I think we are all now aware of the massive change occurring on Earth as the dark is transmuted to light. Millions of lies have been revealed that lay hidden behind other more acceptable formats. We can probably assume most of us had no idea of the depth and extensiveness of the dark force infiltration. Now we have enough detail to have a good overall understanding of both the light and dark plans. We don’t have all the details but nor do we need them. We can already see dark has permeated every crack and crevice of society around the globe, leaving nothing untouched. It has affected every aspect of our life and reality from our programmed schooling, the facade of Disneyland; child adoption agencies, orphanages and charities; the introduction of abortion and negation of life; the control by religious doctrine; the true intent of medicine, food and environmental agencies; inland revenue taxes; the manipulation of markets – housing, food, energy, government and financial; the fake side of celebrity; the control of all media; the various false organizations set up in every field such as the WEF and WHO; judicial Court systems; election voting and more, all run by secret societies whose goal was to depopulate the world from 7.8 billion to 500 million and change humanity to a world of artificial intelligence (AI). Many things previously so far beyond our comprehension, we have grasped and expanded in breadth of understanding to almost unimaginable levels, growing in wisdom, power, compassion and love for all life. We have advanced our own evolution into a far greater understanding of the higher picture that lies beyond the limited 3D world.  More and more of us have found that place of stillness that sits in a magical place between worlds that enables us to be part of both worlds, but to become more detached from lower world fabrications, drama and stories.  
We somehow grasped the information we received, integrated and accepted it, even the really tough stuff, because that is what we agreed to do. We are here to birth a planet into light and to achieve that goal we needed to uncover, process the shock and bring to a conscious understanding a reality we were mostly unaware existed. We did it. We absorbed and got through. After our initial impatience for truth to be revealed, we slowly began to grasp the overall picture had a divine timing and there was a sequence to be followed if we were to succeed in our divine goal to bring darkness into full light. We began to understand on a soul level that certain steps could not be skipped or hurried. We may not perhaps have realised that by us facing what we heard and moving through our shock, emotions and judgements, coming to a place of acceptance and understanding that a world we had accepted as real was fake, would ultimately assist all humanity. That is what has been happening. We have passed our processed knowledge out on a soul level through the entire human collective consciousness. A 100 monkey syndrome –‘where when one gets it, they all get it.’ Sometimes this is dismissed as just an idea, but it is fact. That is what happens.
 We saw the lies of the world and that all was not as we believed it to be. We decided if it was not truth, there was no point holding onto it. We began to detach, not just from dark information but from everything; people, places, things, patterns, identities, thoughts, considerations, limitations, all things we had accepted without question through life. We even began to let go of our judgements of those involved in crimes against humanity. For those still struggling with that one, I suggest you read my article entitled ‘Judgements Affect the Consciousness of Earth’. It may offer a clearer picture.
There are still lightworkers who haven’t understood how vital it was to reveal and network this information, perhaps because their role was simply to hold the balance of light while this was going on and they dismissed anything else as being needed. It was not the easiest task, but so important that it was undertaken by many. Many lightworkers who stepped up to do this would not previously have contemplated passing on negative information, but somehow knew this had to be. Those who were meant to do it felt strongly and intuitively that no matter how initially difficult, how unpleasant, how much we wished we didn’t need to do it, no matter some friends would not understand – we knew intuitively it was a vital part of the sequence that would restore humanity to light. Humanity needed access to the truth. Without that knowledge, nothing could take them to higher levels. Nothing else was able to dissolve all the internalised stuck dense energy created and compacted by lies in every contaminated field on Earth. You don’t create a wise person simply by flooding them with light. They need to know for themselves. In order to resolve lies, only truth allows misqualified dense energy to dissipate and dissolve. Without humanity realizing they had agreed to a deceptively presented false reality, they could not release dense energy that would prevent evolution. They would not gain the wisdom needed for their future advancement, both on Earth and other worlds.
I think we have reached a new phase. It is all rolling now. The big guns are out with sweeping changes that will sit side by side with rising people power. There will still be chaos as many people still need to awaken and the process must continue to achieve that. As people experience something that touches their own life, awakening begins. That will vary is volume and detail. We see Sri Lanka today, pushed to its limit, just took their entire country back and did so without millions of people having guns such as in America. They just did it anyway. They stormed the palace and central bank and took back their life. Now they will find their way forward. They have just announced a new ALL party government will be formed. How wonderful. And the Dutch are in the process of restoring the Netherlands.
