Judith Kusel: The Age of Love has Begun


Judith Kusel - http://www.judithkusel.com

The Divine Feminine is making her presence felt, with the Universal Core, and this means that there is a huge forward thrust now, as we are being pulled ever deeper into Infinite Space, as we resume our Universal and Intergalactic rightful place again.

Heart-centered living is returning, where we do what we love, and love what we are doing, and work together within communities of like-minded souls, for the greater good of all. All our unique gifts and talents, and our loving contributions, will be towards co-creating the New Golden Age with love. No-one more than the other, but as equals.

We will go back to cocreating loving and supportive communities, where we will collectively work together, and no where is this going to be more relevant than in the education systems, where there will be no more than seven children assigned to an inspired teacher, who nurtures their innate genius from the start, after each of the children, had soul readings done at birth. The teaching will bring out the best in these children, as individual attention returns and in loving, beautiful and nurturing environments. The whole old education systems will simply collapse as they are archaic and serve no longer.

We are returning to the Universities of Light, where each soul will be able to tap into their own soul knowledge, and records, and will then be guided to reach their full potential, each one according to their own inherent genius. Thus no more certificates, and titles, but rather initiations, to see if the soul is mature enough to handle such information, knows how to love to apply this knowledge in co-creative ways, for the highest and best and for the highest good of all.

More than this, we are returning to free power, as the telluric natural energy fields of the earth and that of the Universe is utilized, organic craft, which are amphibious and can be used on earth, in the oceans, and in space. These will be conscious craft and will only respond to those whose soul imprint are programmed into the craft, for the craft are conscious entities.

More than this, there will be no governmental or controlling systems. There will be counsels, which consists of Wise Elders and who are not only wise, but loving and have the ability to Foresee what is necessary for the Greater Whole, and thus will be the Seers, the Visionaries, Men and Women, who are loved, respected and trusted by all. They, in turn will represent the new humanity on the Intergalactic Counsels and the Intergalactic Federation.

We will go back to the organic farming, which will consist around communities, supplying them with fresh vegetables and fruit, pesticide and GMO free and the whole community will share responsibility for the general well being of all.

Our homes will blend with mother earth as huge cities are outdated and our abodes will incorporate the bounty of Mother Earth as we have forested and vibrant life in and around us, and thus deeply connected to Mother Earth and great love and respect for all within her and upon her as we live AS ONE.

There will be no hospitals, and medical institutions, as we will return to vibrant health and vitality and longevity. There will be energy healers, and those who work with medicinal plants, who will be able to enhance the vitality and vital life force, and prana, and who will use liquid crystal tubes for revitalizing, when it is needed. These will be souls who genuinely love what they are doing, and will work towards the greater good and they will thus find new ways of assisting humanity vital life forces, as they apply space technology, which they will gain via the Universities of Light, and the High Counsels of Sirius, as the Intergalactic Medical Teams are Stationed in Sirius.
We will work with the animal kingdom, plant, tree, mineral and all kingdoms on earth and communicate telepathically with them.

There will be no killing of animals, as start to respect all of life, and thus we will also not strip the earth of minerals, nor will harmful chemicals be used and pollution will be of the past.

The split between the Old Earth and New will be felt increasingly as those already ascending into the 5D, will be able to live in multi-dimensionality and will be able to see, to communicate and to access, what those in the 3D cannot do, because of their density.

Indeed, we will not even need to travel by air any longer, as we can easily access remote areas globally, and work there without needing to get our physical bodies there. Bilocation, teleportation, telepathy will be the new ways to communicate, and cellphones etc. will be of the past. Everyone will be able to tune into energy and energy fields which store information Universally and thus download this instantly, in their One Single Eye.

Thus, know that as from today, everything will accelerate. Time is no more. Your third eyes will now access information it could not access before, and you will find yourself experiencing multidimensionality more.
Indeed we can now interact with the Intergalactic Brothers and Sisters, easily and we do not need their space craft to land, we can simply, via our own soul access what we need to access and be where we need to be.

This applies to loving relationships as well, as many will be reunited with the true Divine Complement, who are living Intergalactically and walk with them on Earth again, as well as cosmically.

We are reclaiming our Universal and Intergalactic Citizenship with love and joy, pure intent and from henceforth in the New Earth, co-creating the New Earth, with great love.

What a time of transfiguration and what a blessing and gift of Divine Love this is!

The Age of Love has begun!