David Wilcock: US Military Pushing For Full Disclosure!

The US Military has declassified patents for working spaceship technology, with anti-gravity and free energy. Until now, no one has ever seen a film of a "powerplant" in action.

Four AA batteries. 750 volts output. Over-unity energy. See the footage for yourself!

In this LIVE show that was originally produced for New Living Expo, David shows images of three different types of working spacecraft.

You will also get to hear hot new intel, fresh off the presses -- including far more about the Draco Reptilians, where their home star is located, and how you can kill one of them with just a knife.

On the positive side, David discusses Archangel Michael, Valiant Thor, human ETs, the Galactic Logos and the non-catastrophic "Optimal Timeline" we now find ourselves on.

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