Kryon ~ Your Soul is Magnificent!


by Lee Carroll, June 30, 2022, via email

I’m going to give you a truth now that is beyond anything that any doctrine on the planet ever gave you. Are you ready?

When things were void, and there was no universe, God created that which was the universe. So God created the galaxies, all the parts, and what an incredible amount of time it took.

When God created your sun and the Earth, in the Genesis area you read and think about — I want to tell you that YOU were there.

All of you were there, and you watched it. You saw the majesty of it, the beauty of it. You saw the Earth being molded for you. You knew that you would come into this place with a test of light and dark. You knew what you would go through.

More than that, you saw it going on all through the galaxies, including this one. Long before this Earth was ready for you, you were participating in that. Many of you have been on other planets and other areas.

How does that make you feel?

I want to tell you how big YOU are. YOU are enormous. I don’t mean your size but your lineage, history, beauty, and splendor.

Your Soul is magnificent, and so are YOU.

And so it is,

~ Kryon of Magnetic Service

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll on March 2, 2022, during Healing Wednesday.