Judith Kusel: Enlightenment


En-lighten-ment literally means to be lit up from deep within. It means being see-through, translucent, as there is no-thing to hide anymore. One walks one’s talk, one lives one’s truth, and one lives life from the heart of Love, fully embracing Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Power, Divine Wisdom. One is ONE with all and everything and everyone!

One lives life from the depths of the sacred heart, filled with unconditional love for self and others, and thus deeply connected to your own soul, soul group, and the Divine Source.

The more we shed our old personas, our old acting roles, our pretense, the masks, the ego, the incessant chatter of our minds, and move into the place of stillness, peace, love and ATONENESS with the Divine and all and everything and everyone, the more see-through we become!

Within every word, here, lie the seeds of truth.

I was shown this morning, about how we now need to live our inner truth, with confidence – even if we do not always see where all of this is leading, in every given moment. With every single step we take, the greater unfolding of our soul’s journey at this momentous time, will take us ever, and yet deeper into the unknown, the uncharted, the unexplored of the New Earth.

When we have implicit trust in the perfect unfolding of the Divine Masterplan, and more than this follow our intuitive guidance, our inner Seeing, Hearing, Knowing, and shut out the all the noise, the clamor of those who are still choosing the old existence in the Old Earth, new doors are opening and will open, as we are ready to step through them!

We are never given more than we can handle, and if we need help, we just need to ask. Yet, remember, if there are lessons in soul mastery, that you finally need to master, you will be asked to dig ever deeper into your own inner reserves, and trust your inner guidance and knowing, no matter what.

The company of heaven cannot pass your own soul tests and initiations for you, and so can no other soul on earth. Initiations test the mettle of the soul, and like the rock which is put into extreme heat, molten and within the liquid, emerges the finest molten gold!

I am constantly being shown the seed, which needs to die unto itself – yet in truth it is not dying, for new life is sprouting forth. If the seed refuses to die, new life cannot sprout forth!

The more initiations are passed, the lighter we become. The less attached we are to all and everything and everyone. One can love deeply and profoundly, without the need to own anyone, or cling onto anything or anyone. A master is not attached – a master is free and allows all others to be free and simply themselves!

More than this: We do not need the stamp of approval of anyone. We do not need the applause, nor validations any longer. We simply stand in the truth of who and what we in truth are, and thus we are free to fly ever higher and higher as we ascend more and more into the 5th and already some are ascending into the 7th.

There are many octaves of spirals in the Spirals of Omni-present life, the many tiers of Creation!

Thus there are many degrees of highest Mastery, planetary, galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, etc. The soul indeed in its infinity chooses to master it all.

What a gift of Divine Love – the eternal journey and existence of the Soul!

Your soul is immortal.

And infinitely One with the Divine Source, from whom we sprouted forth!

In the coming weeks and months, remember this!