Is This 9/11 Critical?

September 9, 2022 by Steve Beckow

The time between now and 9/11 is shaping up to be critical.

The Queen’s death has been announced, which I understand is a marker for the ending of many dark connections and contracts.

The leadership of NATO is rumored to have been fired. Mass arrests are alleged to have begun in earnest.  The Supreme Court is said to have declared the 2020 election invalid using shadow documents. (1)

Enter the memorial day for the victims of 9/11, the very day on which a global abundance plan (NESARA) was to be announced in Sept. 2001.  The day on which many thousands died at the hands of their own government.

For some that day is sacred. For others it’s a huge trigger. For everyone it means something.

The attack was actually designed to see that NESARA was never announced. The same global elite that you see now in the World Economic Forum was, I believe, behind the attack. Some are said to have been already tried and executed for their part in it.

Now we approach the anniversary of that attack; we are close to declaring NESARA again (now G/NESARA); and the Queen is announced to have died.

Why not tie up loose ends – Start the emergency broadcasts on Sept. 11 and announce G/NESARA (2) and the global reset.

What a way to lend a note of drama to the chaos that already exists – the white hats declaring NESARA on the very day the black hats blew up the World Trade Center to stop them 21 years ago.

If they don’t use that date to the fullest, I’ll rub my eyes in disbelief.

I learned from the convoy experience that I can’t follow a flood of information. It’ll knock me over.

I’m confining myself to Telegram and channeled messages until Oct. 12, when normal life will resume.


Just to contextualize this. Very large events are happening on Planet Earth to remove the influence of the dark. The ending of darkness so that Ascension can occur is an integral part of the Divine Plan for Gaia and the universe. Its success is guaranteed.

What we’re trying to see is that it happens with the lowest possible level of violence and killing.

The Ascension of Planet Earth is a seed event in the universe. It sees humanity ascend while still alive in the physical body and it’s open to everyone who has the quotient of light that allows them to tolerate the higher consciousness setting.

Previously only individuals could asdcend and then only after the death of the physical body. Now all that is changing.

A new area of the Mother’s domain of matter is being created as an eventual home for the entire cosmos under new house rules. The eyes of countless civilizations are focused on Gaia right now.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth.

I feel like saying: Do not adjust your set. The trouble is only temporary. But the trouble is serious and may go on for a while.

I’d rather say: Stay safe. The work is being handled by specially-trained personnel. Our contribution to them may often be just staying out of their way.

It’s not destined that the dark Ones rule the Earth. It’s destined that the people rule. And, behind and over this veil of tears and illusion, that Mother/Father God rules.

For the rest, send loving thoughts to everyone on Planet Earth at this time. All are God’s children. All will wake up and make it safely Home eventually.

(1) In this instance, a shadow docket refers to a case heard in emergency circumstances where not all the documents are made available.
(2) Global NESARA.