Galaxygirl’s Team “Morning Whisperings”: Liberation of Planet Earth

We would like for you to just sit with the energies for a moment. They are stronger, building every day. This will continue and you are ready. The light from the Central Sun will continue to intensify and this is to be expected for this is the moment that you are in. Some call it the event corridor. But in reality it is just where you are.

Many of you are in various life situations where you are now rubbing your eyes and wondering “Is this really where I want to be? Is this what I want to be doing? Is this who I want to be living with?” Your bothers and sisters around you are all in various stages of waking up, and various stages healing or not healing. And so things will come up for them, just as they have been coming up for you for some time. This is to be expected. It will not necessarily be pleasant. But you have to remember the end game, the end result.

The end result is liberation of a planet. How can this be a fully pleasant experience all the time? And yet, like we said last time, the world is a mirror. What you are experiencing is a myriad of people’s expectations, shattered programmings and false beliefs. That is why your hologram is so elusive when one is looking for truth. It is a time when everyone is searching for their own truth. You must search for yours. The 3D church programmings may not quite be the puzzle piece that fits for you now. Many of you are keenly feeling this as Christmas time approaches. But the feeling behind Christmas, the love and joy of it, that never changes and in fact it is intensifying.

Yeshua’s fragrance of love and his teachings left an indelible mark forever changing the energetics of this planetary matrix. (They are showing me a crack in a window that continues to crack, the cracks are spreading. Now I am seeing the window shatter.) You are in the shattering. Yeshua began the change. You all – you all reading – you will bring it through to completion. It is a tremendous honor. And so as you look at the nativity, look at it with love. Yeshua’s teachings were about love, about being the Christ where you are in whatever moment you find yourself. That is the message. The message that you are not bound by programs or time or space, that you are connected with your Father / Mother God, and we are all one.

There are many rabbit holes as one searches for truths. Are you a rabbit? Does it bring you peace to search down these dark holes? For a time as part of the awakening it may as you are uncovering, uncovering. But eventually it can become an obsession and lead to despondency and depression. You are a beloved being of light, fractal of Source. You are light. You light up the dark places wherever you are. And so the darkness seeks out the light, it is a yin and yang and we are bringing balance to this realm now.

That is why the great solar flash is so important, but in essence you are bringing the great solar flash here. The codes that you embody and absorb from the sun are bringing healing to your world. That is why it is essential that you get sunlight on your skin whenever you can in the next coming times as it will soothe your nervous system. The Galactics are putting in extra soothing codices to calm the human nervous system as it metamorphs into what it was always supposed to be.

Creator is pleased with your progress, we all are. It is time for you to know deeply within your being how loved you are. How treasured you all are and how appreciative the galaxy is for you, for each and every one. We wish for you to feel the love here, that is all around you.

It is windy where this one is today and the house is shaking in the darkness of the early morning. And it is howling and moving and it does sound a little disconcerting. But she is safe and warm as she types, she is comfortable.  She would not feel this way if she chose to try to type this message outside in the storm. You must listen to your team and be in the pocket of peace. Be where you are lead and you will hear our voices, you will feel your connection more deeply with your galactic family.

The time is quickly approaching for massive, massive changes. All is changing. Nothing will be the same, except for the tenacity and love of the Lightworkers collective and the healing light that will exude from them, from the skies and from Gaia. Much healing is to take place. And so when the wind is howling, send it your love, your light. There is much howling to come, but you are safe in the midst of the storm. Be wise and listen and you will find your clarity. All is well.

That is all for now.

Channel: Galaxygirl