Ashian: Grounding These Energies

Jennifer: Greetings! Well, these are turbulent times where the energy appears to be rocketing around – for me at any rate – I wondered what you had to offer as wisdom in these surreal times where everything is changing and nothing is changing fast enough in other regards.

Ashian: Greetings indeed! We greet all who feel these vibrations in love and, most importantly, peace. Yes, there is great transformation afoot, there is a groundswell growing, and change will and must arise as an inevitablity. You are truly on the cusp. You will note, we did not say ‘soon’.

J: Smart: very smart!

A: That is because, in truth, you are in the firmament. You are in the Ascension. Most of you reading these words will feel the change in energies. Some of you will resonate more with the swirling vibrations of change, others will notice an increased feeling of anticipation and excitment, yet more of you will feel lost, ungrounded and foggy, and some of you will feel numb. Just as there are many colours in the rainbow, all of which are light, there are many vibrations of energy making up the Ascension.

Clearing out the old is the crucial step. One cannot refill any pot, if it is already full. Better yet: empty the pot and place it in the furance for recycling; then create a new pot, one that is sculpted from your own hands, created through your vision, care and love. You no longer need a pot someone else has created and told you you must use this.

Let your creativity flow. Let your pot reflect you. Let your life, your love, your home, your job… let every aspect of your life reflect the joy of who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have not had the time or even the inclination to discover who you are and what makes you sing in the shower: begin now. Own your own life NOW. Do something, any thing to express YOU in your life today.

You are a spark of the Divine in form. Express your your divine creative power. It can be as small as taking five mintues with a cup of tea, or tidying a single drawer, or it can be as big as researching an alternative career.

J: So, not to be too fussy, but how does this relate to The Change!?

A: You are the change, so Be the change. Every small creative, caring or loving act grounds the new timeline and stabilise the energies. Every small positive action gives the energies of change a creative focus, rather than allowing them run through you, not knowing how to express themselves, creating havoc. Doodle, sing, paint, stare at a wall, smile, offer a hand, shoulder, hug to someone, plant a seed, clean a river…

The knack is to ground these abstract energies in small, practical loving actions. That is alchemy; taking the potential energy and manifesting from it. That is Ascension, it is consciously creating your life, one step at a time, moving into the deeper, sacred spaces of your infinite heart in your own way, in your own time.

Claim this energy. Own the power to manifest it offers you. Own your Transformation on your Gaia. Own this Ascension.

You are assisting the Ascension by simply grounding the energy in small (or large!) actions that uplift you. Your joy then lifts the collective energy even higher: it’s a virtuous circle.

So to conclude…! Energy is infinite and creative. It’s now flooding your planet like never before. Own it by making it personal and doing something small to uplift yourself. Step by step, you will create all that you need, you will heal all that needs to be healed, and you will experience all that your Soul, your Higher Self, wished to experience before you incarnated.

J: So to balance the global topsy turvy, we go small, practical and personal?

A: We couldn’t have put it better! Perhaps next time, we will channel you!

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