The One through Sophia Love - February 2, 2022

It is the One.
Hello. Thank you.
Hello Sophia. Many are the days in which you’ve waited for better news, for good news, for long lasting tales of harmonious happenings. You do so still today.

It is as if your story is on repeat.

Yet, if you take a step back, and separate emotionally from your daily angst – you will see not only progress, but systemic change.

You are in the process of re-structuring civilization. This is not something you’ll find instructions for. This is something done primarily from your seminal organ, and not from your brain. This is done with your heart.

What will help you, is to remember this about the heart:

  • It operates on an illogical path, rather than one determined to be scientifically appropriate.

  • It responds to perceived need.

  • It reigns supreme as far as energy output.

  • It does not respond to authority (outside of self-authority).

  • It resonates and synchronizes with other hearts, matching frequencies and harmonizing.

  • This harmony drowns out those unharmonious and/or opposing frequencies.

  • This frequency is the base signal, the origin of man himself, and it exponentially increases with contact.

  • It becomes then, the catapult for Man’s Evolution and Gaia’s Transformation.

  • It has always been you, dear human. It has always been you.

What I want to talk about today is the obvious truth being exposed now.

For mankind will not be taken over. Man has, instead, taken control. He has done so with his most powerful and unique and misunderstood part. He has done so with his heart.

All over your planet, you witness breakthroughs of the heart.

These will not be broadcast from corporate media or entertainment. These will be felt while witnessing human to human interaction.

Do you see?

The tipping point is approached and exceeded now. That point where what mankind feels and expresses, and how men, women and children respond to one another, in real time, about their life, takes precedence over the voice/programs/platforms or governments attempting to monopolize the conversation.

It is not governments and conglomerates who run the world – it is people. Mankind realizes that now, with the initial actions of your drivers of goods. You’ve begun the revolution that has been feared by the elite these many, many years.

What will fuel this revolution is love.

Be wary of those attempting a show of physical force. Know that you hold all that you need to guarantee liberation, and you hold it within.

Your ability to love cannot be overthrown, stopped or conquered. It is this that your would-be controllers do not comprehend.

From these words, take this comprehension and think about it. You have lived under a regime of polarity. There were no places where true equal rights existed for every citizen.

This regime will lose its power, (has already lost its power), in a similar way to which it was constructed. There will be a pretense of opposites, a game of enemy combatants, a show of powerful overcoming powerless. It will be constructed to appear as if loving each other is somehow bad for the populace. That personal physical authority is, by itself, an act of rebellion conducted by an “enemy of the state”. This “enemy of the state” is being attempted to be painted as someone to be feared, and ultimately – stopped.

Polarizing the population is the only game they know, the only trick up their sleeves. Remember, it’s a trick and not the truth.

Fear separates the race.

Love unites the race.

This is why love has been relegated to romance, and considered a weak response.

This, as opposed to powerful shows of force. How ironic it will be, at some future moment, when the true story is told, that it was love that brought down the reign of a death-cult who’d been in control for many thousands of years. It was love.

You see, my dear human, this “new age” movement of star-seeds and light-workers that began with “free love” comes full circle. Only now, after years of application, oppression, ridicule, contrast and exposure – it incorporates truth.

The truth is that love is neither feminine nor masculine. It is the force of life itself; the lifeblood of the human race. It comes in every country, color, age and heart. It recognizes fear, (which is the emotional pulse of every act of control), and eliminates it.

This wave of love spreading across your earth right now, vaporizes fear. It is fear that has fed the machinations of control. Without fear, the power of this regime dissolves.

So, love in every instance, and watch the matrix dissolve. Hold fast to your visions of your new earth, and allow your heart to fuel and magnify them. In this way are they made manifest.

Well done, dear human, well done.

Things will move quickly now.

Expect some bumps. Yet realize that you are heading downhill and the momentum cannot be stopped.

That is all.

Thank you.