Facts, Falsehoods and Quantum Fluff - Nine Tips to Discernment of Truth

by Magenta Pixie

Over the years since I became an online presence, I have received many emails asking about other truthers, UFO experiencers and contactees, channels, influencers and similar individuals who go by many names and take different labels.

It really is not my place to comment on the work of another individual. I see many others doing this, proclaiming various individuals publicly as AI, controlled opposition, false light, fake guru, fraud, grifter, etc. I have been accused of being most of these things myself. I do not want to join this accusatory bandwagon and further divide the community that is responsible for the liberation of Earth and beyond.

However, these false and fake speakers do exist and the truth community is infiltrated. The reason for this is because together, united, this community is a huge threat to the establishment.

Also, confusingly, there are those who truly believe they are speaking truth but are unknowingly parroting disinformation or are simply unable to interpret information they are receiving in a balanced way.

So whilst I am not going to publicly comment on any of these individuals, I can give you some tips on how to discern for yourself.

1) Be aware that the majority of these speakers are good, honest people who believe in what they are saying. Controlled opposition and those on the negative faction's payroll are actually far more rare than most people realise.

2) Don't dismiss someone just because someone else thinks they are 'controlled opposition'. Discern for yourself.

3) If this person has actually been 'exposed' or 'debunked' anywhere else, most especially within the mainstream media, then they are worth a second look. It's likely that something they are presenting is actually truth.

4) Just because you don't agree, believe or resonate with one thing someone says, that does not necessarily mean you should discount everything they are saying. You might find a nugget of wisdom within all that fluff, so try not the throw the baby out with the bathwater.

5) This is an important one. Be aware that an individual is presenting their information via their own filters and perspectives. If they talk a lot about objectivity and neutrality within their own message, that is a thumbs up but most of the speakers in the truth community do not do that unless directly asked. So you are listening to one person's perspective and however knowledgeable and wise they may appear to be, it is simply one perspective of many to take on board within your own research/cross referencing and due diligence.

6) Bearing in mind you are listening to perspective here. So when someone says:

"An extraterrestrial being walked through my wall, took my hand and led me up to a huge ship that was hovering above my house..."

... do not automatically dismiss them as 'crazy' or a 'liar'. With the same respect, do not take everything on board as fact. It may be that this really did happen to them. They could have dreamt this and as the dream was so real to them, they did not realise they were dreaming. They could also be making the whole thing up for a multitude of reasons. Listen, watch and take note.

7) Be aware of how you feel emotionally when listening to someone's retelling of their so-called 'experiences'. Do you feel afraid? Angry? Happy? Blissful? Do you just 'know' in your heart that what they are saying is true? Do you identify with them? Do you take an instant dislike to them?

These emotional reactions are all part of your own discernment and empathy. Pay attention to this as it is so very important.

8) When someone says:

"I have a direct line to the President of the United States. I speak to him several times a week."
"I am the ambassador for a galactic, world council. I represent humanity and act as a go-between with these advanced beings."
"I am regularly involved with time travel. I use a time machine to bring me back here to speak to you but I am actually from the future."
"I have access to a quantum artificial intelligence computer system. I can gain access to anywhere in space and time."
"I am using an advanced telepathic technology to communicate with an ancient race of beings that are situated off-planet."
"I am taken up to a mother ship regularly to be briefed on the latest intel as to what is going on, on Earth."
"I am channelling a higher dimensional collective of beings that communicate through me."

... and any similar statement presented as fact.

Hold the understanding that whilst each of the individuals making these statements could be lying, it is more likely that they truly believe what they say. Now, what they are saying may actually be completely true. Yet it is also the case that these events and experiences could be taking place within their own mind. The mind is a 'multiverse' if you will, in and of itself. The individuals speaking this way may be extremely balanced and intelligent but are not making clear exactly how what they are saying is taking place.

Let us look at each statement.

Having a 'direct line' to the President (or former President) of the United States. Instantly the listener translates that as communication over the phone or some kind of 'secret back channel'. Well, this may well be true but that secret back channel could be meditation. Or dream communication. Or hearing the President's voice speaking to them whilst they are relaxing in the bath. It does not mean they are lying.

So discernment is working out what this person is actually saying. How much of their perspective are they actually giving you?

Being an ambassador to a galactic, world council and speaking on behalf of humanity... well, this may be correct. This person may actually be in touch with a physical, off-planet group. Yet so too could they be speaking from the spiritual or metaphysical perspective of the 'divine mission'.  From this perspective, each and every human on the planet is an ambassador to a galactic, world council and speaks on behalf of humanity (or certainly has the potential to do so).

Someone being involved with time travel and travelling back from the future. This may be completely true. For all we know, time travel has been invented and we are not being told about it. Yet also, entering a dreamstate is, in and of itself, 'time travel' as you traverse the cosmos through your mind. This person may be doing just that.

Having access to an artificial intelligence, quantum computer. This again, may be absolutely true. Yet the mind and all its wonders could be referred to as an 'artificial intelligence quantum computer system'. It is all about perspective.

'Advanced telepathy' could also be communication in meditation or dreams and 'ancient race of off-planet beings' can also be the 'higher self' or 'higher mind' or 'superconscious mind'. The same goes for 'channelling' and being taken up to a 'mother ship for briefings' can all take place in deep meditation, under self-hypnosis or within the dream state.

So I am not debunking any of these claims at all. I make one of these claims myself, that of channelling.

What I am saying is that what 'channelling' is to one person, may be 'advanced telepathic technology' or 'a secret back channel' or 'using an AI quantum computer' to another.

What is a 'higher self' to one person may be 'extraterrestrial' or 'angels' or 'an off-planet galactic council' or 'the President of the United States' to another.

Perspective is everything here. Your interpretation is everything here.

When listening to this kind of information then, be as open, objective and neutral as you can regarding the individual's perspective. Be as open, objective and neutral as you can about your own interpretation of that perspective.

An individual might make a claim that they say has 'recently happened' but what does that actually mean? When discussing metaphysics, that recent happening could have taken place in a different timeline or a different reality. Be open, discerning, objective and balanced at all times when listening to this kind of information.

If you yourself are deeply troubled, traumatised, upset or angry then you are unlikely to be able to hold that objective listening space that you need and you could get a very different picture from the information than, say, your neighbour does.

9) Finally, relax. Just relax when listening to this kind of information. Allow that deep intuition to be triggered within you and allow your entire being to vibrate in resonance with what is being said... or not. Trust yourself and your own ability to recognise truth and to decipher the meanings, metaphors and symbols that are presented within the perspective of another. Getting angry or pointing the finger at that person as 'controlled opposition' or 'a liar' is not going to help you with your own discernment. Even those who deliberately mislead others are (unwittingly) doing them a service for they are teaching them about truth and trust. So relax into the state of 'active listening' and trust yourself, not necessarily the person you are listening to.

I have written this article in response to the many questions asked of me regarding other individuals. Follow these nine tips to discernment of truth and you will find the answers you seek.

In loving service,
Magenta Pixie x