What is a Soul Contract?


June 9, 2022 by Steve Beckow

SaLuSa: You have a life contract of which very few are personally aware, and have seen into the future and planned it accordingly. (1)

Matthew: Your world is awash in information, but the majority of the populace has no idea whatsoever about pre-birth agreements and soul contracts, the dark and light forces, the purpose of karma and multiple lifetimes, or the importance of balance.

They don’t know that their ancestors are from other civilizations; massive assistance is being given by extraterrestrials; or wild storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are Earth’s ways of ridding herself of negativity.

They don’t know that she has been on an ascension course for more than seven decades or that the speed and scope of planetary changes are unprecedented in this universe, and they know nothing about Earth’s Golden Age. You do know all of that and much more. (2)

SaLuSa: In reality life is quite orderly inasmuch as every individual has his or her own plan, yet it still interacts with the whole. (3)

Adamu: Before you decided to incarnate, you developed a plan. Your life plan. Together with your guidance and various other beings of wisdom and light, you decided on the events of the Story that you would be telling yourself.

You chose who your parents would be, who your friends, lovers and partners would be. You also chose just as carefully who your rivals would be, who would play the painful goad-to-growth when you needed that. You chose it all.

But why? Not because you so badly wanted to see the Story play out but because you really wanted to see what new growth, discoveries, feelings and explorations would happen inside of you as a result of the telling of this Story.

Engaging in this quest will bring you completely out of suffering, out of pain and into love, joy and peace. (4)

What are we all achieving by following our life plans?

Matthew: The orderly functioning of the universe requires a continuous balancing act to keep vibrational frequencies from becoming lopsided, so to say; and, as microcosms of the universe who in every moment affect the state of it, souls have their own balancing acts.

Prior to birth, [souls] —or better said, all of us!—enter into agreements with other souls, and within the agreements are all of the participants’ individual contracts that include whatever they need to balance other lifetimes. That “whatever” is karma.

However, because Creator decreed that free will takes precedence over all, everything in the contracts—that there even is a contract—must be forgotten when souls embody.

Actually, this is a good arrangement—otherwise every lifetime would be merely following some schedule instead of freely making decisions and learning from the results. And guidance in line with contracts is permitted via the soul’s messages to the consciousness, but everyone has the free will to heed that guidance or stray far afield.

Either way, souls incur karma and it is neither “good” nor “bad”—it is the means whereby the last lifetime can be balanced in the next one by completing the karma, or karmic lessons, in the soul contract. (5)

Why is following our soul contract so important?

The Council of Angels: It will be the beginning of Earth’s entrance as a full member of Inter-Galactic society and if you so wish you can be a part of this by continuing to raise your frequency and vibration.

This is done by forgiving all of all, by releasing your karma from the past (we have spoken of ways to do this in previous communications), by connecting with and inviting your higher self into your life, and by keeping your vibration and frequency high by being in tune with your missions and soul contracts.

By following your truth, and creating your own transparency within yourself, you will then keep your vibration at a very high rate and continue to ascend and be a part of the unification with other star beings within and around the earth. For they exist now……in a higher dimensional space and as you raise your vibration to match theirs, you will be able to communicate with them and interact with them.

This is why your spiritual growth and tuning into your soul contracts is of utmost importance at this time, so that you may be a contributing part of the new higher dimensional society and perhaps be a part of the newly formed inter-galactic relations that will be occurring. (6)

What comes with living in alignment with our soul contract?

Matthew: Peacefulness … comes with living in alignment with your soul contract – you feel this as if you are “going with the flow” instead of “bucking the current.” Self-discovery may come as “Aha!” moments that can be considered indications, and these can be as varied as realizing the most ideal way to handle a perplexing situation or a difficult relationship, an inspiration about a new direction in life or moving to a location that “calls” to you, or perhaps the solution to an experiment. (7)


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