Well, we are now getting some idea of why we came to Earth. I guess many knew we were here to transmute lots of dense energy and help Earth move to a new evolutionary position in 5D. We knew there would be a lot of dense energy but maybe had not realized just how deep and how global.  Perhaps most of us had not realised we were entering the greatest event in the solar system. People are fighting for tickets! Who would not want to see a planet plunged into the depths of deep corruption, do a 360 degree turn to a brilliant shimmering light in the universe.
It took a while for most to get beyond doubts of our success, but now we are seeing the higher picture of perfection play out, it makes for a more relaxed, fun life. Now we can stand back and enjoy the movie. We don’t need to get serious about any of it. That is the key to maintaining a high vibration. So, what do we do? We go about our daily life, doing whatever feels right in the moment, without getting attached or absorbed in any of it. Keep imagining Earth full of really happy people, living harmoniously sharing a new life. We have time to prepare for a new life ahead, whether that is preparing for a wonderful life in 5D, or heading home to our own dimension or planet. Heading home has been planned by the lightworkers who only came to Earth for this transition, some arriving recently, some many, many lifetimes ago. So, a lot of letting go is required now and that means letting go of everything in a 3D vibration. That is pretty much everything we can see and some things seen in a mirror reflection! The mirror of life reflects to us what has to go, e.g. many 3D identities and patterns we each hold. We are moving beyond being branded by our family roles. We can still be a mother, father, wife, husband, son or daughter, but not entrenched in the idea that is ‘who we are’. Time to go beyond all our various life roles, e.g. egos, beliefs, judgements and attachments and to detach from our work and positions we hold – academically or socially, our sport achievements, wealth, needs, long held patterns such as wanting to be liked, acknowledged and respected.
There has been some talk lately about a big solar flash event that would shift Earth into 5D. We know anything is possible. However, humanity is about free will and choice. So, the focus and goal now is very much on souls advancing via the choices they make and the understanding they obtain from that. The whole scenario is being played out on a public platform for that purpose. If such a flash event were to occur, it would need to be guided by Universal law and Free will and choice. That would mean something that can be easily experienced as energy toward the goal each individual had set for themselves. If someone has been working with light and raising their vibration, they would use such energy to move further toward 5D. If someone had been choosing a darker path and the soul had chosen to experience a 3D society along AI lines, then that energy would direct them gently into that frame. I don’t see any action being undertaken that would move us out of the framework of divine order and free will. That means it is unlikely for anything to occur that would force people to wake up and become enlightened. That would totally defeat the goal of self mastery. It would fail to produce a soul who had attained personal learning and wisdom from experience. As we know, experiencing is a key to most things we learn.
Of course, sudden major shifts can occur but may not be conducive to a continuation of the species. Previous sudden shifts such an axis tilt (not happening now) heralded an ice age. Scientists digging up remains, found undigested food in the animals obviously frozen instantly. Incidentally, even if there is a solar flash of some magnitude, it would not really be sudden because Earth is increasing its light vibration daily. Light is penetrating the entire planet constantly from many sources including solar flashes and higher dimensional activity. We may not necessarily notice the increase, because we are also receiving it. When our vibration matches our environment, it is hard to even tell what dimension we are in.
Perhaps there will be some type of solar flash event that fits with Universal Law and free will, but meanwhile we have a life to get on with. Hopefully, those who are now really awake can see we are in pretty exciting times, as we watch the demise of the dark side.
We have witnessed a gentle approach to awakening the population, step by step, so they are not overwhelmed by too big a shift in reality. They are being given time to grasp each new change of reality. That is the plan and that is what is happening. However, because all the information being internalized by the awakened light force has passed into the collective consciousness, the ability of people to accept a faster infusion of reality shift may well have increased dramatically. The individual would still have understood, accepted and chosen a new reality, at a pace they can handle. They would have gained personal wisdom and raised their own vibration accordingly.
So much amazing stuff is ahead of us. These events will happen over a period of time. Slowly all systems are being replaced. Psychic readers keep people informed with things they see happening in future but it is not always easy for them to tell where that fits into the linear time frame on Earth. So, we may be told of something likely to happen in a few days but doesn’t happen for a couple of years. Alternately, we may be told it will happen in 2028 and it happens tomorrow. On top of that we have the Light Alliance deliberately giving incorrect dates to throw off the other side. We just need to be in our mastery and our intuition. Something really important to understand is that even when the Light force takes over an area that does not mean everything changes immediately. It is good for us to think like a chess player and how we would achieve the end goal. To understand what is happening we have to get outside the box of 3D! Keep in mind, we need to wake people up and do it gently. As we have discovered, the truth is pretty shocking. We, who were the first to hear it and get our heads around it, were equipped for it. We came here to do this work and have some preservation against the brainwashing much of the populace have had. They have a hard time trying to grasp changes that require individual thinking. It’s easier then to follow the status quo.
The easiest and gentlest way to can wake people up is to slowly let truth come from sources they know and have been a part of their life such as Facebook, other social platforms, TV, newspapers, familiar presenters they trust. That doesn’t mean those people are trustworthy, but people think they are and that counts. So, when those people start telling them truth, it will be believed because it was said by someone who had entered their living room via TV for many years. I expect this will be one of the main routes chosen by the light. Rather than make obvious sweeping changes to the mainstream media, I expect replacements/doubles of these familiar people will help bring truth and change. Arrests are being made all over the place and trials are taking place in many locations. Journalists are present to observe and note all undertakings in the military courts, for future reveals. All recordings are done on analogue to show they have not been tampered with. Military courts are used for all acts of treason.
To change Facebook, Instagram, etc. over to a sudden totally different truth format would be too big a change. But what does work is to start easing off on censorship, so slowly it is barely noticeable unless you are looking. And many of us are looking - and we can see things that could not have been said 6 months ago are now passed. It is my understanding the light took over most social media months ago when it all went down for 6 hours world wide. Now Elon Musk is buying Twitter. People know business people buy organizations so it is an acceptable reality for them that this can happen and that changes are likely. That is all real and comfortable. What Elon Musk (the new Elon!) actually achieved by demanding access to files prior to purchase, was to show the true numbers of people on that platform, which revealed millions of fake and bot accounts. That applies to social media generally, full of fake figures. 
It is hard to know precisely how the new system will run but it seems the internet is being replaced with a new internet operated by Starlink satellites. It will be free for everyone. Starlink will also ultimately provide a constant supply of power. We will have free energy; combining water, air, tesla and magnetics. When all countries have signed up for the new system (many have done so, some to go) power for domestic and business will be free. Starlink will also run the entire QFS, which is the new Quantum Financial System backed by gold and precious metals, as it once was. Countries can still choose to run on the old system, but it will be different. It is expected that countries not yet signed up for the new system will find it does not serve them well financially when the rest of the world runs on the new system. We believe the new QFS is in place now and is running alongside the old system, slowly replacing it without any fanfare. It can then slip over to fully functioning in its right divine timing.
There seems little doubt that the new system will write off debts (mortgages, car loans, etc.) as they are all part of the old corrupt false inflated fiat system and therefore not in integrity and truth. Personal taxation will end. Taxation was introduced at different points in various countries, but happened in 1915 in Australia. As best as I can ascertain, it will be individual choice as to use crypto currency (backed by gold) or physical gold, silver and other precious metals as our cash form of currency. Yes, the new system will be closely monitored, but please relax. It is not control over individuals. It is not the cabal plan with their digital currency and AI control. It is the light plan. Free movement and free will remain with your transactions, but they are not going to let corruption continue or be recreated, so there will be some control initially to ensure it is all working in integrity. However, it is not being monitored with strings attached. With the exception of preventing such things as money for human trafficking, organ sales, drugs, etc. there won’t be controls as we see in Chinese communism. And we are only talking of a transition period anyway, until we are in a high level of 5D where all corruption is gone.  
I come across things that I feel might benefit from a short comment, to offer another view. As ever, everything we read or hear from anyone needs to be run by our own intuitive ability to ascertain the truth.
The talk of food shortages is encouraging communities to grow their own food. My local nursery sells seedlings and said they have never been so busy. Seed stock is being sold as fast as it comes in. We have to wean the majority of humanity off chemical food, so even media talk of it being made scarce, can promote self action.
Fuel increases encourage people to find new ways to operate and new sources of energy.
If a President and a government are proven to have obtained their position presidency illegally, then technically every action, law and executive order undertaken by them, becomes null and void.
We have heard murmurings that the Pope will resign. Obviously the (new) Queen will die at some stage, and it is thought this will happen after the Pope’s resigns. You know how the light force looks for signs. The queen wearing emerald green on the balcony at the recent Jubilee has been taken as GO green light, as in traffic lights.
You can use the term ‘I do not contract with you’ beyond just handling of police using common law, etc.  It can also be used to stop entities entering your space.
The whole Earth event is running on a gentle gradient. We are moving from 3D through varying stages to full transition. Consequently the timing of specific events is difficult to assess. But we can eliminate some guesswork by asking ourselves if a proposed idea would fit into the goal of providing a gentle awakening and not add large amounts of shock and negative energy into Earth. We obviously need to avoid too much dense energy release at once, as it would defeat the goal of raising light.
