Jesus through John: You are the beloved children of God, forever inseparably in Her Presence


By John Smallman on September 25, 2022

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All are One, there is only One.  You, each and every one of you are One with the One.  It is that simple.  The divisiveness and separation that you experience as humans in form is extremely confusing for you because, for the brief moment that you spend in form, experiencing the pain and suffering of separation, that state of separation appears to your human senses to be very Real.  It is NOT!  Reality is One, and the sense of separation that you are all experiencing is completely unreal.

The One in Whom you all have your eternal existence is Consciousness, the Effusion of life that flows through your human bodies, the infinite field of energy in which all of Creation, which is God, which is infinite loving Wisdom, or, if you prefer, Love is forever extending Itself in glorious harmony for the joy of All.  Every sentient being – every one of you without any exceptions whatsoever – has its eternal existence within (there is no outside to It) this divine Embrace.  It is truly impossible to describe It in words, because It is unnameable, or in pictures, because It is beyond vision, or in music, because It is beyond sound.  It just IS, and so are everyone of you.  When you awaken, as you are now in the process of doing, the wonder of that fully awake and fully aware state – your natural and eternal state of being with myriad senses available to you for your delight and delectation – will ceaselessly amaze you as you are once more fully consciously aware of and experiencing the constantly unfolding joy that is the One, that is You.

You are the beloved children of God, forever inseparably in Her Presence, the only ‘place’ that you could ever be.  That you have forgotten this, and are unaware ofit is the reason for all your conflicts and all your suffering.  It appears to you that this has been an ongoing experience lasting eons, involving many lifetimes in form, but in truth, as you will realize when you awaken, it has been but momentary, fleeting.  The choice to engage with the unreal state of form was one that you made in a very brief moment of confusion about your relationship with Oneness.  Because, as the One child of God with Whom She shares her infinite creative powers, you have all the Power that She has and is, you thus constructed that unreal state instantly.  In less than the blink of an eye you found yourselves within it, seemingly lost and abandoned by your divine Mother.  What a terrifying event for a child of God to experience!

Now, as you are awakening, your fear and terror seem to be increasing.  This is because the realization of your powerfully felt, but in truth unreal separation is dawning on you – your egos in form – as you are more fully experiencing the individuality that you have always known and accepted as who you are.  This aloneness is something you became aware of during your birthing ordeal, and which was further confirmed as you grew from infancy to adulthood, learning that you were indeed an independent being, and that no one can support you or save you from death and the eternal termination of your living beingness.  Death and termination is the only future that vast numbers of you can conceive of.  Thus the conflicts between individuals, groups of individuals, and nations intensify, as all of humanity is feeling a sense of group encouragement to take sides, to support the side that they believe will win, in order to ensure their human survival for as long as possible.  The sense that eternal termination is all that a human can look forward to is terrifying.

For eons that belief has for many either been denied, or hidden by engaging with dogmatic religious beliefs that purport to be able to offer an alternative to the termination of your beingness that apparently follows your physical death.  Some have sought escape from the deep sense of unworthiness to which the apparent separation from Source has given rise by seeking personal advancement in the various hierarchies – family lines, political, religious, business, and social organizations – established to provide a sense of order, of what is right and what is wrong in the activities, discussions, and behaviors in which people take part as an aspect of their cultural inheritance.

None of this works.  It cannot work, because you are each sovereign beings, divine creations of Mother/Father/God, permanently and inseparably at One with Her.  The pain, suffering, and unbearable uncertainty that life as a human entails can only be relieved, removed, and concluded by remembering, by coming back to the knowing that you are eternally held in the loving embrace of your divine Mother, and fully at One with Her in every moment of your eternal existence.  This is what your awakening will bring fully and endlessly into your conscious awareness.  Knowing yourselves as One with Source is the most infinitely wondrous knowing and awareness that is possible for you to experience, and you are now in the process of awakening into that divine knowing – Reality.

Do make sure to spend time daily just being, letting go of any expectations of what you might hope to experience, and thus allowing and inviting the peace that is beyond all understanding to embrace you and give you a foretaste, even if only momentary, of the eternal joy that awaits your awakening.  The Love that is God, is available to you in every moment when you let go of all self-judgments, negative or positive, because they are of the ego as it attempts to distract you.  Be still, be open, and that peace will envelop you, confirming for you your Oneness with Source, and dissolving any remaining doubts about your worthiness of God’s Love for you, or indeed any doubts about the Reality of God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.