Judith Kusel: The Time of Signs and Wonders


by Judith Kusel

This is the time of signs and wonders, when more and more will be revealed, as the old disintegrates, the old false programming is exposed, and more than this, as souls transcend into the New Lightbody Form and the New Earth, and thus remember the truth of who and what you are!

I have never witnessed so many Light craft from the Intergalactic Fleet and Federations revealing themselves as in the past few weeks.

These are the Christed Extraterrestrials Races, and thus now here to assist this whole process of the Transfiguration into the New Earth and New Golden Age. This morning too they were here, and I was watching a video by Michael Salla last night, where one of the most powerful satellites of the Space Program picked up a whole fleet of more than 30 ships.

What is happening is that we are slowly but surely being returned to the Intergalactic Fray and indeed where we in truth belong, and which we never were left out of. It was just that is served some souls to keep this type of information under wraps and to ridicule those who spoke up about it.

Yet, in my years as Librarian, where were countless of books with information regarding the craft and these have been around since the 1950’s.

Yet, UFO’s have been around since the birth of this planet, and thus the outer planet was colonized by Extraterrestrials. All souls on this planet come from other galaxies and star systems, and thus in truth, all of us recognize Lightships when we see them. Indeed we have flown in them at soul levels since time immortal!

There truly is nothing new under the Great Central Suns!

I was most interested last night too, when I listened to Dolores Cannon talking about her book on Jesus and the Essenes, written in the 1990’s, where UFOs were indeed known about and interacted with long before this birth, and indeed during this time of birth, the actual Bethlehem star were a cluster of UFO’s!

Now not all races from other star systems etc. are Christed. A lot serve the darkness and caused the Wars of Heavens. Thus discernment it needed.

Those who are of the Divine Light and Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, will never force you to do something against your own free will. They will come in peace and you feel their love and thus will feel safe and secure in their presence, and indeed be uplifted, and inspired by such interactions. There is pure Love and you will feel this. Its like being reunited with your Elder Brothers and Sisters and your own star family again. Indeed, in your sleep state you always go and visit them. You are never alone!

Well, no surprise because myths and legend and tribal knowledge has known them and told stories about them since planetary beginnings! Indeed, the American Indians, and the African Tribal people, and the San Bushman, all tell you that their creator Gods were the Pleiadeans (and others, namely Sirius, Orion, Bear Constellation, Arcturus, etc.) and during the Great Flood, they were asked to go inside the earth, before the Great Floods happen, and then emerged from there again.

It is time that we awakened to the truth and thus reclaim our Galactic Heritage and Citizenship.

In the New Earth we will travel intergalactically again, and indeed it is well known that there are already people on planet earth who are travelling to Mars, to Jupiter etc. and elsewhere in this Solar System. If you do not believe me, then go look at the You Tube channel and you find that this is mentioned – and from different sources too.

Your Soul knows this truth!

The more awake we become, that more Universal Consciousness rises and the knowing that all is ONE! We are never left as orphans on this planet – we were always included. And we volunteered to be here at this momentous time.

It is time to return to ONE and to where we truly belong!