Divine Mother: This is Personal

By Jennifer Crokaert on September 22, 2022

My beloved Children, consider this: there is a storm raging on your planet. There are many people saying they know this or that, they have the truth. At best, they have a partial insight. Don’t get caught up in the drama, in being ‘right’, because ultimately that is about ‘power over’, and that model of human relations is what you came here to dissolve.

Come from inside. Come from your heart, your compassion, your love and your willingness to assist, to share your journey if it helps someone else. This is personal. All that you see play out on the global stage reflects the personal constrictions you came here to heal.

Where you are caught in the external drama is where you are caught internally.

Welcome it. Embrace it. Love it.

Love yourself even more for discovering more healing, compassion and forgiveness you can offer yourself and the collective. You are in this together: a team. Each member of the team has their own strengths and their own challenges to embrace, in order to create internal spaciousness and healing within the collective.

When you are exhausted, you have gone too far. Don’t exhuast yourself. You are too precious to me to be worked so hard physically, mentally, emotionally or psyically.

You have not known infinite tenderness in this lifetime, but it’s what I offer you, it’s where you are going.

When you are flagging, when you know you need to recharge, come to me. Imagine my arms around you, comforting you, softening your mind, your muscles, your heart… Imagine a cocoon of blue love wrapped around you, the softest touch, a gentle relaxing scent, soothing colours… Be nourished within by me, for no one will ever love you as I do, and the gifts I bestow on you are the perfect gifts for your expansion in this lifetime. You can embrace them and work with them, or you fight them and increase their energetic impact on you.

As you embrace your life, all of it – the best bits, the worst bits, the bits you want to change, eject … evicerate! – consider how every tiny aspect of your life is part of the perfection of You. Your higher self chose to come here for this mission, this now moment. You are fed up of hearing it, yet it doesn’t take from the truth of it. What can get overlooked is that you can make this easier or harder, depending on where you place your focus: internal peace, trust in the unfolding of every detail of your life, knowingness that you are precious.

Or you could chose to see yourself as a victim, never getting a break, ‘the world against you’, as you are thrown about by an uncaring divine power that ignores your pain. That is programming, dare to let it go! Dare to trust the inner knowingness that you are loved and special, a soul of incomprable beauty, love and power.

You are majestic. You are of the lineage that chose to bare witness to the light, to be the light and you are irredescent. I see You. I honour You.

Allow yourself to honour yourself as I honour you.

Copyright © 2022 Jennifer Crokaert