David Wilcock - Biblical Armageddon Has Been Canceled

First of all, everything is fine. I am not incapacitated, demoralized, defeated or otherwise out of commission. Life is good! I’ve just been very busy between Stavatti and the book project. 

I’ve spent over a year now living in a non-insulated log home at 8600 feet in Colorado. This winter I’ve finally figured out how to survive – with knee-high wool socks, oak firewood, and hiding out downstairs, to avoid deafening wind noise and radical temperature changes. 

And if you read my last email, telekinetic events have become quite common here as well. 

The adventure began in September of 2021, when I realized that intuitive readings I had brought through and published online in 1999 were now prophetic of present-day events. 

The source of the readings “identified” as Archangel Michael. He spoke with stunning authority against the dark forces of this world, ensured they would be defeated, and said we would be transformed. 

I started bringing in these “readings” on November 10th, 1996, after studying the protocols of remote viewing, which promised 99-percent accuracy for trained practitioners. 

By July of 2022, I realized that all of the so-called “global readings” I had brought in, from 1996 through to the end of 1999, were designed to be read in our present-day timeline. 

Michael predicted in advance that we are now living through a time nexus in which very intense, worldwide stress reaches a peak, where success seems impossible. 

Then, the magic occurs. The unexpected miracle. The Deus Ex Machina. Not an absurd, overused plot device. Reality. Humanity is about to save itself – and be saved in the process. 

In order to find these passages, I had to sort through 200 to 250 pages per month of journal notes, dreams and other written data in my notes. It has been a massive, massive undertaking. 

However, what we now have is a prophetic document unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard of, except for the texts brought in by the Sybil of Cumae in 539 BC. 

As you may remember, the Sibylline Mystery Texts boasted an astonishing knowledge of the “future history of Rome,” but Rome also could not benefit from the prophecies in any way. 

If they tried to out-smart the prophecies, bad karma would strike. Anything they did to try to stop the prophecy would actually cause it to happen.

“Novus Ordo Seclorum” is a condensed excerpt from these prophecies, which promise a Golden Age where our bodies transform into a more energetic state. 

The Sibylline document was kept highly secret, and was considered to be the highest treasure in all of Rome.

In the case of The Michael Prophecies, we are not holding back. No vaults. All out in the open. 

Book One (of three total) is already finished and ready to go, now. And Michael delivers in a way that is unlike any other prophetic document I have ever been able to read and enjoy in my life. 

The Michael Prophecies
By Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Lucia the Archangel
>> You can learn more here <<

And the most exciting part?
Again and again, The Michael Prophecies tells us that the catastrophic, world-ending, armageddon that's been prophesied to occur on earth for centuries….Has been canceled – thanks to our good grades!

Michael doesn’t go into all the details, but the overall work that has been done by Wanderers, or ET souls, incarnating on Earth in large numbers has been enough to tip the scales. 

We are not a planet that is about to be destroyed. We are a planet that has learned its lessons, thanks to the global initiation we’ve all been through, and now approach Graduation. 

What is Graduation? Apparently Michael and his people have found a way to ensure that “almost all” of us on Earth will actually experience Ascension in the coming years. 

This includes people who were deceived for various reasons, and may now be concerned that they don’t have very much time left on Earth. 

These books also reveal a completely different model than the one I was teaching before. Instead of a spontaneous light-body activation, we get to keep our physical bodies. 

This is very interesting. Apparently, we will see the sun give off a light show, but Michael’s people have a technology to shield the Earth and our bodies from any damage. 

This is explained in Book Two, which is not yet ready for release but will be soon. 

I have delved deeply into scientific models showing that stars themselves go through “quantum leaps,” where their microwave frequency emissions suddenly change in quantized bursts. 

Dr. William Tifft discovered quantized redshift values coming from stars, which change in sudden leaps. 

Tifft also noticed that these zones were spaced out like concentric galactic energy ripples in any given galaxy, gradually expanding out from the center and transforming worlds as they go. 

Dr. Harold Aspden’s aether physics equations generate the exact same quantized frequencies, and explain that they literally represent measurable traces from different planes of existence. 

It appears that our own Sun’s microwave frequencies will soon undergo a quantized increase. We will still have our bodies, and will now have much easier access to the soul. 

