Kryon ~ Accelerating Time

by Lee Carroll, August 21, 2022, via email

In the next years, your astronomers and your physicists may begin to put together the anomaly of relative time, and your part in it.

You are changing time in your area, but you have no other time frame to compare it to. Therefore, time appears to be the same, but at the cellular level, most of you are aware of the acceleration that is going on.

Although this may not make sense to you, there will come a time when science will look at the Universe around you and say that it is “slowing down.”

The reality is that you are speeding up! Watch for it. It has to do with the relativity of time, this planet, and what you have done. Some of you can already sense this and say, “Of course, time is speeding up. We can feel it!” Some of you wake up early in the morning with anxiety because your cells feel it.

You are absolutely right if you have wondered if time is accelerating.

Welcome to the beginning of a dimensionality that you did not have yesterday!


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via