Ashian: Arise Pheonixes of the World


Jennifer: Hello! Well, this is a first, I can see lava and fire when I tune into you.

Ashian: Hello and blessings to all hearts who vibrate with this transmission.

The time of transmutation is upon you. Fire cleanses, it burns off all impurities, it clears away everything in its path that is not aligned with its power, its purity, its clarity.

You are in the time of transmutation.

This cannot be understated. It is the energy of change made manifest; you have done the inner work – and you continue to do that when it’s needed – but now that inner work will bare fruits in the outer world. The external clearing has begun and will soon* (*smile! we know your feelings for this word!) be apparent.

J: That’s exciting – even if I’m not holding my breath! You do understand, don’t you?!

A: We try!

You are evolving at light speed and yet it is not fast enough for you! In a decade you have made changes – personally and globally – that would have taken lifetimes before now. And yet… no patience!

We may talk of fire, but we have no desire to actually burn your souls, to scorch your hearts by moving too quickly. Care is taken. Infinite care of each precious heart. Timings are optimised to create the greatest yet gentlest change.

J: Do you want to say more about that?

A: The Ascension of Gaia and humanity is a project that is milliennia old. It has been handled with wisdom, care and a transcendent love for all involved for millenia, by a consciousness that is far greater than ours, a consciousness that knows every nuance of every human heart, across lifetimes and infinity.

Ascension evolves through that divine consciousness. If it were to evolve solely through the hands of humans, it would be a more chaotic, protracted and painful process, as the loudest voice would dictate the pace.

It is almost incomprehensibe, the care, patience and timliness involved in your ascension.

Beloved hearts: breathe!

Slow down and breathe.

All is evolving in perfect divine order, in a way that will bring joy and benefits beyond what you can imagine. Trust the divine consciousness, it has your backs, your fronts, your hearts and your histories… there is no detail unloved or unforgiven. Not one.

J: Thank you that is really profound and beautifully illustrated. I will try to breathe.

A: We can only hope!

J: Changing tack massively, I wanted to follow up on your last post about using our inner compass to point us in the direction of our happiness, our peace, our truth – all of which will lead us to our joy.

The thing is, many of us lack the courage to follow our joy. Most of us aren’t really in joy, we getting back, processing pain, trying to be good people, keep the faith, share kindness… Joy isn’t really on our menu (or maybe that’s just me!). Joy is a high level of expansion, of alignment with our very soul, of flow.

To experience joy, I suspect if I only look at myself, that some change is required to bring me to the next level of soul-alignment and self fulfillment, which would lead me to a greater experience of joy.

But… those are big changes for me, for others, like changing jobs, homes, relationships, family dyanmics, addictions… the list of non-joys is endless and to embrace joy is easier said than done.

A: What an excellent point. In any decision, there is change. Change can create stress. It can create suffering, depending on how deeply that change affects your world view and the world view of your ‘influencers’, those people around you whose opinion may matter even more than your own.

Consider this, if you are changing a job, for instance… your current job brings you income, but it leaves you feeling deadened, maybe even battered and overstretched, at the end of the day. That is daily emotional pain you are feeling.

Changing that job may create negative opinions among your influence circle – that is 3D stress.

Staying in a job you that deadenes you is 5D stress. It’s soul stress. It damages your wellbeing deeply, creating distance from your integrity, your authenticity and your soverignty.

You can choose 3D stress or 5D stress. The choice is yours. There is no pressure on you to choose one way or another. When the time is right, you will know, you will feel it and you will have the inner courage to face the 3D stress, to follow a greater joy.

Then the fires will burn; much of what you feared will disappear and won’t affect you. You have followed your truth, so you have invoked the fires of truth which burn away all that is illusion.

You have embraced your Pheonix self, allowing the old shell of you to burn away, as you emerge into a new version of you, brilliant, radiant, incandesecent.

J: That’s so clear, so elegant. We either face 3D or 5D suffering when making big changes to follow our joy. We choose the timing, when we are ready. Fire Spirit burns away many of the obstacles when we choose alignment with our Selves.

Is that it?

A: That is it. Fear binds you. Not reality.

J: Thank you Ashian, so much.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022