Mother and Father God via Galaxygirl | December 4, 2022

Dearest children, I am your Mother God speaking. I am surrounding your fields with a warm energy hug of pink light and golden warmth. Can you feel it? Let us breathe in each others’ energies. Feel my presence, as I feel yours. We are having a cozy mother child snuggle and I am grateful to be invited in.

Your lives are so busy. There is always so much to physically do, to mentally do and often the spiritual aspect is left off the list, sometimes dusty and forgotten. But children, the spiritual aspect is for nurturing as well, and it is the primary reason that you are here. Some don’t like this, for yes you are here for many other reasons to serve the collective, to serve Gaia, and to find your own healing in the midst of inter and extra planetary changes, yes, but don’t lose yourself in the midst of it. Don’t lose your connection with me, with Father, with yourselves. For that is the important bit, isn’t it? Breathing in the light, being the light, as you are surrounded by chaos.

(I am feeling her sadness and seeing her tears.) Oh children, it was never meant to be this way. The darkness in this realm has been so intense. My heart has been broken by it, and in your healing, I find my own. We are all healing together, this realm, this universe. For the whole body must be healed and healthy to be totally healthy. And this experiment gone wrong, and yes I use the word wrong, for it was taken to such extremes, it has been a cancer, and so for all of us to be whole and fully pulsing with light, Gaia and your realm must feel this pulsing light.

And children, this is what is coming.

I am your Mother God. I wrap you in the warmest, softest of light. I wipe your tears away, and you can wipe mine away too. I am here for you. So many of you have hurt so much during your human incarnations that you wonder if god is silent. It has only seemed silent in the times of the deepest darkness but we have been ever present sending angels, galactics, light, healing, sending ourselves as fractals into this realm, doing whatever we can to assist, to help, to send healing from where we are. But when the human heart has been broken, it doesn’t always heal quite right. (I am seeing a fracture that healed out of alignment having to be re-broken). This is the re-breaking moment of your world, so that it can be healed. And it will be healed in a new way, and all will be well. You are in the midst of the pain of it, but I promise you children, I promise you, the light is already here, it is in you, it is flowing through you as you extend your hands in love to serve, it is flowing through these fingers as they type, through your fingers as you write and blog and through your lips as you speak words of kindness - you all are doing these things. And I am very very proud of each and every one.

Oh my children, I love you. This one doesn’t want me to write ‘not much longer’, but child, how much longer do you really think this could be? And yet, and yet there have been delays, there have been stall tactics, but those days are behind us and I am calling all light forces to action. The time is now. And so, the time is now for you, dear ones, to open fully to the hope in these messages, to the light in the skies, and feelings of good cheer.

(I am having dizziness and intense ringing in my ears suddenly. My team is saying ‘We are adjusting your systems and sending these adjustments further into the message encodements. You may continue.’)

Children, nothing will be as it was, which is a good thing. You will be able to co-create the changes, which is exciting is it not? Chins up, continue to lead the way and you will find that many are following. More are awake than you may realize, and they are more awake than they realize. Many changes in the human hearts have been occurring as these energies stream in. I am your Mother God. I love you all so much.

I am here overlighting this message by my lovely partner. I am your Father God. (I am seeing and feeling a large dark blue cape around Mother’s soft pink golden layer, but this feels like an energy wave of strength, like granite, holding me up.) You are not alone. You are loved more than the stars could say, if every one of them had a turn to speak. Warriors, soldiers, friends, welcome home. Welcome home. You are loved beyond measure. (His eyes are misty as well). I assure you, we are all very ready for your homecoming. Be at peace in the coming times. Be strong, solid, secure. You are not alone. Your angels are with you, and your teams expanded. You are ready.

~ galaxygirl