Dear friends
The direction our future will take depends on the consciousness of human beings. And there will only be one future. The Earth is not going to divide into two levels on which there are two different "futures".
Even though there's still a lot of unconsciousness on the Earth and even though unpleasant things will still happen, I'm confident that all will be well in the end.
The light will eventually dissolve the shadows on this Earth.
The consciousness of more and more human beings is increasing. This is a process that is on-going. The number of people who are conscious enough to be able to help steer the future of the Earth into a future full of light has been more than reached for a long time.
We don't yet see much of it in the global big picture, especially not in the official media. But don't be misled. On a small scale we can see it. There are people everywhere who are starting to create something new and beautiful.
And on the subtle level, I see fields of light again and again that were not there in that form before.
These light fields are supported by light beings, but they are formed by human beings.
We human beings are the turning point to a light-filled future.
This transformation can't be stopped, because the Earth herself is behind this change, as well as all loving, creative forces.

Your Christina