a child who is just learning how to speak. However - the Pleiadians have other ways within their world of communication to recognise the counterpart according to age, attitude, education and experience.

So what you will not find in the Pleiadian world: Small children's bodies, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts. That is why you do not find the family because you there are no biological descendants. There is no physical relationship at all but there is the spiritual relationship and soul families, even groups that find each other to live together for some time.

This is what becomes more and more desired here on earth. It is the wish of living in a group or a community. Loneliness is not very cool here or there. In the 5D zone there is a much greater interest in all aspects of community and it is a very important factor anyway.

Brief excursus into the physics of the 5D worlds

A comparison
Because of the much higher natural frequency of materiality, all matter is lighter, thinner, more airy. Therefore the physical properties of all things in this 5D realm are different from those in 3D. What we here physically call mass (m) (in g, kg, t) and, according to our imagination, together with the gravitational acceleration (10 m / s2) induces the weight and makes an average person weigh 70 kilos (better 700 Newton). This would be much lower on a comparable 5D planet - let's say half the acceleration and the mass a third. Then, compared to the 3D Earth, we would have a weight of this person of about 12 kilos (120 N) instead of 70 Kg

With the same planet size, but the lower material consistency, the planet's mass and therefore also the gravitational acceleration is lower. With similar dimensions of the planet and the inhabitants, we would have something very decisive for the functions of the bodies of plants, animals and humans, namely: The energy requirement for life support and body movement would be far lower, in the example mentioned here at perhaps 20 percent compared to the conditions on the 3D earth.

Note: This is only a representation for clarity. Since our current physics disregards some essential aspects of understanding the world the calculation would in reality look very different. Describing the 5D reality and the functionality of the living world there in more detail is hardly possible with simple words, and certainly not with the terminology of our simple physics.

The Bodies
The above-mentioned circumstance of much lower mass and at the same time much lower gravity the 5D bodies are built quite differently, even if they look similar from the outside according to the cosmic humanoid building plan.

The required energy is lower and in 5D it is converted in a different way. We have to "stuff in" (eating) a lot here in the high 3D density which then has to be utilised it in complex processes with low efficiency and converted into energy. We call it digestion. All this is much easier in the 5D world.

Most of the required energy is taken from the surrounding air as photonic energy. It is being absorbed directly through the skin via resonance and then converted very effectively inside the body and via a few organ functions. It is easy to imagine that a Pleiadian's skin is structured differently and therefore looks different.

The mechanical energy required to move the body is generated by the muscles, just like we do. The skeleton has to carry less weight, therefore the bone mass is  less. Bones are not necessarily smaller and thinner but they are more porous, and made from a different base material and they are much lighter. Less required energy means fewer and smaller muscles that have to work. Compared to humans, the entire musculoskeletal system hand its structures are more simple.

Less energy means less metabolism within the body. Consequently, less food goes in and almost nothing comes out. The result: the digestive system is much smaller and less complicated. Less external matter in the body also means less waste, especially less toxins that have to be thrown back out. The functions of the liver, kidneys, bladder and intestines are much less challenged, have different functions and therefore also are in different designed.

Body modification during the major transit
With "a bit of a crystalline body" (replace carbon with silicon) the transit is far from be done and this would biochemically work not at all . How this transition including the body should take place - I don't think anyone really knows not even our 5D friends out there. It is mentioned again and again that this is a previously unique process in the universe. This is one of the reasons why so many spectators have gathered outside to watch and experience this unique process - so much to think about how different the 5D world that awaits us will be.

Technology and science

Both subject areas are directly related to one another even if the physics scientists here do not like to see it that way. Most of the representatives of traditional physics and research like to see themselves standing far above the engineers. I might be beaten for it, but that's exactly how I see it and as an aerospace engineer I've experienced it in decades of direct discussion and co-working with this species . I also spent more than one year in an institute in the USA working inside a space program. Surely there are exceptions, of course. They like to adorn themselves with their basic knowledge, covered with a sweet-creamy layer of mathematical constructs - hardly readable and understandable for non-experts, spiced and adorned with vague explanations of what is actually inexplicable.

