The One through Sophia Love: The Masters - Mai 31, 2022

It is the One.

Thank you.
You are now, right now, approaching, reaching the shores of your New Earth. She waits, patiently, having been carefully and methodically crafted by those star seeds, warriors, angels and wanderers who’ve agreed to contribute. To contribute in physical form has been a gargantuan process, due to the depths of deception and bondage in which you are physically incarnated. This is no small feat by some insignificant other. This is an act of enormous proportions. It is akin to god’s work.

For indeed you are gods, in human suits, acting to the contrary and suffering mightily because of it. It is a planned suffering, none-the-less. It is done in order to propel you and your fellow humans to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the state of being consistently aware as well as responsible. This is not a state of hardship. It is a state of constant joy.

For think you not that you would be intentionally placed behind the wheel of a vehicle without initially being taught to drive?

You have not.

Your lessons have been cumulative. They have built one upon the other over many lifetimes now. You have learned well. You are ready now.

Your new earth awaits the brushstrokes of Masters.

There are Many Masters. One of them is You.

You. Yes, You. Note that the word is intentionally capitalized. In such a format, it asks to be noticed. It signifies the attainment of status. This is being said now, about You.

You have attained the status of Master.

And what does a Master do? A Master continues to develop, achieving further insight, perfection and greater levels of Mastery.
Humans like to rank things. I tell You that You cannot be ranked in truth. There are no better creators or lesser creators. There are Creators.

What it is You feel, intend and believe is indeed your creation. In this way, worlds are created. In this way, lives are created.

The trick (if indeed it is one) is to maintain your vision beyond what You see. You will see what You believe, so – believe something beneficial, beautiful, compassionate, generous, vibrant and joyful!

Masters, You are here due to your love of the human spirit and ingenuity. You are here because You love the race. You are here to evolve as One.

You are here to do all of this in joy!

It is joy that sets the stage for this New Earth You came to envision. It is joy.

Remember to hold yourselves in the highest esteem and a state of grace. For what in the past has been worshipped as something separate from You – comes full circle. It is found within. You are the fuel and the machine and the driver of Creation. Your New Earth holds all of your beliefs and intentions.

You have taken the wheel consciously. No longer will your creation be a haphazard experience pushed and pulled by an outside manipulative force. Your Creation appears as You command it to be with your heart, your vision, your intent.

Believe your fondest dreams, dear human. In doing so You lay fertile ground for the next thing You see. Once the connection is seen between belief and reality, it cannot be broken. Everything changes for You then.

That is all.

Thank you.