Our life plan


Dear friends
Our life plan, which we make ourselves before we are born, is always about wishing to heal certain issues, wishing to recognise certain things or wishing to help others with our light.
Our life plan is therefore always positive for us, even though we may not always be able to see it that way once we are here on the Earth.
We don't plan every single week ahead in our life plan, but only certain roughly defined circumstances.
How we react to these circumstances when we are on the Earth depends on us personally That is our free will.
This may cause our soul to adjust our life plan, depending on our reaction.
For example, we may wish to learn compassion. Once we've learned this, the other situations we would have chosen through which to learn compassion will no longer come along because the reason why those situations would have come into our lives has already been fulfilled.
We have a decisive influence on the further course of our lives through the way we deal with the circumstances and events in our lives.
The fact that we have this influence is part of our creative power.

Your Christina