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Hello dear IntoTheLight.news reader. I'm pleased that you have found your way through the jungle of mainstream news and internet blogs to my site. I started this newsportal in October 2015 just at the moment of the eminent wave X flooding our beautiful orb. Until then I have only been searching and reading the others blogs and news, but something was missing. I always felt the inner urge to do something myself to help humanity or at least my friends and family to find their way into the light.

I was born in 1970, one within the first wave of Indigo Children. Being a Starchild with my origins from Sirius, I have always been interested in the Stars and Science Fiction movies. With my mother starting to practice kinesiology when I was in my twenties I already then started to understand that most everything in our world is working with energy. I have never been really interested to read newspapers or watch the news on TV and was wondering at that time whether that was normal or not.

In 1995 I met my wonderful wife who has since developed her psychic abilities. She helped me a lot to learn and understand the areas of clairvoyance, telepathy and mediumship. I also soon started to use the pendulum to receive my answers to the numerous questions of life.

All the above and my endless search for wisdom which was mostly without success brought me into the year 2012. Yes, only in autumn 2012 my mother took me to a seminar from Michael Elrahim Amira. Shortly afterwards I was guided to see the movie Thrive. This was the moment when my life changed once and forever. I then started to search and now also to find the wisdom I had been searching for so long. Since then I have read innumerable books and channeled messages what has profoundly changed my world view. I am now convinced that we are on the brink of a new world full of happiness, love and abundance.

Of course you must look behind the scenes to be able to see the changes for the better. And that is where I want to help with IntoTheLight.news. I try to find the positive and accurate messages and reports that can be found within the enormous pot on the internet which contains unfortunately still a lot of disinformation. I choose with my heart and stomach feeling and often also with the pendulum. When it doesn't feel right I leave it aside. Of course everybody has to do the same thing for themselves since the truth is not always the same for everybody. Always use your own discernment when reading any message.

Sometimes the truth is hard to take in. And in my point of view we have to know the truth about our past in order to understand our present and future. So sometimes you will find messages which content might be hard to cope with. If this is not or not yet your thing, just leave it aside. We are living on a Free Will planet and everybody has the right to believe what is right and best for him or her.

We all have to work on ourselves to get ahead and are sometimes confronted with tough situations and choices. But for all challenges there is a right solution and everything is working out according to the divine plan as long as we are following our inner guidance. I am far from having all the answers as life is a never-ending workbench. But now we are rapidly approaching the reconnection with source and the veil is already very thin. So keep steadfast and hold the light, we are almost there.

I am happy to give you my personal opinion on any of your questions which you can send through my Contact form.
I am furthermore continuously collecting information which is from my viewpoint important and relevant for our entering in the New Golden Age in the Knowledge Base.

I would be thrilled when we could do this wondrous journey Into The Light together.

With Galactic Greetings from
Koshima (my cosmic name)

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"All Truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."
~ Arthur Schopenhauer