Saul through John: Make it an aspect of your daily practice to just be


By John Smallman on October 13, 2022

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We are One, you all know that, and yet for most of you that statement makes no sense as you perceive a world with billions of individual people, yourselves included, each seeking recognition and love separately and for themselves only.  But seekers only find distractions.  Those distractions can be quite fascinating, bringing new knowledge and information of value, sometimes of great seeming value – perhaps even a momentary awakening of sorts to be investigated later – to the seeker, but they remain distractions.  Seeking needs to cease so that you can quieten your minds, your intellects, your curiosity, and just BE!  Eventually seeking will lead you to the awareness of your need to just be, but that awareness is available now, so avail of it now, and take a break right now, and BE!

To just be is the reason many of you chose to be incarnate as humans in form at this moment in humanity’s collective awakening process.  That is a most wonderful choice you made, and you can have really no idea, while you are present in human form, what a powerful impetus your just being is having on your collective awakening process.  You, just being, is an absolutely essential aspect of the process, so totally let go of any sense you may have that would suggest to you that you are doing nothing, that you are a ‘waste of space.’  Nothing could be further from the truth!  You are here on Earth now because your presence is required here now, as you knew would be the case when you made your courageous choice to incarnate to assist most greatly in the process, and you are greatly honored here in the non-physical realms for doing so.

Also, on Earth, there are many with whom you have interacted, often without any real awareness of the interaction because it was very brief or seemed to be of no consequence, who have been greatly uplifted by those interactions; and now you are still continuing to interact quietly and unobtrusively and most powerfully with many more.  This is the work you incarnated to participate in.  The work you are engaging in just by being is magnificent.  Please honor yourselves, because doing so further increases the effectiveness of your present earthly presence.

To accept and honor yourselves is extremely important, because until you do honor yourselves fully and completely you will be unable to truly honor others.  There will always be a sense of judgment of them within you, even if you override it and keep it quietly to yourselves – they are better and more important than me, or the opposite.  Truly judgment is endemic within humanity, and a major aspect of your collective awakening is to let go of it and engage only with your own true nature, and to engage with that identical nature in others – LOVE – which each one of you is continuously expressing in your own beautiful, magnificent, and utterly unique manner.  The only manner in which you can express it.  Being is your purpose.  Yes, you have to earn a living, and doing that is fine, but it can become all consuming for any number of reasons, leading you to forget that basic fact.  And of course what you do to earn your living can be enormously helpful to others.  Nevertheless, it is essential that when you do remember that you have a spiritual purpose that you honor it, and allow yourselves time daily to be quiet and feel your divine connection, and then give thanks for the deep inner knowing that arises as a result.
No one can fail as a human.

I will repeat that:  NO ONE CAN FAIL AS A HUMAN.

Why?  Because you are not humans, you are the most dearly beloved children of God having a very temporary and unreal experience severely limited by the form in which you have enclosed yourselves.  When that experience comes to an end you lay down your bodies, in what you call ‘death,’ thought of by many as a total termination of life, and, amazingly, find yourselves once more in the infinitely loving embrace of Mother/Father/God, a joy-filled and eternal embrace.

There is only the One, the Unity that is God, and yet there is also the individual expression of that divine state, your individual expression of it.  You have free will, a truly God-given gift, so it is possible that you might choose yet again to experience the limitations of form, if you felt the need to learn a new lesson about that state, or to assist others who you could see were calling for help, knowing that to do so will once again temporarily erase your memories of your divine and eternal nature.  While in form that knowledge of your Oneness is once again temporarily lost, and that can be a terrifying experience as you come to believe, as many do, that being human, as you most obviously are, is without doubt a terminal event.  Consequently, and very often,you seek a sense of safety and permanence in a variety of relationships with others – family, friends, occupation, hobbies, sporting activities – to distract yourselves from your awareness of death.

As you are reading this message which I am offering solely to remind you yet again that you are all eternal divine beings, never for a moment separated from Mother/Father/God, from your state of Oneness, I would ask you to remind yourselves regularly throughout the day, especially if you find yourselves in situations that stress you and demand your full and instant attention, and thus become consciously aware, allowing yourselves to momentarily step back in that moment and yet again remind yourselves of your true nature.  Then pay attention while holding and delivering on your intent to be only loving as you deal with the situation.

It is imperative that you permit yourselves to accept the truth that you are, each and everyone of you, perfect divine beings.  As humans, much of the time that does not appear to be the case, especially when you cannot avoid being fully aware of the pain and suffering that so many are undergoing and having to deal with.

Only a person who sees him or herself as bereft of love, unloved, shamed, attacked and wounded, mentally, emotionally, or physically, will attempt to attack or injure someone else.  In truth an attack is, as it says in that wonderful book “A Course in Miracles,” a call for love.  So if you feel under attack do not defend yourself by attacking – unless it truly is physically necessary to protect yourself from imminent harm – but step back momentarily into your own inner calmness and reset your intent to be only loving.  You do not have to say or do anything loving, just being calm will dissolve much of the unloving energy directed at you, and then you can talk gently and find out what is so upsetting for the other.  Frequently that other is coming from a place of intense fear, and your calmness and lack of an unloving reaction may well allow the other’s fear to reduce significantly, permitting a conversation to occur that may well resolve the issue.   Again, just be, and listen.  To listen to another is a very loving response, and everyone needs to be heard.  In the busy and fast paced world of today it is even more important, and yet often very difficult to find the time and energy to do so.

Therefore make it an aspect of your daily practice to just be, and to listen to loved ones, family members, work associates, whoever needs someone to honor them by seeing and hearing them, just as you do yourselves from time to time.  This is why you need loving communities to support one another, and when you gather together in that fashion to do this and support one another, you are massively supported by your counselors in the non-physical realms.  It is good to open a communal gathering by most positively inviting your spiritual support teams or specific non-physical entities with whom you feel a personal connection to join with you.  Doing so intensifies the Presence of Peace as you create a safe space in which people can disclose their personal fears or anxieties knowing that those present are completely and lovingly accepting of them.

Be!  Be Love!  And lovingly support all with whom you interact each day.

With so very much love, Saul.