Ultimately however both disciplines are each a special subset of the large pot of understanding of the world. The physicists try to understand, explain and describe the phenomena of the universe. The engineers make this knowledge usable with their inventions and methods. Both disciplines exist from one another. Only together with common work the results will in the best case be for the benefit and welfare of the peoples.

It is exactly the same in the higher realms of being, also with the Pleiadians. It is  not about the "knowledge for the goof of knowledge itself", but rather about "knowledge for the good of the community". For then Pleiadians this knowledge and understanding of nature is more in the background of social processes and connected to the desire to serve. It is an existential necessity but by no means it is of eminent importance like here in the human world.

The natural law processes of the realms are fundamentally recognised and understood. There is also a very broad spiritual view of the greater whole and creation. This explains why technology and physics play a subordinate role. They know the contexts and how to use them in accordance with nature and creation. Therefore Pleiadiens do not have a particularly strong urge for technical progress and further scientific knowledge.

With the expansion of mobility out into the universe, there is a need to operate space traveling and therefore it does exist. According to the physical characteristics of the 5D world, the vehicles are far more advanced than our current "rafts"  (from a Pleiadian point of view). For example the ISS cannot be described as more than a raft. Bringing these 3D devices up into orbit with rockets by violent combustion of explosive substances is "stone age technology". Bur of course it is also true that everyone has once to be a beginner. Here in the extreme density of the 3D world, all technology is much more difficult to be mastered. In this respect we humans have come a long way under the given conditions despite the particular difficulties. But  - what sacrifices were necessary?

Material science

An important technical device is to be introduced here soon - the replicator. The associated technology has a decisive influence on life in the 5D world. This technology makes it possible to manufacture almost any shape, component or semi-finished product without having to take the required starting materials, also called raw materials taken from the earth and its nature. If the atomic composition and structure is given, the replication technique can create a shape from the aether exactly as desired.

The blueprint, i.e. the construction plan including the specified material properties is made / thought / programmed and the replicator fills this specified 3-dimensional field structure with the substance from the ether.

A practical example:
We make a fruit bowl out of baked clay.

3D solution: Clay pit, fill clay into the bucket and drag it home, make the raw material workable with some water and a lot of stirring, clap large lumps of it onto the potter's wheel, shape with your hands and tools, then dry. Collect wood, light the kiln, burn the bowl inside the kiln at a high temperature, then remove it, put it and let it cool down, paint, done.

5D solution: Think about how the shape should be, determine the material properties according to the catalog, feed the construction plan made in this way into the replicator, press start button, wait a few minutes, remove the finished object after a very short time.

When the fruit bowl is no longer needed or is damaged:

3D solution: The broken pieces are disposed of with household waste, transported to the landfill by waste truck, where the pieces remain for a very long time together with a lot of other waste.

5D solution: The pieces are put into the replicator or in the dematerialiser, push a button, the parts are atomized and the atoms are sent back into the ether in their original consistency. The part has vanished without residue.

How won - so melted away - in the truest sense of the word.

No trash, no trash can, no landfill, no leftovers.

How big is trace of leftovers. Garbage, components and used devices that you have left behind in your lifetime to this day? How big is the trace of non-natural substances, also called poisons, that you have created in your lifetime through living conditions? And now imagine that there is no such thing on a Pleiades planet .... how different does the environment and life look there.

Pleiadians "on a mission”

A Pleiadian should be able to land here?
If a Pleiadian from his 5D zone were to land here with us and want to get off, then he would have big problems.

