The Collective: Field of Light


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again.

At this moment, you are traveling through a field of Light that is unprecedented both for your galaxy and for your planet.

And so, be aware of certain shifts occurring that you may not be expecting.

For one, Time will appear to move far more slowly and far more quickly some days than you have experienced on the Earth plane previously.

There were times in your distant past, such as in Lemuria or Atlantis or other great civilizations, that you could work with Time via mental projection, so as to extend, slow, or hasten the movement of minutes and hours per your preference.

Now these times are returning, though not with your complete awareness as of yet, regarding how to work with Time (or distance) so as to shorten or lengthen it according to your preference or need.

What you are experiencing also are waves of energies that are revealing aspects of your psyche at a very deep level, such as you have not had experience of for many thousands of years.

Your physical body is likewise beginning to function differently, to prepare for higher frequency matter, and so you may feel that things are out of sorts there as well in some ways.

As Earth reawakens and shifts according to what She is evolving into, you yourselves are also shifting.

You may find yourself suddenly realizing something you had not consciously known before, or suddenly viewing an old situation very differently than how you have viewed it in the recent past or getting glimpses of future events with the feeling they have already happened.

These and other occurrences will be happening as Time shifts to being more liquid, more malleable, and in many ways, in a state of collapse as you move to the Present Moment existence of the fifth dimension.

Physical matter is likewise shifting.

The Earth Herself is going through much that would render Her unrecognizable in some ways, were it not that She is receiving great assistance from your Star Nation families.

The land masses are shifting in movement and vibration, as the energies within the planet shift to reflect the changes brought on by the Light codes pouring in, chiefly from your Sun.

He is in a state of renewal such as he has not seen before, and similar to the Earth, life within him is also shifting powerfully, and all of you are feeling the effects of this.

You are beginning to remember your gifts—in the distant past, some of you were great artists or composers, working with the music of the spheres to shift consciousness to higher levels.

Some of you were great healers, using color, Light, and sound vibration to heal. Some of you were priest/scientists, or seers whose visions led whole cultures to higher vibrational forms of living.

Others were ambassadors, joining worlds in peaceful accord and intercultural cooperation.

Now is the time you begin to remember your true gifts, long hidden for your own safety.

And now is the time you begin to recognize and find again true soul family members, true soul mates, and true alliances of thought and purpose.

We realize that it is a time that feels to be a great “shake up” where nothing is quite as it was, and the uncertainty of life crowds in some days, making it a world that is hard to take, unless one remains solidly in the Present Moment, and fully in the breath and the body.

Yet you looked forward to this moment, despite the uncertainty and tumult.

You looked forward to this great changeover to higher forms of living and higher consciousness than humanity has known for millennia.
Part of you is unsure, yes.

Yet part of you is celebrating! And in this Yuletide moment, when the Solstice beckons and great change is afoot, and the high heart moves to the front of your awareness and to the front of human life, we encourage you to give Thanks wherever you can, even for the hard moments, for they too are part of this unprecedented moment of breakthrough.

This will steady your energies and keep you grounded, as you remember to be as fully present and thankful as you can be for anything you see, feel, hear, or experience.

Is this to be the way life shall proceed on Earth from now on? Only for a time. For there will come a time of greatly increased steadiness and sureness, when every footstep falls squarely on solid ground, and you will know the way forward—as a human race re-entering galactic life, and as individuals celebrating your newly rebirthed existence.

Yet for the moment, life is feeling rocky and unsure, and this can be a stress at times.

And so we encourage you, as always, to take quiet times in Nature, to meditate or to take some other quiet time each day, to listen to healing high vibrational music, to spend time with those who build you up and support you, as you offer the same to them—all of this, and laughter whenever possible, will assist you in these days of tremendous Transformation.

No need to hide from these great shifts—you created this, friends!

And so now, Co-Creators and Magicians of this Universe that you are, breathe in and out with deliberate intent to remain in this time, and to flow with the shifts rather than suppress or avoid them.

Now is the day to open wide your arms, to open your heart, and to proclaim YES to that same Universe that birthed your soul so long ago.

Stand tall! You are reclaiming your beauty, your uniqueness, and your power. For your own life, and for millions of others.
For this you came.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan