Judith Kusel: The New Golden Age

by Judith Kusel

I have done thousands of Soul Readings since 2012, when I was first called to do them, with great love, and what I have found, and what I find so fascinating, is that every soul is unique and every soul has been created by the Divine with their own specialized field of expertise, attributes, gifts and talents, which incorporate the soul’s mission and purpose while here on earth.

Every soul has inherent genius.

In the Old Earth, after the Fall of Atlantis, the Veils of Amnesia came down and thus most souls, forgot the truth of who and what they in truth are!

When we remember the truth of who and what we in truth are: – we cannot shrink ourselves any longer. We have remembrance now, and thus, we realize that we have a soul mission, a special soul assignment to which we agreed in our soul contracts before incarnation, to fulfill.

This is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. This is what will keep us going when the going gets tough. It will be our shining Beacon of Light, which will help us to persevere against all odds, always with the end goal in mind.

As we ascend, the soul’s attributes shine through more and more. We start living our authentic truth and we are not bothered any longer by what other people do, think, or how they behave or prefer to live.

We simply follow our own inner soul songs, and walk the beat of our own inner soul music as visionaries, as prophets, as the far seeing, for we know where are going. We simply keep disciplined and focused on fulfilling our mission – no matter what, with great love and devotion.

The Calling, the Purpose, the fulfillment of mission, is greater than the sum of everyone and everything else!

As we do this, we start to radiate forth and the higher our own vibration frequencies, and more authentic, pure, we become as Masters, living and walking our talk and our truth, the more we start attracting like-minded souls, soul companions of the highest caliber into our lives and thus will start to co-create the New Golden Age together and the new communities of souls, who all share one single unified vision, one single unified soul mission, which end result is always unity consciousness, AS ONE.

Every unique soul with its own unique attributes and mission, perfectly fitting into one single whole and thus working together in unison, and thus the New is being born and created.

For us now, stepping into the New Golden Age, is like stepping totally into the unknown and as yet unexplored. Yet, within our soul we have all the knowledge, the genius, the love and devotion, the visions, the concepts, creative energy force to co-create something extraordinary together.

When I start getting down, (as we all do at times) and when challenges come, I always go back to my own soul, why it is here and what it has come to do and be, and then bring myself back into highest alignment with the Divine Will for my life and thus the Divine Will and my Will as ONE.

When this happens everything immediately lifts. I can see clearly again, and then I focus on what I do wish to create in the New Golden Age, what I do wish to bring into form and being with great love. More than this, I focus on what brings me joy, on the beauty of life all around me, on the goodness, the blessings that already have and become grateful. Once one becomes grateful for all the everything, everything else shifts.

Before we incarnated we were given the framework of what would happen as the Old Earth disintegrates and New Earth would be born, as happened on the 5 July 2020, and the New Golden Age birthed on the 22 February 2022. Yet even our higher guides could only say that no one truly knew how this would manifest into form and being, as all was still in a state of immense flux.

Yet the end result was always firmly known, and that was that in the New Earth, the unity consciousness would be returned, and that the Earth would return to the seventh dimensional state she originally was created to be in.

It was known that the New Golden Age, would be the greatest this seventh human race (the new humans in new Lightbody forms) has ever created! How much we have to look forward too, to help to lovingly co-create and more than this to lovingly live!

There is no higher calling at this time, than to allow yourself to be transfigured more and more as we step fully into the New Lightbody and the New Golden Age, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, ever forward and onwards into the Unknown, the Unexplored, the Unchartered, with joy, ease, power, abundance and glory!

What a blessing!
What an opportunity!
What joy!
What Love!
What inspiration!