Some people state they are losing faith and wondering if the white hats are just scam and we are being played. There is one answer that covers it all.
We are all on a journey of awakening. As we move along that path we are shifting in degrees of our awakening from being partially awake to fully awake, at which point we understand all the intricacies and can see the ‘overall higher picture of the Light plan’. Where we really see it and are no longer wondering or guessing and fully understand why it is being played out exactly like it is. We are currently in a long planned major move in evolution for all on Earth. This is assisted by an initial huge influx of light onto Earth which we then add to by waking up and beginning to increase our own vibration of light, continually expanding this as we awaken further. The light we emit permeates the collective consciousness as we take the planet to full light. We all do it together. The white hats are not separate than us, they are us. We are the white hats, all of us. That includes Trump, truthers, other planetary forces - all assisting Earth’s evolution at this time, etc. Each of us playing a role that makes up the huge jigsaw that is dismantling an entire 3D dimension world of dense energy, allowing it to reach a higher vibrational place of evolution for all those choosing this.  
Everyone is on a path of evolution; some are deciding to move on to a higher frequency (called the 5th dimension) and some feel they will benefit more by continuing life in the 3D band of energy in order to gain more understanding from experiences only possible in 3D. Most made this decision in their original soul contract. Some left it open as an option but have made their final choice now as to which path feels best for them.
We are all on a major path of learning and growing in wisdom and personal vibration of light frequency. As the scenario continues we begin to gain a deeper understanding, we get street wise, with more wisdom, inner resolve, strength and mastery. More compassion and love begins to surface. Less judgment and guesswork as many situations force us to let go of blind belief and begin to trust our own intuition. We are being pushed with conflicting data, to help us go within for what resonates as truth and not what anyone else believes. This eventually leads us to a point of inner knowing; a knowing gained from personal experience deep enough we can travel forth into the universe with wisdom, certainty and power, knowing the signs to watch for that will ensure wherever we are, we are able to create and maintain a harmonious space and never let anything undermine it.
Earth and humanity now move steadily forward as light streams through the Earth. Anything and any soul not vibrating in a frequency equal to the higher band of light, will no longer be a part of the evolving Earth.
This won’t all happen in a minute but it will happen when the collective vibration of all of us reaches a frequency that causes a whirlwind that dissolves the remainder of the dense 3D particles on Earth. Then we will see a lighter, finer frequency band of light (5D) and begin to co-create a new existence where the soul is enriched and together we walk into a bright new dawn.
Sandy Stevenson
6th Jan 23