Divine Mother: Come into the Flow



My beloved children, flames of my heart, embodiments of my spirit. You are me: you have my power, my creativity, my abilities, you have simply been trained to forget.

You are powerful creators and manifestors. You. Yes, my beloved heart, you reading these words. You are magnificent, unspeakably magnificent.

I see You.

I see your fears, I see your regrets, I see your challenges. I see and I bless each and every one. There is nothing to hide from me. I see the perfection in every fear, every regret and challenge is perfect to me. I honour each and every one. There is never ever any judgement of you. You judge you. I never do.

Invite me in to dissolve your fears and uncertainties. Invite me in to wash away all your doubts. I will always do so, washing away as much as you can integrate in each turn. I will never take more than you can easily release.
You are powerful.

Play with the idea. Play with the thought of creating what you wish, what brings you pleasure and joy.

Play with blessing humanity with your love. Send prayers to the people you see around you, to strangers and loved ones, send them gifts of blessings. It can be as simple as ‘I send you love’, ‘I bless you with freedom’, ‘I honour the kindness in you’. Whisper it in your head; I hear you, their soul hears you.

This simple act brings you into the flow of your divine creator self. This small blessing brings you into your true authentic power.

What you send out is what you receive back. You are always blessed with your own gifts, they always return to you, it is the harmonic of balance.

You are not servants, or slaves, or beholden to any one or any system. You are free.

You Are Freedom.

Allow this freedom to wash through you, to bathe you in its peace, its sovereignty, its power (not force).

My beloves, the creative divine power flows constantly. The only question is timing and that’s your choice.

Choose to come into my flow, to share my creative divine power, because it is every bit as much mine as it is yours.

You are me, and I am you: the only difference is I know it.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022