Judith Kusel -The Law of One


Judith Kusel

I am always sharing from my heart and soul and with great love and I feel so guided this morning to share with you, the fact that with the New Earth, we are returning to the Omniversal fold, where the Law of One is fully operational, and all adhere to it.

True soul mastery, means the soul adheres to the Law of One and applies it, indeed lives it.

It becomes a way of life and living, and thus is steeped in pure intent and pure unconditional love.

The Law of One teaches that all of life, all of creation, visible and invisible, are all incorporated into the Divine. Thus Divinity lives and breathes and exists through all life and life forms, structures, patterns, sacred geometries, sacred sound, sacred numbers, sacred physics, sacred metaphysics, all existence, known and unknown, visible and invisible through all the many tiers and spirals of Creation itself. Yet all of this Creation, is ONE with the Divine Source, who created it all.

One can never be separated from the Divine and from the vastness of Creation. Your soul is forever part and particle of the ONE Creator and the ONE creation. Therefore all is ONE. All is entangled. In quantum physics this called quantum entanglement.

In the beginning when the Earth was first created and in the first creation, all of humanity at that time, still adhered to the Law of One and applied it and lived it. Thus all took full responsibility for their life, for their existence and for all they created, and in the way they lived.

They respected and loved the interconnectedness, quantum entanglement of all of life, all energy and energy fields, and thus knew themselves to be part and particle of the ONE. Thus they never knew or felt separation in any form or expression thereof. They were in balance and harmony with All That IS, and thus adhered to the law of One. Thus they were multi-dimensional Beings, and thus could travel anywhere in the Divine Multi Verses at will.

We are returning to this state, and this is where all of us now are being challenged to return to the true state of ONE, and thus to attain the highest Soul Mastery again.

A Master Soul takes full responsibility of everything and everyone in their life: – for every single thought, word, deed. For whatever they are creating or manifesting into form and being, and all that is energetically radiating out from them.

They know the law of attraction, and that whatever you put out there, returns to you and has a ripple effect on the whole. What you do onto others, you do onto yourself. Indeed you indeed attract every circumstance and person towards you, event to you.

Every thought you think – creates.
Every word you speak – creates.
Every action you take or do not take – has an effect on the whole.

With this is the deepest understanding that every person in your life, or circumstances which are challenging you, you have either have old negative patterns with to clear from previous lifetimes and existences and thus agreed to meet up with them again, in this lifetime, or a soul or souls will take on a certain role, in those areas of life, in this you need to gain soul mastery. The same applies to situations, etc.

You indeed draw every experience to you, and thus a master does not judge what is challenging him or her the most, but will rather look within, and then go and find what the person or situation is mirroring back to him or herself, which she or he has not loved, nor owned WITHIN themselves. We indeed have every human trait within ourselves and until we start owning this, and indeed dissolving the emotional charges, we cannot be freed to stand in our true soul master. WE ARE EVERYONE WE ENCOUNTER AND WE ARE ALL AND EVERYTHING AND WITHIN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. All of life is but a mirror, mirroring the whole of creation back to ourselves. WE ARE CREATION and the DIVINE is WITHIN US ALL.

Once you start to understand this and start to see the blessing in every challenge and in every situation, and finally master the soul lesson entailed, the lesson will not come back again. Even the greatest of Masters, have been challenged – and all who ever were in the Ancient Mystery Schools, had to go through this process in order to gain soul mastery! It is it very freeing to finally see this work through this, and then see and feel only Love, unconditional love for self and others and all of Creation. Oneness. Unity.

As soon as someone or something pushes your buttons, go and ask yourself, what it is that is most irritating you or what you cannot handle about the person or situation, and then go deeply into yourself and ask yourself: Why? How did I attract this? Where do I display exactly the same trait?

You may not have physically killed someone, but be honest, you have many times send thought and vibes to someone which were lethal, and even stabbed someone in the back, or words poured out of your mouth which were hurting and killing. Once we start to accept that we have exactly the same in us, and are capable of the same, we start to see the truth.

And more than this, now true forgiveness can come into play. And true forgiveness, does not use the lips, but indeed the heart opens, and gratitude wells up, and one can see and feel only immense love. One is grateful to the souls or souls concerned for the soul lessons in highest mastery they brought.
Yet, one needs to go one step further and then see the other side. During the times of greatest challenges, who was there at exactly the same time, and in the same measure, SUPPORTING you, loving you, carrying you through?

Life is never just one-sided. For every upside, there is downside and for downside there is an upside. Is it not that the severest of challenges, often created the greatest soul growth?

The Law of One embraces these immense Gifts from the Divine for all of us, once we adhere to this and practice this and live it:
Divine Loving Grace and Unconditional love, dissolves all lower vibrations. It only sees the perfection of all it created. It forgives and forgets, wipes the slate clean, and fills all with pure love and light. It sets free and as we are freed we free others.

Intention: before you act, or do, or even think, ask if whatever you wish to create or do, or put out there will be for the highest and best, and highest good of all concerned and lovingly benefit the Greater Whole. If your intention is pure, it will send out positive ripple effects through the whole creation and come back to you in blessings manifold.

The law of cause and effect is one we can never bypass. You reap what you sow. So be careful about what seeds you are sowing, for what you sow in thoughts, words and deeds comes back you with interest.

The Law of Accountability is another Divine Law we cannot bypass either. Your soul is fully accountable for whatever it is creating in any form or expression, and this includes thoughts, words, and deeds.

Unconditional Love is the very essence, the cornerstone of Divine creation and indeed one cannot judge anything or anyone any longer, for what you judge is there inside you. There is no separation. All is One.

I am within you, and you are within me.

All of Creation lives within me and I live within the All of Creation.

I am the Earth. I am the cosmos. I am the Tree. I am the plant. I am the elemental. I am Galaxies and star systems. I am every living creature and every living organism and every single frequency and vibration, every molecule, electrons, atom and sub-atomic particles.
I am all things known and unknown. I am All That Is.

This what life in the 5th and 7th dimensional state is all about.

Until you embrace your deepest shadows and your highest light, you cannot embrace your own ONENESS within.

What is within – is without.

There is beautiful decree from Diana Cooper and Tim Whild (“The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery”) which I will share here.

Decree to live by the Law of One:
Prepare a sacred space where you will be undisturbed. You can choose to be outside if you wish.
Face the East and state aloud to the Universe three times:

“I, (your name), walking master of Light, now decree in the name of the Divine Source to live my life by the Law of One. I choose to walk in beauty of loving grace. I choose to make intention for the highest good of all around me. I choose to manifest all I need as I live a life of mastery. I choose to bless my life with loving karma. I choose to take responsibility for myself and my beautiful planet. I choose to love myself and others unconditionally. With these laws, I now embrace my highest enlightenment! I choose to live from the depths of my heart and soul and the truth of my innermost Soul as I fully embrace my own Divinity and the Divinity which lives within All That Is!”

Repeat three times with power and intention.

Finish by stating once:

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”