The Truth about Climate Change


September 21, 2022 by Steve Beckow

The subject of climate change is so politically charged that a balanced discussion is difficult.

If it was even desired. The evidence from our sources points to climate change as having been hijacked by the New World Order (1) and used as one card they play to keep the public perpetually off-balance and in fear.

The pandemic lagging, they play the climate-change card. If the climate change lags, they’ll play another card.

Even if we could have a balanced discussion, if it was empirically-based, it wouldn’t reach deeply enough. By empirically based, I mean accepting only what we see, hear, touch, etc., as real. The evidence of higher-dimensional beings wouldn’t be accepted.

That may end in the near future, depending on what the EAS (was EBS) reveals. (2) But without the input of the higher-dimensional beings, I wonder how far we’ll get with the really thorny problems.

So there’ll have to be an initial widening of human vision, so to speak, to take into account the larger reality. Imagine if we cannot acknowledge the existence of the archangel embodying this planet: Her name is Gaia. I’m not sure such an enterprise would interest me, quite frankly.

One of the difficulties in discussing climate change is that both sides are right and … not. There is climate change. Some species will become extinct and relocate elsewhere. (3) There will be storms and earthquakes and they won’t be attributable to HAARP; they’ll be Gaia shedding the negativity we’ve caused her.

But they’re not due to rising CO2 levels. They’re not a catastrophe. Humans are only one contributor; the major contributor is the Sun.
For more, here are the terrestrial and extraterrestrial ascended masters and celestials – the Company of Heaven – offering what they see as the truth about climate change.


(1)  The network of organizations seeking to rule the world goes by many names – the  New World Order, the deep state, the cabal, the Illuminati, etc.
(2) The Emergency Broadcasting System has become the Emergency Alert System, under control now of the Alliance.
(3) Some empiricists may have difficulty accepting life after death and reincarnation.

A one-minute rebuttal of climate change activism by Randall Carson:

Download The Truth about Climate Change here: