Sophia and The One - Monetary Collapse - March 29, 2022



It's been a month since we've connected. I hope this finds you well!

We've had our share of headlines and happenings. When I noticed the lapse of time, it was with surprise. Things are moving so quickly now.

It has felt for some time that we are on the edge of huge change, and equally felt that it involves our financial system. Today's conversation is one that I was woken up for. There were no specific times mentioned, but it was with urgency that the words you'll read were given. This suggests that we are quite close to some sort of shift; shift in the financial controls on the planet.

I was also told also that we'll (One and myself) speak more often now, so it looks like my "coffee break" is over! This next book will be an instruction manual for building a new earth. I was surprised at the urgency to continue so quickly now after the series that chronicled our liberation. Yet this is the moment we are traveling through, so it makes sense.

We'll all discover together what the next few months will bring! I suspect that One will offer suggestions and guidance as we pick up the pieces of this captured society, and create a free planet. Such a huge idea to contemplate. The nuances of each facet of life will undoubtedly peek out to be recognized and reconciled within it. Such an exciting time we are in for!

Please enjoy this conversation and share freely. This is a complimentary edition!

That's all for now! Stay wonderful and remember to breathe. Everything is going to be okay. We've got this.

Many blessings and much love.


March 29, 2022

It is the One.

There are things to say.

These things concern your re-construct and rebuild phase. They concern your system of money.

You are aware of money as a debt instrument, a system of your slavery and a necessity. You are fighting all battles around this thing.
It is a construct.

It could be anything.

In truth, one form of it has no superiority over another form, except by its scarcity.

That which is scarce, is deemed superior in value and therefore worth collecting.

This is why the controllers hold most of it. This is why the citizens hold the least of it.

This is why the monetary system is set up the way it is – to favor those who have most of it, while depleting the life force from the rest of the populace as they work. Work to attain more of it.

The more money that is attained by any one member of the populace, the greater that money is “taxed”, and thus returned to the owners/controllers.

It is clear that the system is skewed to favor those at the “top”.
It is clear that the system was set up that way eons ago, with royalty and kingship and rule and worship as precursors to “rights to gain wealth”.

The royals and priests are not taxed. They are honored and paid. Paid through the sweat of their followers.

This is how it has always been.

Fear is at the base of these pyramids of power. Those at the bottom are told, and thus believe, that it is up to them to pay and support those at the top, (whether systems or royals or priests), to prevent some fearful thing. *

This “fearful thing” has changed costumes over the centuries. It’s been an angry god, an “enemy”, destitution, imprisonment etc. This is why the monetary system exists as it does, and why it is the final stronghold of the controllers.

For, although the defeat of the controllers has been accomplished here, the function/action of their supporters still acts as the driving force for the race. Dismantling it is a convoluted process.

When you comprehend how money has been utilized to enslave and preoccupy you, you will be tempted to distance yourself from it. Or, to gain a surplus of it in order to reverse things for yourself.

I tell you this, as long as you are enslaved to the attainment of money, (in either direction), you remain enslaved.

In this way, it becomes important to see money as an agent of commerce only; a means to an end rather than something to hoard in order to “get ahead”.

It is a thought process, a feeling. For enslavement to a physical item of any sort is still enslavement.

Enlightenment leaves no room for enslavement, and so enslavement will eventually be abandoned.

This is a process.

The first steps in this journey to freedom include removing the controls of the monetary system from the hands of the controllers. Removing also the means to their substantial and disproportionate wealth.

This happens now, has been happening for some time, and is what’s beneath the political posturing worldwide that you see.

Nothing is being presented accurately. It is safe to assume that the stories you are being fed right now are being told to keep you afraid and controlled. There are reasons for every repeating dialogue.
These underscore the current headlines.

You are also being fed stories of incoming riches, and programs of instant prosperity. Know that these too, enable the slavery system to continue in the hearts and minds of the enslaved.

The value is in you.

The rest of it is a show, a pretend orchestration of “more” “less” “rich” “poor” “right” “wrong” “better” “worse”.

Again, this release from the stranglehold of slavery is a process and there are steps to complete before absolute sovereignty is attained.

There are re-compensations and increases in “value” and prosperity along the way. Yet this is not the end goal.

The end goal is freedom.

There is to be a correction. This correction will not include a continual dependence on money as part of an ongoing system.

It will all lead to sovereignty, independence, personal worth, charity of the heart and a deep comprehension of value.

These are steps.

As the current monetary system collapses around you, do not despair or fear. It has to. This will allow room for the next step – a system orchestrated for the wealth of all, rather than the capture of all.

It will be a heady time of prosperity. Yet also a time to remember that this is symbolic only. A return, in physical format, of what has been physically robbed from you. These are merely the rewards of the victory. The war has been won.

True freedom, however, develops from an inner knowing. It is not granted by any other entity and it has nothing to do with economics or bank accounts.

These are steps only, my dear, dear human.

Your liberation has consequences and these include the break-up of your monetary institutions. It is intended that the break-up will not harm you physically, but eventually enrich you.

I reach you today to remind you that the physical wealth thus attained is not true value, but an indication of your worth. The true value you hold is priceless. When you absorb, realize and actualize that truth – you are free.

That is all.

Thank you.
*Laws enforce these fears, attempting to keep citizens fearful and compliant and paying.