Christina's Christmas message


Dear friends
For many people, love and peace are brought to mind at Christmas. In Christianity, people celebrate the birth of Jesus. He anchored the Christ consciousness here on the Earth. True love is always unconditional and some people call this Christ consciousness.
The 21st of December, i.e. today, also has to do with turning to the light again. From the shortest day with the most darkness, we move back towards the light.
These are things we shouldn't only concern ourselves with at Christmas or on the day of the winter solstice, but every day. It's probably what some people call "the Second Coming of Christ".
True love and true light are actually one. They belong together.
Christ is an entity who carries both, and his unconditional love and light are firmly anchored in the energy field of the Earth.
And this light of love is also what will bring about the transition from darkness on the Earth, which is still here at present, to light and healing.
The night is always darkest before it gets light.
However, strengthening light and love within ourselves doesn't always mean we should say "yes" to everything. Because there are some things we simply can't do and can't participate in if we really act from our heart. So it's very important to say "no" at the right moments.
This is what I call "the disobedience of love".
Everyone can theoretically find Christ consciousness within themselves, although there's often a path we must travel before we can really feel and live it.
Christ consciousness is not bound to a single person. It can be with everyone if that person's consciousness enables it. It's there as a potential in every one of us.
Every little loving word, every little loving action contributes to this field of healing and that means we can be constantly effective by means of the little things in everyday life too.
The most important thing is always our intention. Even in the greatest darkness, the intention for there to be light, love, freedom and healing – for ourselves, our neighbours, the Earth and all beings on it – will lead us there in the end.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful task that is all of ours now and for following this path together.

Happy holidays and much love

from your Christina