Judith Kusel: Strength of Lions


by Judith Kusel

This earth cannot and will not ever be the same again, and neither can you.

The old is disintegrating rapidly now, as all is broken open.

The New Earth and New Golden Age is making its presence felt in intense and immensely powerful ways, and busy anchoring in the new, vibrant lifeforce within all of us, and all life in and upon earth. I always see this as the New Earth now totally enfolding the Old Earth, and as the dimensional shift happens, the Old breaks up and disintegrates.

I was resting the whole weekend as I was told to do, and then last night in my multi-dimensional state, was taken to Sirius, where I met with the Royal Christ Lions, who are busy assisting with the full integration of the Feminine Divine Power, strenght, courage, and higher Love, and mastery, for the transfiguration into the New Earth.

I cannot even find words to describe what happened next, but I was told that the Lion Kingdom is rising again, and with it Mastery and Love in the highest degrees.

The Lion People once brought New Civilization and New Life and their knowledge to planet earth, in the aftermath of the Wars of Heavens. They are here now guiding us into a totally new life and new beginnings in the New Earth
We are in for dramatic changes on all levels now.

More than this, we will to feel the immense power being released on all levels now. It is not a masculine brute force power, but that of the Divine Feminine, filled with the Power of Love.

The Lioness of Judah has returned.

The sphinxes are fully activated and the crystal pyramid powers, as the Lion People rise to fore in our consciousness, as the New Golden Age rises into the fullness of its glory.

The roar of the Lions cannot be stilled.

It is rising in crescendo!