There is, in Truth, only Love – All Else is Illusion


by Judith Kusel

There is in truth only love – all else is illusion.

I do not know why certain things happen or have happened in your life nor in mine, but one thing I do know, is that everything which happens in your life, the seeming good and seeming bad, all serve the soul in the end.
All are lessons in Soul Mastery.

We can indeed lament about the hand the fate dealt us, we can feel sorry for ourselves for the rest of the life on earth, blame and shame everyone else, as we buy into the victim mentality, but the more you point fingers at others, the more fingers point back at self.

If you read the biographies of men and women who had to overcome immense physical and other challenges, in order to rise up and indeed leave a lasting loving legacy to humankind, you will start to understand, that in order to rise above it all, they indeed had the inner strength, the guts, to do the inner work, and in so doing, they indeed inspired others to do the same. Some had to overcome the severest of physical handicaps, yet they did not let them stop them, from living life to the fullest and in the process inspiring others.

There are in truth no victims in life.

We need to finally lay these old ghosts to rest. We finally need to understand that we cannot create the New Golden Age, by continuing to cling onto the pain, and separation, and the imbalance which was the norm in the Old Earth.
If you cannot create the New you, and indeed the balance, the harmony, and inner equilibrium, the new visions, within you: – you will not be able to rise into the New Earth, and totally New Creation and co-create therein.

In truth it is very simple.

The New Earth and New Creation, starts WITHIN you.

If you still try to fix yourself, and fix humanity, and fix everything in sight, you are still sowing the seeds of separation.

When you finally start to see how the old Earth, and old humanity, and seeds of separation, SERVED your soul, so that you could finally awaken to the highest truth within yourself, and go through immense shifts in consciousness, and LIVE your truth, you will indeed say “Thank you!”

“I have been there, done it all, but now I do not wish to create this anymore. I now wish to consciously do the inner work, so that I can free myself and others, and truly start a totally new life, and new beginnings, as I fully step into my Lightbody, and with joy, with love, with inner balance and harmony, and whatever I create from now on, will be in the highest and best ways with love, for the greater good of all.”

Yes, the Old Earth has served all of us. It taught us immense lessons in so many ways, and the greatest of all, was that we created our own dramas, our own suffering and pain, because we chose to separate ourselves from the Divine, and all the rest of Creation, and more than this, from ourselves and others. We sowed the seeds of separation.

Now we finally, as we move into love, harmony and peace within ourselves, and Oneness, co-create Unity and Oneness, in all forms and expressions of such.

This is the blessing of the here and now.

The energies now, are churning up, all areas of life, which we need to bring in balance, to forgive and let go of, for it no longer serves our highest soul growth and good. More, than this, it is showing us the way home: to the highest love, the highest truth, the highest unity WITHIN ourselves, so that we can co-create the New Golden Age with love.

Such is the Gift of this time.

When we finally understand, there is no need to defend, nor the need to attack. There is no need to fix anything. The Old Earth is beyond fixing. It is disintegrating.

Rise the New Earth and a New Humanity, of souls who finally mastered the lessons of the Old Earth, and now are ready to apply their love and wisdom, to co-create the New Golden Age.

Not because they do not have battle scars – but because they chose to heal – to love – to have open arms and open hearts – new visions – new inspirations, and more than this, choose to become whole again!