Why is the Alliance operation taking so long...?

June 22, 2022 - Excerpt from Starship Earth via Stargate Newsletter

While it may seem like the nation is lost and little has been done to prevent a repeat of the 2020 election crimes, the drama is all for the purpose of waking the snoozers.

There are nearly ten states tossing around the possibility of decertifying the election results and all it takes is one to officially do so and shazam! The election from coast to coast, border to border is declared unlawful and the Resident will be ousted. Not without fanfare, violence, media freak-outs and chaos, but hey---it has to be this way.

That brings me to my next point which I considered making yesterday but I do want to inject here.

Many people who understand what has happened to at least some degree appear to be very impatient, agitated, frustrated, possibly afraid, and maybe aren't grasping the reality of this liberation process under the control of the Earth Alliance.

Because there are two versions of world events unfolding, it can get confusing so allow me to clarify for the new folks, as I see our viewership increasing. If you read this blog every day or close to it, you understand that a major operation is underway to free our planet from the control of satanic forces who have been preying on Humanity for friggin' ever.

It is not only a physical war, it is even more a spiritual war but we can't "see" that part. We do see the physical manifestations of it, however. The US Military took responsibility initially for the cleanup of the horrific environs the predators used to traffic, torture, and consume Humans. Much of that physical effort to clean out the tunnels that permeate the planet miles below the surface worldwide and contain highways, power, highspeed rail, and cities, has been accomplished by the US military and in many cases the additional help of off-world assistance and other militaries who have allied with them.

When you see memes about "saviors of Mankind" it's not to be taken lightly. Had all the sentient Beings who are at the root of this liberation process not stepped up to do this, Humanity would have been eliminated eventually by these evil monsters. They have used advanced technology to invade our world, take over our thoughts, control our actions, lie, cheat, steal and conduct unscrupulous activities to surveil and deceive us on every level.

They will never relent or capitulate so there is nothing left for it but to physically and arduously remove them. That takes time and great care. The Earth Alliance spearheading this mission want to mitigate violence and bloodshed as much as possible. We have explained this many times and still there are people who are getting angry or throwing up their hands in disgust that public arrests of the biggest criminals are not yet on the cover of every newspaper or the lips of all the television anchors. I thought we had explained ad nauseam who these creatures are and what they are capable of.

In this humongous and complex Plan, the next part of the process was to alert those under the spell to the threat so they could protect themselves and prevent the criminals from continuing to use the system they created to take advantage of us. That is where the Q Military Intelligence operation came in. They began dropping clues and intriguing messages on Internet chat boards which got the attention of a few smart people and they began sharing them.

Soon "Q" had many followers across the world for their "breadcrumbs" and the anonymous patriots who dug deep to research the breadcrumbs were called "bakers". They made something complete out of the crumbs dropped. They became known as the Anons... and hence the misnomer "QAnon".

Over the course of several years, we learned a lot about what has been happening on this planet, and whodunnit. We also learned that elections had been stolen for decades and assassinations took place to ensure the regime retained their power. Opposition was not tolerated.

The cabal of psychopaths who have been running the lower levels of governments have bribed, blackmailed, or killed to stay in power, and they were allowed to take us to the brink so that the world could see for themselves what has been happening and how it's done.

Those of us who have been awake for ten years or more have been sounding the alarm and trying to tell people the bad news but we didn't reach many people AND large numbers were literally under a hypnotic spell cast by the controllers that we couldn't break through to them. We had to have help, and the military and their allies have been working diligently for years to remove the threats to our health and well being.

Since Q came along there have been two story lines put out. One is the truth; that the military or the "Patriots are in control". They know what the dark ones will do and they have devised a masterful Plan to literally save our race from these predators but we have to trust the plan. Based on what I have seen and heard for the past 5 years or more, I can see there has been a lot done to get control and eliminate the enemy.

I've seen it get ruthless on both sides. Lives have been lost for the cause. However, life is not what it seems because we have been lied to about everything and we don't understand what "death" is. All we see is this pathetic, dense, dark, sluggish, evil-infested fake reality that was created to keep us captives. The controllers want us godless and impotent while they worship and make Human sacrifices to their god, Satan.

There is another story line for the people who are yet asleep and go about their daily lives without realizing they are slaves, prey, captive, and like lemmings to the cliff and lambs to the slaughter because the enemy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The heinous crimes of these monsters are so vile, so violent, so disgusting that most of us can't accept that it's happening or on the scale that it is.

The masses don't understand that the people and institutions that we trust the most are full of people who are actually the enemy and perpetrate their crimes every day right in front of us and we say nothing.

That is the reason the Earth Alliance/White Hats have allowed the crimes and the carnage to continue. Those who don't understand what is happening and don't seem to care have to be presented with circumstances so severe, so dire, so evil and dangerous that they have to pay attention. They have to feel the fear of the threats against their very lives and those of their children.

Now you have to decide which side of the fence you are on. Are you awake or are you asleep?

If you're awake, then you know that everything is relatively under control, we are safe, and all we need to do is what we can to inform others and remove those who are taking advantage of their positions of influence and ensure that good, honest, ethical Humans replace them. In other words---expose the crimes and vote in the right people.

If you want to continue to sleep, then you are the victim of the all the threats the cabal is making to keep the masses, the lambs, in fear. You will be afraid of food shortages, dying of a scamdemic, having all your money and investments stolen from the banks, massive inflation and stock market crashes leading to a deep economic depression, World War 3, turning into a transhuman from vaccines, getting blasted by 5G and developing cancer, having gangs of thugs coming to your home to steal your emergency food stores that you put away, police coming to your door to confiscate your guns and ammo, being thrown into an internment camp if you refuse to go along with the totalitarian laws the New World Order is going to enact, refuse the mark of the beast and injected nanobots, etcetera, etcetera.

That's not going to happen folks. Not happening. The Patriots ARE in control and we need to TRUST THE PLAN. The scary stuff is for the normies. Just because you see an article or newscast about something doesn't mean it's true or happening.

We know what the Earth Alliance has done and is doing. We know that a whole new world is on our doorstep but we have to alert the masses and get their attention. They have to be shown what happens when you don't pay attention to what is going down in your country and you allow unsavoury characters to deceive you.

Now, having said all that I'm going to take the pulse of the crew to see what side of the fence we're on. One moment please.
Ah. As I suspected... false alarm. You're all awake and understand that the fear porn is the for the ones still in a trance who believe their media and don't question or do research of their own.

You know that a massive operation is underway---the scale of which cannot truly be comprehended by small, controlled minds such as ours, but we're making progress. We don't live where they told us we live. They concocted a story over time and reset populations; eradicating entire civilizations so they could eliminate the problems and start over with fresh Humans who would believe the new lies they would tell.

You know there will be a parting of the ways; that evil cannot co-exist in the higher realms where we are going. The Great Escape is all arranged. We're going HOME. Wherever that may be for us individually---we're going there.