Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - July 1, 2022

Regardless of what is happening on Earth, in the greater scheme of things there is progress as a path out of the present chaos has been laid down. It requires people to wake up to the opportunities that are on hand that will start a movement towards more cooperation between nations, that can set aside their own political beliefs for the greater benefit of all. It must come otherwise you will keep repeating the same pattern that is a road that leads nowhere at all.

As we have mentioned previously Mother Earth cannot wait indefinitely for you to grasp the opportunities to prepare for major changes that are necessary. It should be obvious that action is called for as the needs of the people are of prime importance, if they are to move onto a new timeline that will release them from the existing conditions. You may ask what is serving your interests that will guide you away from the old ways that are no longer relevant. Be assured that the energy of change will cut your links with the old paradigm and allow new ones to replace them.

In readiness for your needs much is coming forth that will start a new era, and it may initially cause some inconvenience but that is inevitable. It follows that many souls are waking up to their mission agreed before they incarnated, and they are looking for leadership for guidance. They come with all of the attributes needed to carry out their work but need to know the direction they should be going in. They are protected in their work so as to ensure that mankind ultimately benefits from their knowledge. You are never without help when you need it and we have ways of ensuring you do get it.

We would remind you that you must first ask for help and then leave the matter in our hands. We have many ways of helping and some might surprise you as we use many means that may not occur to you. It comes down to the power of suggestion as often we guide you this way often resulting in actions that you would otherwise be convinced were entirely of your own making. At the root of our help is your life plan that we always have in mind. We help to ensure it works out as planned, knowing that you will get the experiences you need to evolve.

Events in your life may seem random but few if any that are of importance to you are of this nature. In fact it is largely your own actions that are often of no consequence where the larger picture is concerned. However, there are times when you endanger your life plan, and at such times we are on hand to get you back on your right path. It is sometimes difficult to keep you out of trouble as when you indulge in negative actions, you also attract negative entities that will encourage you to become even more involved, until it becomes difficult to cut those links.

You attract people to yourself according to the energies you give out, and it is why people of a like kind feel drawn to each other. Hence we warn you about any activities that are likely to pull you down. It is generally a “couldn’t care less“ attitude that leads to trouble and all types of entities are likely to find you. It is normally accepted that ‘like attracts like’ and in this respect we refer to the energies you give out. You can in fact actually feel another souls energy particularly if it is extremely negative.

Once you begin to be your true self and live an orderly life, you emit an auric energy that attracts others to you who enjoy being with you. Many relationships start this way and are successful because both souls are compatible to each other. It would explain why some couples on the face of it seem totally unsuited to each other but get on together quite well. There are always going to be extreme examples in relationships and once again a person’s life plan is not always for a lasting relationship.

In the ultimate reckoning it is what you have done with your life that matters, and in your life review it can all be seen quite clearly as only the truth will exist. It sounds like a trial of some kind but it is a means of getting at the truth for your actions, so as to understand the reasons for them with a view to ensuring a lesson is one well learned. It is simply that you are responsible for your actions and must realise how far they affect other people.

However, do not be too concerned about the responsibilities you have as if your life is simply a series of experiences that rarely cause you any great concern. Your Guides are always on hand to help you when it is needed. Indeed, there are likely to have been times that but for their intervention you may have suffered personal injury or worse.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.