It will all continue for as long as needed. I think it is good for us to reach a place of accepting the process, making sure we don’t add our energy to any negative or dark force predictions. That would be a misuse of the power we have been endowed with by the creator. Often without thinking, we can inadvertently support something we do not prefer such as ‘there is going to be torrential rain and flooding’ or ‘we are due for ‘the hottest summer ever’ or ‘5G is being switched on’ or ‘negative energy is about to be unleashed on us’ or ‘there will be a nuclear explosion’ or basically any negative statement being bandies around, by both sides, to either create fear or in the case of the light, to help awaken.
We really, really need to get this point. Every time we agree that something negative is going to happen or we repeat a negative statement as a FACT, we are literally saying ‘I agree this is what will happen and I am choosing to add my power and energy to that idea’. That’s not a maybe. We are really choosing it! Without any doubt, in both thought and energy, we are stating our preferred 3D timeline of events.
The faster we can personally move into a space of trusting the entire process and our role in it – which is always shown to us intuitively – the easier we can transition the release of 3D attachments we have. One thing that really helps is to trust ourselves. Do we honestly think we would have come here for a detrimental result? No, we came on a certainty. This has been planned on multi dimensional levels since Atlantis, to coincide with the completion of a major 26,000 year cycle ending, which allows a new evolutionary movement to permeate the entire solar system.
The information we have now processed has been transferred energetically to the human collective consciousness and awaits people to have experiences that will awaken them. People have had to see for themselves the reality of the dark side agenda. With all the brainwashing from media and environmental issues, simply being told of an event was not going to work, and there is a resistance to looking. I guess we’ve all been surprised to see things ignored that were blatantly obvious to us.
There are still areas to uncover and it will go on, but we have done the bulk of the reveal now, sufficient to ensure humanity will not now release a large amount of negativity into the Earth from the shock of their discoveries. We have processed it all on their behalf to avoid that happening. That was essential. For those of us needing more detail, that will continue to be easily accessed in places like Telegram. Much of it has been said before. We have done this part of our job. Everything is in full swing globally. The awakened are moving beyond the drama and don’t need the 3D storyline anymore. We have laid in a solid groundwork to carry people through whatever is left to play out; no matter the extent needed to awaken people.
For myself, I think it is time now to focus more on our future and how people are helping to create the wonderful, unfolding LIGHT plan. More along the lines of lighter vibrational or fun stuff and maybe news of major good things showing the progress of the light; things that may initially appear negative but are great stepping stones to the future  that ‘We, the people’ are creating. Some examples ahead.
Time for us all to be at peace. Great things are happening and the movement forward is accelerating. Many signs are in play in all areas around the world. Some key good decisions were made recently by US Supreme Court; the fall of Boris Johnson and the UK cabinet change; abortion ruled illegal in USA; 2 or 3 US states have said the 2020 election was illegal; Australia just dropped all jab requirements for overseas return travel for Aussies and everyone; Trump’s lovely new plane has been revealed and there is even a new fountain at the White house in the shape of Q!! The Georgia Guidestones, which are granite tablets inscribed with the New World Order goals, has been detonated and consequently demolished on George Bush's birthday this week. Someone mentioned it was a poor detonation as it only brought down one tower and the remaining towers had to be manually removed as the structure was then declared unsafe. Just pointing out that this precise degree of detonation then offered a choice by people to remove the remaining towers or not. A decision specifically and rightly placed into the hands of the people.
Surrender to the flow. Trust everything. We really do have this whole thing in hand. Despite what you may see come up, no matter how it ‘seems’, stay clear of agreeing or judging it. Earth sits under the control of light, playing out only what is needed for as long as needed to take humanity to a new place of wisdom. What humanity will learn from this experience will assist the releasing, comprehension, growth and wisdom of what occurs when you hand over responsibility and power to others, and it will sustain them for all eternity.
Archangel Michael holds up his mighty sword, Excalibur – the magical sword of King Arthur, now held high in acknowledgement of the mighty Legionnaires on Earth who gave their all and have created a 180 degree turn, not only for Earth but surrounding planetary systems, all to be born into full light.
Lots of love,
Sandy Stevenson
10th July 2022