The PERU Formula for Instant Discernment


Most of you have likely heard of Peru, the South American country. But have you ever heard of the P.E.R.U. formula for instantaneous discernment (of spiritual messages and channelings?) Likely not, I guess. I mean, how even could you? It was literally discovered just yesterday.
So anyways, of the last two of those discernment bibles that I posted on here – while insightful and helpful indeed – are quite a helluva lot to remember and recollect. And therefore, a collective request from humanity went up into the universe for something that was far simpler, smarter, and shorter (above all else!) And thus, the PERU Formula was born!!!
And it’s (more than!) good enough to get that job done, might I add.

So what even is the PERU Formula for Instant Discernment, you wonder? Well it’s super simple, really.

P.E.R.U. here stands for, Positive, Empowering, Real, and Unique.

And this is how all of it even works out…

P-OSITIVE: When a message is filled with Love and Light and Peace and Joy and Abundance and Goodwill and all such beautiful little things and energies (that make you feel) all nice and good and warm and cozy and comfy and joyful inside; that message can be said to be one of a positive nature. Which also means that it contains exactly ZERO fear, anger, sadness, blame, shame, guilt, envy, and any of that other negative and prickly stuff. Therefore, a positive message is one that puts a smile on your face, and (an even bigger one!) inside your very heart!!!

E-MPOWERING: If a message makes you feel like a Creator GOD (which you are), rather than a loser dud (which you are not); that particular message, then, is said to be truly empowering. Too much emphasis on prediction – and especially predictions that seem to prophesise stuff along the lines of: “This is 100% what your future is going to look like…deal with it.” Yeah, nah. That’s not what an empowering message looks like.

An empowering message is one that can make even the greatest loser throughout all of existence realize and remember that they have the power and the capability and the INSANE capacity to absolutely start WINNING at life once again, should they so CHOOSE TO.

R-EAL: Simply put, something is said to be “real” when it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FREE of absolutely EVERYTHING that makes it (intuitively) feel “fake.” In other words, it is free of all lies, hypocrisy, sycophancy, gaslighting, virtue-signalling, slander, and even sweet-talk, for that matter. In short, when you read it, your gut-feeling doesn’t scream “MANIPULATION!!!”

A fake message doesn’t always have to be all negative sounding, slanderous, scandalous, malicious, gaslighting, and openly vile in its ways. Some of them may even take on the appearance of being all “love-y, light-ey”, so to speak. In other words, just like the police love playing around with a little bit of that “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine; so can a dark and deceptive message be filled with the most love-filled or light-filled language, only and only to (thoroughly!) deceive you in the end. Not all kidnappers use guns after all. Some, literally use lollipops (to bait and reel-in their victims).

If someone speaks way too much like a salesman, your gut feeling will always, always, always know such. Because, much like a selfish employer sweet-talks their most hard-working employees (exactly before handing them an extra working shift — which the said employee can smell coming from a mile away); so too, are there many who tend to sound all sweet and full of love / light, and yet, are the first ones to push you off a cliff when your back is turned towards them.

If you have to do any forms of mental gymnastics to convince yourself that something is “real,” it most likely isn’t!

A message is said to be REAL when it truly, genuinely, and totally FEELS REAL in your very GUT.

And if it doesn’t, you’re basically looking at pure and unadulterated manipulation in there.

U-NIQUE: If you already know the entire content of a given message right after reading its very first line (or even just its author’s name) itself, you’re probably looking at a channel that is of little to no use to you ultimately. Because, as I’m pretty sure most of you regular readers (of these kinds of messages) know all too well by now; there are some sources of information and guidance out there that have literally NOTHING NEW to say, year after year after year after year after year. There is exactly ZERO EVOLUTION in their work. And there is exactly Zero UNIQUENESS within their words. And all they have to even offer you at all, is the same regurgitated story for like, the ten thousandth time or something.

Always remember here that there are entities, technologies, and mechanisms in place out there whose only job is to play a broken record of something “spiritual sounding” over and over and over again; even for well over decades at a time. These ones excel at predicting generic things year after year after year; generic things which never come to fruition anyways. They also make generic “spiritual sounding” statements and bring forth “teachings” — those that teach you absolutely nothing new. There is no evolution in their body of work. The feeling that you get after reading these messages is one of dullness and boredom. Not once do you feel INSPIRED after reading their words. Not once do you feel truly, UP-LIFTED. Not once do you feel all CREATIVE or EXCITED or RARING TO GO try out something new. And above all, these ones offer NO PRACTICAL ADVICE regarding anything WHATSOEVER!

Because, and MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE — Boredom, Dullness, Apathy, Disinterest, Disenchantment, Emptiness, Disillusionment, and similar feelings are (very much so!) of a NEGATIVE nature. Energies designed SOUL-LY to DIS-EMPOWER you by making all of your efforts at evolving and progressing and ascending seem all worthless (rather than worthwhile); as also all empty, meaningless, and pointless. In other words, these Drab, Dull, and Repetitive messages are meant to be used as complete and total DISCOURAGEMENT pills to throw you off (your ascension) tracks here.

A (non-unique and repetitive) message that does not Change, Update, or Evolve with time — is also one that doesn’t want YOU to Change, Update, or Evolve with time EITHER.

Always keep a minimum (social) distance of 1 trillion light years away from such messages. For these are only (and specifically) designed to drain and dis-empower you.

SO NOT worth your precious Time, Energy, and Consciousness!!

So the next time any of you are confused about the authenticity (or usefulness) of any given Message, Spiritual Guidance, Prediction, or Channeling; please do remember to book that nice little flight to PERU! Unless of course, you actually live in Peru, in which case, go take a flight to EUROPE instead —> Empowerment, Uniqueness, Realness, Openness, Positivity and Excitement!

(And you all owe me a (chocolate chip!) cookie for this)

Until next time…!

– Don Spectacularis