Lies, Misinformation, False Constructs and Discernment

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This week, we answer a question sent in by a Light Bearer regarding which news articles and reports to take seriously, and which to disregard.

COR: My friends, a community member has written in about an article they read recently, that stated that two powerful countries have a plan to attack the United States, then occupy it.

There are so many articles and videos being released now that dwell on Armageddon-type scenarios of large-scale destruction. People are hungry for information, and it’s to know what information to trust.

Even the alternative media is too often controlled by corrupt sources.

In this time, humanity has the chance to focus the energies we are receiving from our Sun Sol and from the Great Central Sun, to shift the energetic vibration of the Earth and human life to a much higher level.

Yet after thousands of years of disempowerment, millions are looking for predictions about what is coming, as if they had no determining influence over Earth life.

Many of us feel that all in the heavenly realms are assisting us now, and that humanity has not been abandoned. Yet the misinformation continues.

What is your answer to those who see these kinds of articles or interviews, and wonder who or what to believe?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! We are very happy to have this moment to speak with you today.

This is indeed a great moment on your planet, and an unprecedented one, on all levels.

The very chemical / molecular makeup of Earth elements, including the human construct, are shifting so powerfully that you may have moments when you feel to be somewhere other than the Earth you have known for eons.

Some are reacting to these shifts and changes with feelings of great uncertainty, which is entirely understandable.

They then unconsciously follow the training humanity has been locked into for thousands of years, to look to those who proclaim themselves to be well-informed or authoritative, to try to grasp what is happening.

Even the darker predictions seem to support the idea that this person or that is well-informed, and that at least some information is attainable.

And indeed, some of it is, yet we would not look to most of your media “sources” to reveal such.

There is an entire construct, created long ago, to put forth forms of information that are in fact a lie.

They are created to misguide human thought and energies, and provide only energetic disruption and entrainment, a lowered vibration, and mental distraction.

You may correctly sense at times that some of those who speak from places of influence, including leadership positions, appear to be human, yet are not.

Their role is to spread confusion, fear, chaos, and dependence upon the old system of enslavement.

Misinformation tends to be built on forms of psychological and energetic manipulation, including provoking trauma responses.

Much media will therefore use a variety of means, including symbolism, violent images, certain tonal frequencies, and neural-linguistic programming, to promote their message to the masses.

Many of these messages bring up long-buried memories of the traumatic events of humanity’s past, including wars and other devastating events and circumstances.

These may not be consciously recalled by human beings, yet they nevertheless stir old fears, and feelings of a need for self-preservation.

These are orchestrated attempts to hold humanity in fear, so that the higher frequencies flowing to you now will have less or an effect, or a far slower effect, on the human spirit and heart-mind.

We would say, that these attempts, as loud and constant as they are, with entire film industries and other media behind them, are nevertheless failing to keep the human construct from evolving into the new Light being consciousness and the crystalline cellular structure.

They fail because that which is built on deception and density no longer holds the same influence and presence in human life that it held during the era of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction. 

Though you still see destruction occurring in some places on Earth, you also now see new forms of birth and rebirth occurring, as new constructs come forward.

New forms of energy and communication (including telepathy), new forms of healing and health awareness, the creation of conscious communities, increasing levels of spiritual growth—all this and more emerges now, as well as the understanding that you are not alone in this Universe.

We will speak briefly to the misinformation offered in the article you refer to, which is a part of an overall dark construct to keep human thought locked inside of sectarian separatism and duality.

As that time is at an end, even those who have been raised to live in constant suspicion of any culture that appears to be at odds with the West, are beginning to awaken.

They are becoming increasingly aware of the mental deceptions and energetic traps that have permeated the so-called free societies.

Hierarchies are a construct created long ago by those who benefitted from the use of advanced technologies—ones that appeared to be magical or Divine, to those whose planet they had invaded, or were ordered to govern.

Though you may feel that invasions from other planets and star systems occurred long ago, and have no bearing now on Earth life, we would say, there has been little interruption of certain forms of that influence for thousands of years—until now.

Now the higher Light flows forward, and the determination of human soul groups to move forward with Earth’s Ascension and liberation has broken through much of the old forms of mental and emotional manipulation.

Though not yet fully removed, you are now increasingly conscious of those manipulations, and how they are affecting you.