The gravity in the 3D zone would hold him down, he could hardly stand upright with his body strength. He could hardly breathe the extremely dense 3D air, and its chemical composition would not be suitable at all to supply his metabolism with his needs. Walking would be very, very difficult for him. Imagine walking in a swimming pool to a depth of only 3 meters. You want to breathe there  - no chance. So you hold your breath and take a few steps under water - it's extremely slow and exhausting. This just for comparison

What do we humans do when we want to go into the water world? Without equipment, just take a breath and a few minutes at low depth. When viewed from below in the water world, there is a brief splash, then there is someone who swims around a little and immediately disappears again as he came out of nowhere through the invisible border.

With equipment this can be done for a few hours and at depths of perhaps 50 meters. From the point of view of the creatures inside the water, you look pretty weird and strange. They tell each other legends about strange beings who come and go from time to time. Most beings in the water world who have never seen this don't believe it. If you do emerge back, you have to be very careful not to bubble your blood - it would be your death.

Staying longer and deeper is only possible with special technology and a special vehicle. For the aquatic beings, these may be seen as  USOs (Unknown Swimming Objects). Only well trained specialists can do all of this.

Do you notice something?

If you like to better know about the water world, especially meaning the life forms there, then it would be best if you were born down there as a fish or dolphin with all the trimmings and as one of those. You can then see and experience everything, of course with their perception and understanding. When you have a few small memories of your time above the water and talk about these probably most of all will laugh at you and call you a fool or nutcase.

After the end of this "water incarnation" you can then tell a lot about it in your world from your memories and perhaps write textbooks about the water world and life there.

For those Pleiadiens who are to appear here and will do so soon, there are other methods available. It is about the adaptation of the body to the respective planetary basic conditions by using a carried field generator. However, this requires training and special knowledge. For this they have methods which exceed our understanding. All those who will land here had to make such a preliminary process of adaptation.

At this point I would like to add that not all who come from the Pleiades would look the same, have the same shape and size and live with the same habits. In the overall view I can say, however, that Pleiadians are usually taller than we humans, so between 1,8 and 2,2 Meters. Some also appear stronger and more muscular, while others look rather slender and physically weak. The range is wide

Yes, Pleiadians also have the option of going to other worlds with an artificial vehicle, similar to what is shown in the movie Avatar. A body is created that is then used temporarily and that does justice to the conditions at the desired location. It could well be a 5D body that moves below us, but which is outside of 3D physics and can therefore neither be measured nor seen by people.

Some of what is interpreted as "ghost" may actually be a 5D avatar. My three companions, they are good friends from the homeplanet, use such a vehicle. There is a woman here who can see them and who was present at two of my lectures. At the end she told me that she saw 3 figures next to me that look like aliens but were quite transparent. Well, I'm not alone I told her and I have good assistance. It is no more and no less.

However, there are more options than described here, but I do not want to go into any more detail. This would fill an entire book.

The incarnation as a human - a heavy dive
Only the bravest and most experienced among them dared to go to the "hell of the dark faction" and into the gravity of this planet earth, which the Pleiadians also call SHAN.

Like many other Pleiadians, I have been traveling here again and again for a long time and have risked a human life many times. Over time you get experience and manage it more easily than the first time. It goes back to the time of the early Atlanteans. We always wanted to learn a lot from humanity and, conversely, to give humanity impulses for its fantastic development. You can get a glimpse into one of my lives here in the section "TheSTANMER vessel".

It is important to me
to emphasize that there are many Pleiadian peoples - from very different zones there and also from different layers of realms and dimensionality. Their interests and goals in relation to what is happening here with the earth are also very different. I only tell about my origin in field 5D, what I remember and I can only speak for myself.

Getting around and traveling

Of course you want to get around on Isar`ja appropriately and travel to other places as comfortably and quickly as possible.

It is important to mention that the need to travel and the desire to do so is not as important as here. First of all, work is not carried out as much and as widely distributed as here and, secondly, there is no need for vacation and relaxation. Life itself and its design is vacation and relaxation. So why would you want to travel to a coast or an island? There aren't that many of them, and there aren't that many sites of ancient cultures, if any.

