Judith Kusel: The Seeming Real is Illusionary


Judith Kusel - http://www.judithkusel.com

Immense powerful energy is being released from Lyra and Sirius, and the new Earth web of light, and crystalline energy grids are pulsating with 5th to 7th dimensional telluric energy, with the new spine of the earth, the reactivated crystal pyramids, the arks and sun discs released.

We are in for dramatic changes on all fronts now, as all is being lifted into the higher dimensional state.

Stay centered in the heart center and unconditional love.

We are being supported and helped through these immense changes, by the company of heavens who are Divinely directed.

Look past the seeming visible and seeming obvious into the invisible, for the seeming real, is illusionary.

Here is South Africa we are being immensely challenged with extended power cuts, as the old power stations are collapsing.

There is an immense opportunity now to get off the grid, and to start utilizing the earth’s natural telluric fields, as Tesla knew about, and was busy reinventing.

The energy fields are already activated. It is now up for the brilliance of the engineer Lightworkers to start using their soul genius in cocreative ways.

We are a pioneering people.

Nothing is impossible.

Where there is a will, there is a way and that way is to get off the old power supplies and into the new, wholelisted way of life, in the new earth.

We are asked to rise into the fullness and truth of who and what we in truth are, and utilize our innate soul genius and powers in the highest and best ways, for the highest good of all concerned.

Ego has no place in the New Golden Age.