The assertion that one country could either annihilate or invade and occupy another can appear to be true outwardly, yet the greater truth lies in the soul determinations of those involved, whether they are in the role of aggressor or the role of defender.

What one chooses to experience in any one Earth life can be a complex undertaking.

It cannot be judged from without, though certainly, the experiment of duality that Earth and humanity took on eons ago has gone further in its extremes, and gone on longer, than could be called fruitful or positive.

We will say that it is not so that the United States will be destroyed, or overtaken by any new invader—that was decided some time ago.

Of course there are those who, in a last-ditch effort to entrain humanity to the duality of “good vs. bad” thoughts and beliefs, will spread the idea that such events are not only possible, but imminent.

In truth, this is an old story, not a new one.

The United States has long labored under the occupying forces of the old power structure, as has most Earth life.

That structure has managed to either destroy or enslave not only the nonwhite, but also the white residents of that continent, albeit in different ways, as they have on every continent.

Energetic entrainment can be a powerful form of enslavement, and that method has been carried out against the human race en masse for thousands of years, with only a few indigenous cultures, small and well-hidden amongst the natural environment, managing to escape that long reach.

Given that, you may see that the answer to humanity regaining its sovereignty and soul-based freedoms does not lie in any one political construct, as you know them.

This is one great reason why we speak often of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, which though passed into law, is not yet fully enacted.

NESARA is based on the precept that the principles of Divine Justice must be the baseline for all judicial and legislative constructs—all of Earth life.

It does not matter which country “believes” this or that, or that they have this army or this or that political construct, which clearly puts them in the category of “dangerous” and “aggressive” militarily or otherwise.

Any aware and conscious person in the United States or any country that has had its turn at being a “great empire,” will know that their own country has been judged by the world as dangerous and acquisitive, moving into others’ territories, destroying lives and properties at will, and stealing resources they judge to be valuable.

Human life has followed those paths for many centuries—should you only now notice this, and stress over it?

We would say, the best news source is your own higher mind, your own higher self and their powerful wisdom, and that which you command forth from Divine Wisdom itself.

Ask to be shown what is truly happening on the planet. The answer will amaze you, in beautiful ways.

The trees will tell you. The air, soil and water will tell you.

Your own heart-mind, if steeped in the peaceful practice of meditating on what is a fifth dimensional and higher reality, will reveal much to you.

Realize that whatever occurs on the Earth now—you have a powerful say in all of it!

Your energies, your intentions, your point of focus, whether mental/emotional or otherwise—all of it goes into the great pot that is stirred by the movement of stars and planets, and answers to the requirements of what you say is real, or not real!
What is it you would prefer to see upon the Earth now?

Release all ideas that proclaim you “don’t have a say” in what is happening, or that such things are “out of your hands.”

Perhaps, centuries ago we might have agreed—to an extent—as humanity still lived under a group agreement and within an astrological era that noted the destruction of the old forms, before the new ones had yet come into view.

Yet we would say, that is no longer so, friends!

This is your time to sweep aside all dire (and false) “predictions” from those seeking to influence your heart-mind to unwittingly support an old structure that is crumbling even as we speak.

It has lost its place of power and influence, and its wails of rage and desperation can be felt throughout the cosmos.

Yet do we weep for these, who chose such a dense and difficult road for themselves, and who now are welcomed into the path Light, if they will choose such?

We cannot weep for them, or for you, dear ones.

Neither of you is without choices, without determinations or agency in creating your path.

Most assuredly, complications in Earth life still exist.

Yet so does your own co-Creative power to determine your own group and individual experience—far more than you assume, and far more than any government or religions would want you to know.

These powerful persons you fear, these armies you feel impressed by—

They are false constructs, and you can erase their importance (and eventually, their presence) on your planet, the moment enough of you decide it is time for them to go.

And so we would say, tune in only to that which you find encouraging, positive, beautiful, and empowering now.

Your nations are not disappearing, nor giving way to some new invader.

You are busy throwing off the shackles of the ones you have suffered under, and who put out these misleading videos and articles, to teach you to live in fear, and dependence upon them!

You are the ones you have waited for, and you are here upon the Earth, fully arrived and ready to lead Earth life into the new era.

So announce NESARA as real, your Ascension path as real, your full empowerment as real.

If not now, dear ones—when?

Namaste, friends!

We are watching with you, in these days of great change, as the skies fill with your star families’ presence. Great change is afoot!

And we are with you, always.