Sophia Love - Pleiadian Pipeline Update

May 13th, 2022

Hi there, it's good to see you again!

I've got a quick update (it's been over a year since the last one). Enjoy!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted. The intent was to wait until I had seen and touched a pod/med-bed before doing so. I feel compelled to explain where this stands as of today, so that at the very least we can all be on the same page.

I have not seen a pod physically. There have been a few false starts where I expected to do so, but did not. At this point it’s been years (since 2016) and frankly, I question whether they’ll ever pull it off. We’ll all find out together on that score.

What I can share is a few experiences that my partner has had. I’ve reported on some of his happenings before. He is a deep trance channel and a lot of “unusual” things occur. He has a clear recall of being in one (a medical pod), and that includes a visual. They are clear/transparent very large seats/chairs (not beds). There is something white behind the back of the chair. These chairs are really comfortable! That’s what he has said about them. He remembers being on a ship when he was in one. He remembers the attendants who were in the room with him. They were male.

Another time, he had moved downstairs to a couch during the night due to restlessness… (he didn’t want to wake me up). He came to in the morning and heard someone very close to him say, very clearly, “he’ll be all right”. He was groggy and assumed it was me, ignoring the fact that this female voice was talking to someone else. He got up a few moments later, and came upstairs. Later in the day he mentioned something about having slept downstairs and I reacted with surprise. He said “But as I woke up, I heard you!” (Then he told me the previous story.)

It wasn’t me. We’ve been told since then that they (there were two of them) were returning him to the house after having him use the medical pod.

I have no such recall, other than being told some information, most of which has been shared here. My contact is telepathic. I can share a few bits of conversations that took place last winter.

I have a RIFE Machine that I utilize for healing several auto-immune disorders. In one conversation they described the RIFE Machine as “shooting varmints”, and as such, it is a bit rough on the body! Their technology is more inclusive, gentle and powerful than the RIFE (according to what they told me). It does not deplete or challenge the body, as the RIFE technology sometimes does. As a side note, I am experiencing healing effects from the RIFE, regardless of its "crude" technology!

Here are some quotes from conversations:

“There are plans. These are getting enacted and very close now to actually happening.”

“We are very anxious to assist in healing the race. We are very anxious to enact a massive mission for humanity. This occurs soon. It will have to work cooperatively with the healing modalities for the most severely in need. This means children and trafficked.”

“Every faction of health and help is about to be transformed on Earth. Every single aspect of life.”

“Our goal is to assist and it is a cooperative one. We negotiate with earth humans now.”

“There will come a time when you will meet more of us. The entry into the human sphere and on the earth will occur in the near future, and in a coordinated fashion with other races. For now, our beds and technicians may “pass” as humans and human tech, in order to assist with the healing of the children.”

“Help is needed. We are here for that. So are many humans, and you’ll be called to assist. All in the right “time”.”

“Trust that there is progress, a plan and an intention for the beds to arrive and assist the race.”

“At this time, we have no specific time estimates for a general arrival. All of this is not under our control. It is a coordinated effort with multiple races involved, and components to consider. First it is (and this has to take precedence) the children.”

(March 2022)
So that’s it everyone! Hang in there. I will share with you any further developments!

With love and light,