Judith Kusel: The Immense Cosmic Breakthrough is Happening

Judith Kusel - http://www.judithkusel.com

We are in a cosmic moment which is unprecedented and my heart and soul are filled with joy, awe and wonder as I am being shown this.

The New Earth is now totally anchored in and she is pulsating with so much beautiful white-golden energy, that all is now bursting forth with new life, life forms and the New Humanity!

We are in the middle of huge super quantum shifts and the Old Earth is in the process of total disintegration, and a pole shift is imminent – in what form or way I cannot say, but we will now experience more and more weather changes on a global scale, volcanoes erupting (even dormant ones), earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. All of this is merely the breaking through moment, when the New Earth totally takes over all aspects of life and life forms.

I cannot find words to express this, but that this beautiful golden energy, white-golden energy is now pouring into humanity at large. It will bring a greater awakening on all levels, and thus all is being churned up now, with the blinding spot-light illuminating all within us and around us, and all which was hidden to surface, even our deepest hidden shadow selves and that of the entire world.

Yet, through this all, there is so much joy as the rebirth is accelerating, the ascension process and all which is now opening in unprecedented ways.

With the higher heart fully activated in the next few days, the higher mind will be activated as well, and thus now we will be able to access what we just could not access, or experience, nor apply before, simply because our vibrational frequency was too low and our physical bodies were too dense, to handle such high frequency information, and knowledge.

The Old Earth is indeed departing, crumbling up, disintegrating, shrinking more and more and the vastness of the New Earth is taking over. I see this, and stand in awe and wonder. Miracles are happening!

It will be as if the Old Earth will throw her last death throws at us now, as will the old structures, forms, old ways of life and living. Yet the Old Earth has fulfilled her own soul contract and she knows this. It is her time to make way for the new!

It is wise now, to just go deeper inward and abide in unity with your own soul and the Divine within. Keep that heart center open, no matter what and allow it to open even wider. Constantly clear your energy fields and become aware of whatever is there grabbing your attention, and then immediately bring yourself back into balance and harmony again.

It is important at this time, that we, as Lightworkers, truly focus on allowing ourselves to be transfigured and to go through even deeper and more profound purification processes, so that we can lead by example. If you cannot do your own inner work and allow yourself to be transfigured you are not going to be able to assist anyone else.

For every soul has their own unique transfiguration process as our soul records and our soul calling and purpose is not the same. The Soul mastery lessons and whatever the soul needs to pay attention to, is unique. It is here that our support systems from the Divine and the Company of Heavens, can assist where no human can. Mainly because no human being alive on the planet at this time, truly had any inkling of what will happen and when and how.

We are stepping totally into the unknown and unexplored now, and this why the presence of the Intergalactic Counsels and Fleets are expanding and why they are making themselves visible to us. They have always been here, we just could not see them, because we were blindfolded by false information.

More than this the Universal masters are now stepping in to assist soul, high evolved souls who are so highly evolved that our minds cannot even grasp this, but our hearts and souls know!

We are going into the greatest cosmic breakthrough and shift which ever happened on earth, and beyond, as the Milky Way Galaxy is transfiguring as well, as this whole Universe.

We need be flexible, and bending, flowing like water and allow all rigidity to dissolve. The fears of survival, and whatever is churned up.

The old will not work anymore. It cannot. For we are now functioning on a different dimensional frequency band, as multi-dimensionality is the here as the 9th dimensional state has now opened, exceeding the 7th.

The Ascension acceleration is such that our physical bodies will often have great difficulty keeping up with the higher frequency and thus will need our attention, but all is in huge state of transfiguration. Give yourself the space and time to rest, to switch off the cellphones, and all electronic devices, and to just simply be silent and still.

The Cosmic Breakthrough will accelerate everything in the next few days leading to Christmas, with huge super-cosmic-quantum shifts happening on all levels.