Local transport
For the shorter distances there is something like taxis for call . These are small vehicles that, on request, can get to exactly where you want to go on in the shortest possible timescale. You get in and say where to like to go. The vehicle then hovers near the ground on an optimal course to the destination, where you get out  - that's it. These vehicles have 4 to 6 comfortable seats, are fully glazed and drive without touching the ground, absolutely silently and without a pilot. The seats can be rotated in all directions. So you can enjoy the beautiful landscape outside or talk to other travellers.

Long distance transport
For traveling to destinations at larger distances, there are fast subways that slide in tubes on some kind of magnetic rail. These are vehicles similar to the maglev trains that have already been built here, but longer, wider and much more comfortable. These railways connect smaller and larger cities and important places with each other. They drive at a tight pace and are very fast, so you don't have to wait long.

Air traffic
There are no airplanes as we know them here. The airspace is largely unused.

For long distances, may be to the other side of the planet, teleportation is used. This technology works with cabins that are set up in many places. The destination is selected on a small panel, there are a few instructions on what to do and instantly you go. When the door opens again, you have reached your destination. Strangely, I have no memory whether this is only possible for one person or also for groups.

On the water
There are no ships because there are no large seas on Isar`ja as there are on Earth. The lakes and rivers are left absolutely untouched. In the 5D world, the water has a slightly different consistency and is very valuable. That is why it would never occur to use the waters in the way we do here.

Space travel
Of course there is also space traveling, but it has nothing to do with normal everyday life. I'll tell you about that soon in the next section.

Science and space travel

The Pleiadian peoples have had highly developed technology and science of zones 5D through 7D for a very long time. The more Pleiadiens develop to the higher realms beyond 6/7 D, the less important are these technologies.

A comparison
The 5D zone is the one that is closest to us humans in the 3D zone. Therefore, after the large frequency shift called EVENT, people will be familiarised with options that appear extremely progressive, but which we already have developed within 3D physics with the modest solutions of the 3D zone. For example communication with the internet. Imagine this technology without radio and without cables, without buttons, memory modules, chargers, without passwords, PINs, cookies, trackers, virus scanners. Then you are close to what the Pleiadians use.

Flight technology is another example. Although we did not understand the physics of gravity due to a lack of the necessary knowledge and also do not master it, we have managed to fly machines with a weight of 500 tons and even more so reasonable safely with the highly intelligent use of the properties of air flow. These machines called Airplanes are used them for the many tasks of transportation.

However, I have to mention that within the secret military programs by dismantling crashed UFOs (this is called "back-engineering" in the professional world), spacecraft were developed that blow up everything imaginable here. But these anti-gravity machines are ,anyway 3D technology and cannot be compared to what the Pleiadians use. The limits of technology and science in our 3D zone have been reached for the human mind.

Much of what we know from here in the present, we will find again in the 5D zone, but solved much more elegantly and in most cases much easier to handle. Above all, the devices and applications are in conformity with nature and do not disturb the flora and fauna in the least. The Pleiadians do not suffer from their technology, it is of use to them, no more and no less.

5D physics opens up possibilities that are simply not achievable in the 3D world. Space travel in particular is the very best example of this.

Local field structures
With 5D technology, local field structures can be set up. This means that a spacecraft is set up in its own EMGB. (EMGB: Electric-Magnetic-Gravitational and Consciousness Field). The entire spacecraft with everything in it then has its own highly complex field, regardless of the conditions outside. It is, so to speak, an independent world. Therefore the crew does not feel the extreme manoeuvres and they can operate unaffected in the gravitational field of a planet. All measures for field, space and time follow their own rules.

The speed of light as a limit - something to laugh about!

The very decisive error of our science, namely that the speed of light measured here would be  the absolute limit, is a laughing stock in the 5D world. With their large ships, the Pleiadians take the 400 light years from Alcyone to here within just a few earth days.

Another major error in our science means the distances in the universe. The incorrectly determined distances result quite simply from incorrect basic assumptions regarding the star's masses, the measured light spectra, the movement profiles of the respective stars including their relative speeds and the misunderstanding of the fields mentioned above. None of our scientists has ever been out there and has been able to test the very daring basic assumptions of their theories on site - it doesn't even work.

Quick typology
The Pleiadian space fleets have different types of ships, which are also designed in different, respectively adapted technology.

Mother ships
These are very large, absolutely self-sufficient for long periods of time and are on missions commonly with the galactic fleets. Measured in human years, a crew member can be on board for hundreds of years. The crew consists of a few thousand people. Due to their size, these ships remain outside of dangerous zones and serve as platforms for local operations. The ships are cylindrically shaped, with lengths of up to several hundred miles and diameters of twenty miles and more. With its own gravitational field, the crewmembers  in such a ship live almost like at home.

Medium sized vehicles
The mother ships have smaller ships on board that operate within a planetary system. These can also be put within the atmosphere of a planet. Due to the different technical concepts of the drives and fields, they are mostly disc-shaped and in different sizes.

Taxi vehicles
They are used for short-term connection and exploration services, for example for landings. There is little room in it, no more than four. Normally the crews have two members, a navigator and an operative.

Incarnated Pleiadians and their lives here

Since my representations have been published here and read by many people, I have also received inquiries, mostly from people who also have the inner certainty that they come from the Pleiades. The answers to such questions can be found in the texts, as far as I can firstly give answers and secondly, the questions or comments, including the answer, fit into the subject framework.

You feel misunderstood, your behaviour is interpreted differently than it is meant from your point of view.

At this point, perhaps with a few keywords, the general attitude and ethics of a Pleiadian soul: Honesty and openness come first, you don't know the lie, you didn't like to eat meat even as a child, you have a very strong sense for Community and values mutual help, you do not understand the greed for money and prosperity, you want to act at eye level with everyone else, you have no claims to power and you like to share everything with others, you do not seek the advantage at any price, you are highly creative, you learn very quickly and easily, you always look for a balance in the event of a dispute, you give others the advantage, you generally see what is good in your counterpart first and are therefore often disappointed later, you have no pronounced distrust.

Well - if you come with such (Pleiadian) characteristics into a world in which the often opposite of all this is lived everywhere, how could you feel comfortable there? And yet you chose to be here, you have a job - so find your way through this thicket and try your best.

I was lucky - or maybe the choice - and had good parents, a family that included most of the above. I later experienced my needs in the professional and business world. From a Pleiadian point of view, there is a shark tank in many areas. And woe betide you are not a shark and have to be careful not to be boxed, bitten or eaten. I know at least two people who have to or had to assert themselves here as Pleiadians just like me, who felt similar to me.

The most difficult thing for me as a pupil and student was that I usually understood more quickly what someone was trying to explain in a cumbersome manner. My mind forward was simply faster than his explanatory words. The resulting impatience is then held against you. In the long run, this results in mediocre school results due to the beginning withdrawal strategy, especially if you only pass the Abitur with what you learn in class. There was simply no time for homework and additional study because of the many other interests.

Source: Project Stanmer - https://www.stanmer.eu

About the Project Stanmer:
A group of people has formed to prepare to take on tasks. Tasks and projects that all of us have to face when the age of the Dark Faction is over very soon. Much will have to be rebuilt, built up and redesigned. This is a very powerful task, not to be compared with the reconstruction of the German cities after 1945. After the turn of the century, it is about the complete cleaning of the planet, its air, its soils, its waters and the many facilities and structures that are so unsuitable for life. Groups are already forming around the world who want to dedicate themselves to these tasks. Specialists, experts, project managers, many participants and supporters will be there. The "Major EARTH project" page gives a subtle idea of what will be associated with the expected changes. The stanmer group presents its intention with this website.