A Message of Love from The One

It is the One.

You are heading directly towards tumult and what to some will feel like chaos. Know that this is planned. Know that this is necessary and that the outcome favors humanity each and every time.

I come to you today to offer comfort. *

Hear these words, for they echo Truth. Truth is what you have not had access to these many generations.

You are the bravest of the brave.

You are the strongest of the strong.

Your Light! Oh!

Your Light is that of ten thousand brilliant bulbs! It not only emits from your very essence; it radiates throughout your being and is felt viscerally by anyone who is fortunate enough to be within range.

And what a range it is!

My dear, dear humble human. You have trudged and crawled through the murkiest, darkest times, only to emerge unscathed.

For regardless of any attempt made to assault your spirit – you remain radiant.

You are not defeated, my dear ones, you are exalted. It is in your exaltation that this/your world is raised up. It is placed among realms of peace, glory and absolute agape.

For above all – you are Love.

Despite all – you are Love.

Throughout all – you are Love.

This Love that you are echoes through each event and every story.

Your Light will not be dimmed.

Your Light has not been dimmed.

Focus now on what you have felt and known always but have not been told by your society’s mechanisms. Focus now on your Truth.

You are Love.

You are Light.

You are Truth.

Your nature is one of loyalty, compassion, joy and abundance.

You desire consensus because you embody Oneness, and anything other than that feels foreign to you.

Consensus is not replication of the details. Consensus is agreement on the highest and best outcome for all concerned. Simply put, consensus is Unconditional Universal Love.

This Love that you are emerges viscerally now in contrast to what is being exposed. Do not despair in what you see exposed. For this is the wound that must see the Light in order to heal.

And heal it will, my dear, beloved human. You would have it no other way.

Such is your Light.

Such is your Love.

Such is your Truth, that what you are capable of exceeds your current imaginings.

Yet, I tell you that you have not imagined the sheer wonder of who it is that you are. Feel this. Your Love resonates throughout your body and emerges in all that you see and do and think and feel and are.

You are magnificent and it is the raw power of your true Love Essence that makes you so.

Nothing and no one will stop your emergence or limit your radiance. The time for your cohesion is upon you and you are ready.

Remember who you are.

Feel the Truth of your Essence and Love will surround and astound you each day.

This is your New World my dear human. It is not my doing, it is yours.


That is all.

Thank you.
 *Such emotion came through here! Tears, heartfelt and deep admiration for us. A proclamation of pure love. I cried throughout this transmission. It was so very deeply felt.