We know the Divine Plan is in full motion as the Earth graduates into higher frequencies of light.
Many of us came here a while ago, some quite a long time ago, all with the purpose to raise light throughout Earth in preparation for a pre-planned major change, where the final cleansing of all lower 3D energies would take place that would allow the Earth and humanity (who chose it) to proceed to higher realms of Light.
We have seen the can of worms opening up in every aspect of 3D over these last few years, bringing all that was hidden to become known. It started with observations of top level corruption in every area of global society. It has gone on to expose that corruption and the people involved in it from way down in the core roots of each area. We are in that phase now. This flushes out everyone who does not have humanity's wellbeing in their heart. We needed to reach the corruption from its very pinnacle to way down to its lowest common denominator. The extensive exposure of society’s corrupt organizations, as well as the tactics they use, and all the people involved, will help everyone understand what has occurred on Earth. It will release their attachment to 3D dense realities, increase their mastery and raise vibration and offer great wisdom. In this way, we each gain a major understanding that will help us in the future as we move on through the universe. We will have learnt, among other things, to never again hand over responsibility for our lives to others, which has resulted in the creation of such dense energy.
We needed to expose the corruption and we have been doing that very successfully, passing information around even when it did not feel palpable, because we knew it was necessary to bring about the awakening of humanity and to transmute lower 3D realities. The information we ourselves took on board and processed has now passed into the collective consciousness and I thank everyone who took part in that work. It had to be done.  
I believe we are now in a phase of the Divine Plan that is flushing out what has taken place in the bottom echelons of corruption, e.g. janitor and court clerk compliance to dark plans. These are details that possibly don’t need to be generally passed on by us, as humanity has already received what it needs through etheric transference, giving a larger picture of corruption that sits in their subconscious ready to be individually triggered through realizations and awareness. That is happening now as more and more wake up.
I have mentioned moving more and more away from passing on exposure details of the corruption and dense stuff. While it needed to be done initially and took a while to achieve the processing sufficiently pass to humanity, it has been done. We were also aware that us having our attention on it did give energy to the dark side plans. It was a necessary side effect. We have always had instances where people reading of possible planned dark events have unwittingly agreed to it by by assuming it will happen. Hopefully, that ends and the light force will focus on light plans.
But I believe we have reached a point where we now need to focus on what we prefer for our new Earth and the great projects that are now looming to achieve this. Many more new ideas will come forth to create a happy and harmonious society. It is exciting. We also need to be placing more of our attention on our own personal vibration in preparation for moving on or returning home - via the banquet, eh! There are many lightworkers already at the banquet and they are having fun and probably glad to be out of the unravelling going on down here!
There are many thousands of things being revealed every day. There is so much happening it is hard to keep up with it and maybe we don’t need to. We know it’s happening. The light is in control of Earth and the last pockets of cabal are being routed out and handled. This may take a while as within that is another important goal which is the awakening of humanity. Many things appear a certain way, but are not that way at all. There is a lot of light in play as the universe helps in the awakening needed. We need faith, trust, intuition and knowing and when we use these gifts, we can clearly feel the amazing force of light flooding Earth.

Many of us now wish to focus on the new way forward and leave the reveal of further details of dark areas to be uncovered by the newly awakened who will feel an urge to keep on with the exposure of that information. The result being it will continue to get passed on to other newly awakened people.
It is time our energy moved over to a focus on the Divine Light Plan and the beauty of what is to come – as we together co-create a heaven on Earth.
We are in a new time frame and each person needs to tune in and see where they wish to focus now. This unravelling of 3D could go on for quite a while, or of course could also end rapidly. None of that matters. We need to be in a space of allowing Divine Order to unfold in its right time. This is the natural flow of the Universe that sees all aspects involved in the higher picture.  
I hope everyone can leave behind the serious aspects that have crept into life and start to enjoy it all as we strongly put our focus on a reality we prefer.
We really have got this. We came here with an amazing plan fully supported by higher realms and agreements with many light planetary systems, all intent on raising Earths frequency. And what a great job we are all doing.
Much love to everyone on this great journey.
Sandy Stevenson
12th August 2022