We have a sick society that has been deliberately engineered using environmental programming, food intake and medicinal drugs that often worsen conditions. So, it could be that prior to us reaching higher levels of 5D, humanity will realize hospitals and the medical profession are not the way to go. Hospitals are currently poorly staffed and many may close. That would assist to push people away from reliance on drugs and detrimental practices, toward a more natural holistic self healing. We understand there is a new energy healing referred to as med beds that will be available at some point to assist healing on all levels. As we don’t know when that will come about, meanwhile we can take healing into our own hands by using nature’s medicine and avoiding chemical solutions. We can also flood our own body and auric field with healing light and the vibration of love. Try it. Think of something that always brings you a feeling of love. Hold on to that feeling of love and focus it into any area of pain or discomfort in your body.
To my way of thinking, the Earth is not flat. But it doesn’t matter either way, because the idea it may not be as we thought help shift us further out of our fixed ideas and programming. Even to consider the possibility of anything being different helps we let go of 3D reality. It doesn’t matter in the end if it’s true or not. Unsticking from 3D reality assists us greatly in our ability to advance.
We know that humanity has been programmed to blindly believe what they are told. That programming has been through repetition of words, dumbing down through chemicals and keeping people so busy and overwhelmed paying their debts and taxes that it’s hard to find time to think about anything else much. However, a lot have managed to break free of that programming. Hopefully, they have realized even the best and most genuine, informed and trusted people can get things wrong. Discernment is and always has been a key to our advancement. It is one of the most vital points affecting us right now, especially for truthers with large followings. When they get impressed and dazzled when interviewing people who have abilities and gifts they think they don’t also have, discernment often goes out the window. We really all have to get beyond being gullible in every way; we have to stop ‘being impressed’!! Even the best people with good intentions can get some information wrong. The other key is for lightworkers to understand more the idea of being a creator and what that means. Over and over we see little room to recognise that Light has taken over many areas and things are not as they were. Putin, Musk and chemtrails come to mind as not being the same.
If we keep stating dark plans as definite happenings, guess who is creating them? It’s not them. It’s us! There is currently info going around (from us) that CERN is releasing a big detrimental programme on 5th July. This is simply forwarding on information without any sort of intuition being applied. Such action supports the dark force plan. Not once have I see anyone question it! No-one choosing to pass that on has even suggested it might not happen! Or even that it could already be cancelled out by the Light Alliance. The cabal must be delighted with our support of their plans without question.  We have to learn, and fast! We are extending the awakening period. In fact, the CERN programme has been totally voided by the light.
We’ve recently heard that AI (artificial intelligence) is extensive in our universe and been around for billions of years. Yes, some planets were involved with AI. It is, after all, an experience that offers learning. From my understanding, it has only been around only a few centuries. AI is not a negative particle in itself, and can therefore reach into some higher places if initially programmed with a high vibration. However, it can’t get into really high levels of frequency, as has been claimed recently. There was also talk of a future battle due in 1,000 years between humanity and AI. That future battle is already won. Humans are way more powerful than AI ever will be. Only one pocket in a higher level will play out to a final outcome, to be placed in the Universal records for access by all. Prime Creator can never be taken over.
From my understanding, a recent mention by someone (now quoted there are millions of starseeds. My understanding would be that is a reference to the fragments (parallel lives, etc.) of the actual 144,000 starseeds.
There is a definitely a new Elon Musk and Putin. Ignore what the old one has done previously.
It is time for us to focus on surrendering to Divine Order and allowing what must be, to bring about the greatness we desire for all life on Earth. There is a divine timing for everything, sequences that allows events to dovetail. Get beyond impatience and start to allow it to unfold in perfection. That is certainly what it has been doing up to now. Incredibly so. That is easily seen when you really study all events and link it together. It is fascinating, perfect, ingenious and so incredibly clever. We have achieved something that seemed virtually impossible to handle that was embedded in every sphere of society, in super fast time.
There remains no doubt we are heading for the most positive outcome on all dimensions as  Earth  now moves fully into her Ascension position. There is not the slightest chance anymore that any of the corruption and dense energy will remain on Earth as we shift every molecule into full light.
There is nothing more certain than we have already taken control. All that remains now is what we choose to remain – holding in place what is needed to help each soul experience for themselves a full understanding of cause and effect, to re-establish sovereignty and mastery. 
It was a huge undertaking to rid this planet of all that was holding humanity at ransom. The extent of that undertaking may not be fully known until we are in the higher realms and have the capability to see the broad picture of how deep and extensive the infiltration had been and really, how incredibly amazing we all are to have to have turned such seemingly irreversible dark plan on its head. It has been thwarted at every turn and only the last dying throes remain.
What is occurring here is helping the souls on Earth gain an unshakeable understanding, gained through experience that will take them way beyond their time on Earth, giving wisdom for the future on other planetary systems and galaxies. They will not forget the learning they gained on Earth and will never again allow anyone to gain a foothold that could lessen the light of their world.
With unconditional love,
Sandy Stevenson
1st July 2022