All Answers lie within the Heart

Many of us who are newly awakening are feeling lost and confused as we are having difficulty navigating the path of spirituality with our logical mind. The logical mind is completely useless when it comes to comprehending esoteric knowledge. In the new paradigm, it is becoming vital for us to learn how to navigate from our heart. The heart's mind is the greater mind and our logical mind that operates from our brain is the lesser mind. When we were first created and had all of our faculties online, we had the ability to navigate seamlessly from our heart space. The logical mind was understood to be a tool that is only supposed to be used for logical reasoning and number crunching. However, after our fall in consciousness 13,000 years ago, we lost touch with our heart which is our feminine aspect and our masculine aspect (the logical mind) has since then completely dominated our cultures and society.

Now that we are beginning to rise in consciousness again, we are remembering the lost truths and it is becoming extremely vital for us to understand how to work with the heart. Unless we master this very important lesson, all of our efforts in pursuing spiritual knowledge will be met with roadblocks and frustration. But how can we logically impart the knowledge that teaches you to operate from the heart? It is impossible to do so. Because the heart does not compute logic, the heart is poetic - the heart feels and the heart sings. You cannot reason with the heart. The heart's wisdom knows clearly the path of truth and wisdom. If you begin to tune in to your heart's vibration, you will never be misguided. The heart is a quantum computing machine, it understands complex scenarios that aren't black and white, it understands all the shades of grey. The heart is the Ascended Master or the Guru within you. It understands that what's true for you may not be true for another and the truth that resonates with each individual is equally valid even if the opposite perspectives contradict each other. The heart does not judge or condemn, it simply witnesses in all its infinite wisdom.

The heart is a sage, it is completely pure and unscathed from the scars of past hurts. The burdens that we carry in our heart cause us to become disconnected from our hearts' wisdom and we end up carrying many lifetimes of pain in our hearts. That is why it is paramount that we focus on healing our hurts through forgiveness. When you forgive it is as if you are instantly dropping a weight that you carry. With each forgiveness you offer from the depth of your heart, you open up a new pathway towards your heart's mind. With each wound that is healed by the power of love, you remove another layer of dust that is clogging your heart. The heart's vibration is so powerful in its fully activated state that it can physically light up a dark room. Such miracles have been witnessed.

One must also learn how to quieten the chatter of the mind to allow yourself to fall into the heart's wisdom. And this is easier said than done. It takes much practice and persistence to quiet the mind. Conscious breathing is one of the quickest paths to quieten the mind. You will notice that you can never consciously breathe and simultaneously have an overactive mind. So when you feel like your mind is beginning to overpower you or your thoughts are running astray, just place your hand on your heart and return to your breath. Initially, you will feel brief moments of clarity, but over time these moments of peace and stillness will expand into longer periods of time. And one day the silence will anchor into your being and clarity will begin to dawn upon you. It is that moment that many experience a euphoric state of nirvana known as spiritual awakening. It is nothing more than the awakening of the heart from its deep slumber. It is in that moment that you tune into the song of the universe that is infinitely playing like a beautiful symphony. And you dance and rejoice in the remembrance

All answers lie within the heart, it is only that you have forgotten how to access it.

Be well dear beloved. May your heart Guide you!

With Love,