Saint Germain: Momentum of Truth Coming Forward

I am Saint Germain. I come at this time to be with you in these changing moments as everything around you is happening, even though you tend to still not be fully aware of all that is occurring, and that is by purpose.

For those across the planet, all of those that yet find themselves asleep, would not be able to handle the great influx of truth, of light, to come forward all at once. So it must be doled out over a period of time. A little bit here, a little bit there. And then gaining momentum, as it is happening now. Momentum is happening now.

Everything is moving forward at a pace that is far beyond what all of us ever believed possible here on this planet. To you it appears to be slow. But to us it is quite rapid. For everything is coming together now.

And you are finding the truth being brought forward in many different ways from many different sources. For it is time for the light to be shared and to spread all across the planet. The light of truth. The light of oneness. The light and love that is incarnate within each and every one of you. And as a collective, you are as one: one love, one light.

So remember each and every day to find yourselves in the higher vibration, whatever it might take for you. If you find yourself lowered into a lower vibration, a lower frequency, simply do what you’ve learned to do to raise that vibration up, whatever it might take for you. Everyone is different. Ask for assistance. Go out in nature. Find yourself surrounded by crystals. Whatever works for you, do it. Take a deep breath. Use affirmations and mantras which you have learned. Whatever is needed, utilize this.

For as you raise your vibration each and every moment, as you find the joy in that moment, you are raising the vibration all around you. And as you raise the vibration and the light all around you, those that are in proximity of you are also being raised in vibration, even though they may not be consciously aware of it. It is happening.

And this is how you, ‘you’ being the collective you–all of the Light-Working Community across the planet–are raising the vibration across the planet. It only takes one to begin the process. But within you, there are millions of you now. Billions of you that are raising the vibration and spreading the light. Know this. Know this, that it is all a part of the Great Plan. And you are a part of this Great Plan. It cannot be done without you. But it can only be done with you.

So trust. Trust that all is happening as it needs to, even though it does not appear to be at times. Even though you yourselves find yourselves falling into the trap, the trap of fear, the trap of lower vibrational anxiety and distress, even though you do fall at times, you are quick to raise yourselves up once again. And that, my friends, is what this time of Great Awakening is all about. It is all about you. You and the Change-over that you are all bringing forward.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. To continue to spread the light whenever, wherever, and however you have the opportunity to do so.

You are important beyond your imaginings at this point. So trust. Trust in yourselves to be where you need to be at the right time.

**Channel: James McConnell
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