That’s right…We’ve been stellar students. We’ve passed the tests. And now we graduate into a type of human life where “ordinary people” will quickly begin getting abilities that blow anything I’ve ever been doing out of the water… by a long-shot. 

This news is amazing. The prophecies are so repeatedly accurate about our present that it is ridiculous to assume they are somehow NOT accurate about the future. 

You can’t put a price on something like this, so I am just making it as affordable as I can. That way, I can hopefully pay off my taxes and finish launching Stavatti, which is going very well. 

I’m not sure if I will make enough at such a low price, but as Stavatti gets rolling next year I can cover it either way. So in that sense, I am subsidizing your lowest cost possible for this product. 

The work is awash with a frequency of trust and peace, which bathes you in its resonance. As you read it, you will feel the presence of a higher intelligence – perhaps like never before. 

Here’s what’s revealed: 

  • Stunning evidence that our next-door-neighbor star, Proxima Centauri, had the “Solar Flash” that was originally meant for us, literally within three days of the Mayan calendar end-date of December 21st, 2012 
  • Multiple insider testimonies regarding the time-travel capabilities of UFOs, and what it feels like to use the technology yourself 
  • David’s powerful experience with a multi-dimensional apparition of Mother Mary on Thanksgiving
  • How various types of beings can spontaneously manifest into our reality due to hidden laws of the universe 
  • Detailed lessons from Michael on how to achieve direct intuitive contact with beings like himself, and/or the Christ Consciousness within you
  • Stunning new Law of One quotes on Satan, Demons, Hell and the AI Menace – and how it is all being defeated by We, the People
  • The 2010 crop formation that used two overlapping ‘digital’ images in wheat to create a remarkable photographic likeness of the face of Jesus
  • Gob-smackingly amazing prophecies about today, almost on a page-by-page basis
  • Incredibly reassuring “bottom line” truth that we will be saved – evil will not win, we will prevail, and a Golden Age awaits almost all of us here on Earth now
  • How any health damages people may have suffered will be able to be healed – with the new abilities we will acquire 

These are just a few of many tasty selections from the “Embarrassment of Riches” that you will feast upon this Christmas – in The Michael Prophecies. 

Best of all, it’s not fattening to indulge in these fruits. You can gorge yourself. They are zero on the calories, but heavy on the light vibrations. 

There are THREE VOLUMES of this work. It’s massive. And Volume One is ready for you to read, with 555 pages that tie everything together in a grand overview, right now! 

Audio versions are coming. I believe the most important thing to do first, based upon Michael’s urgency, is to get each of the three digital print copies out before I record them all.

You only get hit with one single charge for all three volumes – Books One, Two and Three. You get digital print copies and audio-book recordings of all three volumes as well. 

Again – it’s an all-in-one package, where you get all the books, all the audiobooks and all the materials at a cost I hope is doable for everyone in these trying times.

If I were to release these through conventional publishing means as three volumes of audio and digital print books, the overall cost would be about 40 per volume, or 120 altogether. 

We are therefore offering sizable cost reductions over even the most traditionally affordable distribution methods.   

As a member of my INSIDER community, please type in INSIDER at check-out – and BANG! You just got another $22 knocked off the top! THIS IS INSANE!

The Effect: 
In the book we quote flying-saucer insider Ralph Ring quoting Kahlil Gibran, where he said, “Half of what I say to you is meaningless, but it’s necessary — so that the other half may reach you.”

Michael’s words are intended to create an altered state of consciousness. By duplicating the look, sound and feel of your subconscious in meditation, you start having a better understanding of what you are receiving when it happens.  

Whether or not you “understand” the prophecies, you will experience a “vibrational shift” that causes you to start thinking and feeling like a positive, multi-dimensional being. 

This is called “tuning,” and is a necessary preliminary step to receiving your own personal contact with Michael or another like him. And this seems to be a major agenda of his.

Thank you so much for your support! Your well wishes and encouragement this past year have kept me going, and fueled the completion of this epic work I’m so excited to deliver to you. 

We are already hearing incredible stories of synchronicity activations from people reading this book. The effect Michael’s words will have on you must be experienced. 

Talk to you in the book. It’s very relevant to today. It is a message humanity needs. I am deeply honored to have been the instrument for this contact to take place. 

I do hereby promise you that I will do my very best to live up to the power and promise of these words. I have made the same promise to Michael, and take that very, very seriously. 

Gratitude & Light,


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