Now is the End of the World … of Darkness

May 16, 2022 by Steve Beckow

There are wars and rumors of war. So many of the conditions of Revelations appear to be occurring.

But anyone reading these pages knows the end of the world is not going to happen.

Well ……. yes and no.

I could also say that Gaia will cease to have a Third-Dimensional presence when we ascend. In that sense, with Ascension, a “world” will end.

And I could say that another world will end – a world of darkness.

I think it’ll end well before Ascension. The rising love energies on the planet will make life difficult for those who have closed off to it and work against it.

Another factor is at play that will see it end. And that other factor reveals a basic fact about war and peace.

War takes money.

Money is the way everyone exchanges. I sell you a piece of work and, with the money I get, I go out and buy eggs and milk.  From the money I pay him, the dairy farmer puts gas in his car. On his wages, the gas station attendant goes to the movies.

War takes lots of money. And when the forces behind the wars run out of money, peace returns.

The kind of peace I’m talking about never left. But peace of any kind costs nothing to maintain.

War costs money. Peace costs nothing.

When the dark forces run out of money, on this planet, peace will again prevail. And of course numerous plans are underway to deprive them of their money. (1)

Nonetheless, as they run out of money, the dark are at their most dangerous. We can expect weather warfare, supply bottlenecks, manufactured shortages, (2) repressive measures, and so on. The white hats are allowing a measure of this to play out to wake up the population to the danger they face.

Unless the population wakes up, we could have civil war. So, part of our contribution, in my view, is to hunker down, provide for ourselves, and see to anyone else we can help when the storm really hits while the larger scenario plays out.
As and when the storm hits, the white hats will reportedly be busy arresting dark players.  So even the storm is a cover for the overcoming of darkness on Planet Earth.

So, no to the end of the world as we know it. But yes to the end of darkness.


(1) The demise of the fiat dollar for gold-backed notes makes their stashes of cash worthless; the start-up of the Quantum Financial System will track their exchanges; the sequestering of funds of suspected serious human-rights abusers will deprive them of their wealth; etc.  Huge caches of gold are rumored to have been captured by the white hats. Arrests are being made.

(2) Such as by the recent attacks on food-processing plants.